Rich Hickey: Deconstructing the Database


Rich Hickey, author of Clojure, and designer of Datomic presents a new way to look at database architectures in this talk from ...

Tim Ferriss shares how to master any skill by deconstructing it | The Next Web


TNW Europe 2015 is just around the corner! Learn more here: Subscribe to The Next Web: ...

Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo


Dr. Robin DiAngelo is the author of and has been an ...Субтитри

Deconstructing the Trinity


Brother Hashim(muslim) speaks with christians about the trinity. Hashim puts the concept of the trinity to the test by asking ...

Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa - One Kiss Deconstruction @ IMS Malta


For our latest deconstruction video, recorded live at IMS College in Malta, Our Head of Curriculum, Ski Oakenfull, breaks down ...



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Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time


Heres how some of the greatest rappers make rhymesSpecial thanks to the research of Martin Connor who was interviewed in ...Субтитри

FFL! Deconstructing Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love


Weve roped in Ski Oakenfull to deconstruct this Bee Gees classic live at our new time of 1pm.

Deconstructing a Genius Climate Change Argument


Dissecting great pundits is fascinating, but it is also really scary.

Seth Rudetsky Deconstructs Hamiltons ‘The Schuyler Sisters’


The award-winning music director breaks down Lin-Manuel Mirandas writing and performances by Leslie Odom Jr., Renée Elise ...4K

Deconstructing Eminem | Check The Rhyme


The most viewed song on Genius of all time is Eminems “Rap God.” Over nine million people have viewed the lyrics to the ...

Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper


Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Produced by George Martin Engineered by Geoff Emerick ...

Deconstructing The Construct Ep #52


Apologies for audio issues and background noise, this will be rectified in the future. *Lancelot, Merlin, Magic and Lanzarote Island ...

Deconstructing and rebuilding Red Wing 8111 boots / Разборка и восстановление ботинок Iron Ranger


Disassembling and full restoration of Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger boots. Вы увидите, как разобрать обувь на части, сделать ...Субтитри

Deconstructing the Paleo Diet - with Author Brenda Davis


Brenda Davis, R.D. weighs the pros and cons of a whole food diet vs the paleo diet and why the paleo diet gains popularity over ...

Deconstructing a Classic Dance Track: Kavinsky - Nightcall


Taken from the soundtrack to Drive, Nightcall is an amazing track and one which we thought was more than worthy of the ...

Deconstructing Grant Green


This is the first video in a lesson series in which I deconstruct the style of an influential jazz guitarist by analyzing and ...

Deconstructing Led Zeppelin Riffs


This week on Modes with Friends, Sean and Ian deconstruct a couple of classic Led Zeppelin riffs and talk about some of the ...