Dante vs Blitz Gilgamesh

Devil May Cry 4 - All Cutscenes - 13.2 - Gilgamesh [HD]


Devil May Cry 4 - Cutscene #64 of 91 All rights to Capcom! Uploaded for fans, not for profit! Enjoy!

DMC4-Gilgamesh-Full Steam Straight to Blitz


According to the rule,let Blitzs electricity disappear....... (pc-version)

dmc4 dante vs blitz rec by ChRiS


Dante vs blitz DMD kill in 15 sec.

DMC4 Gilgamesh Double Straight VS Blitz


A way to one turn get Blitz down Music from Amano Tsukiko

Devil May Cry 4 - Blitz is Easy. Tutorial (DMD, Nero and Dante)


DMC 4 - Blitz tutorial. There are some easy, chip tips about how to defeat Blitz at DMD difficulty on company playthrough with Nero ...

Learning to Fight Blitz (Dante, DMD) - Devil May Cry 4


If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen this video already. There are many ways to fight a Blitz with Dante. Lucifer Pinups ...

Dante vs Blitz Weird SSS


Hey guys. I was browsing through bloody palace and i got this weird SSS against blitz lol i do not know how...check it out.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition - Dantes Moveset *Outdated*


Dantes basic moveset in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. He has three Devil Arms: the claymore Rebellion, the gauntlets of ...

Devil May Cry 4 Gilgamesh Demo HD 720p


Devil May Cry 4 Gilgamesh Demo HD 720p.

DMC4 GMD(TURBO2No Damage) Dante vs Credo power of Gilgamesh