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26 Celebrities You Forgot Were on The OC


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The O.C - 2x01 - Marissa Screams at Julie


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The O.C. Funny Moments Season 1 Part 1/2


It has been 7 years now since the first season of The OC was aired... Here is a compilation of funny moments I could think of.

Great Scenes from the O.C. Season 2


Ive been watching the OC again on MuchMoreMusic lately and after seeing how much success my other OC compilation has ...

The O.C. - Phantom Planet - California


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The O.C. - Imogene Heap - Speeding Cars


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The OC - Ryan and Marissa Scene 1.01


The beginning of everything !!!! I love this scene !!! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance ...

The OC Final Montage


The final few minutes of the last OC episode ever. Beautiful. The music is Patrick Park - Life Is A Song.

The Oc Final


Summer, Seth and Ryan find thier way in the world along with the rest of the cast - as the OC comes to its final end.

The O.C. best music moment #16 - Imogen Heap


From the second season finale S02E24 s forced to do the ...

The O.C. Theme song


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The O.C. best music moment #15 - The O. Sea -


From S02E23 where Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa go to the O.Sea dance. Seth rescues Summer, Ryan comforts Marissa and ...

california (the o.c)


a good song from the o.c.

The OC - Season One Bloopers


The cast goofing off. These are the bloopers found on the DVDs.

The OC - Hallelujah


Season 1 Final Scene.

The O.C. - Ryan Marissa - Forever Young (Alphaville)


About the song... Yeah, I know its version, sorry... Oh, well... What am I supposed to do, now that they killed off Marissa ...