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It's DAY 6 of

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Alexa Genova
I've never been this early!! love you & 15 days of foundationnnnn
Alexandria Pearson
Alexandria S
Girl you friggin crack me up 😂 cleaning your bathroom and smells like bleach and that's the most satisfying thing... Same though 🤣🙋
Alexis Leigh
Watching this and trying not to stress about the fact that I'll most likely be having to leave my home on the East Coast of Florida in a couple of days, to get out of Irma' s path. I hope that everyone stays safe!
Alison Cosner
I'm on time FINALLY!!
Allison Jones
I've been waiting for a review on this foundation forever. Also you and RawBeautyKristi and killing it today!! 😍😍😍
I love Catrice!!!!! Great review hun
Amber T
This is my holy grail foundation at the moment.
Ana Lopes
I've had this foundation for about a year now and it is one of my favorites. I have combination skin, so even though it claims to be mattifying I still like to use a powder on top
Anna Henderson
Day 6!! Gahh almost half over!
Anna Victoria Moore
HERE BEFORE THE HEAD ASS PEOPLE DISLIKE!!! I love the comment section this early 😻😻😻😻😻👏👏👏👏
Annie Zorko
Your lip color! 😍 love your channel and 15 days!!
omg only 9 days left 😢😢😢 😍
Brigitte Who changes her username sometimes
Where are all the people who wear foundation for 24hrs?! 🤷🏼\u200d♀️😂 thanks for the review Taylor!... does 24hr mean sleep proof 😆 ( Jk )
Brittany Avocado
try the frankie rose foundation!! 💜
Brittany Stallings
I've been waiting for this terrible day to end, mainly for #15dof! Your videos are a happy place for me! ❤️🌯
Brittany Williams
Your face looks amazing this has to be the best foundation I've ever seen you wear!!
Now that I know the lip ring is officially gone I'm going to miss it a little, 😭R.I.P! We'll miss you!!
Camila Rivera
10 hours, 10 minutes, 10 seconds.
Yeeee! I love ur nose piercing and that pink shirt 💞💓💓💓💞 semi win! Alright! I think this is the first time youve had ur lipstick still on by the last check in 👍 awesome vid gurl!
Chloe Campanaro
i've been refreshing youtube for hours waiting for this
Christina Barfield
Yayy!!! Favorite videos by far!! Love you Taylor!
Corinna Nittmann
In europe you can now get this in 24 shades (I think its 24) they even carry two lighter shades now 005 and 008 😊
Country Girl Fishing
Catrice 2 thumbs up !!!!!!
Courtni Niss
Posted 23 seconds ago. Earliest I have ever been :) #snapfam
Cristal Rubio
Yay! I can't wait to see which foundation is the winner this time around because I'm in need of a new one!
Deirdre McMahon
Haha I bought this foundation last week, really like the shade and the coverage but that dropper! The first time I used it, the dropper fell from my hand, hitting my top, jeans AND freshly changed duvet cover on the way down. No accidents to report on day 2. Day 3, running late for work so didn't get to apply makeup until I got there. Furtive foundation application resulted in a big old drip down the front of my favourite shirt, and sadly despite much stain removal effort, the stain is still there! RIP favourite shirt, now my mission is to see if the Estee Lauder pump will fit the bottle to prevent further mishaps!
I was thinking it would be cool to try some old school products and compare to some of the newer stuff and see how things have changed! Like maybe test out MAC studio fix foundation! I think it would make a cool series to retry some of the stuff that everyone forgot about lol 😊❤️
Emily Kraljevich
You're my favourite YouTuber!! You're videos make my day always!💗
Uploaded 11 seconds ago...I'm concerned about my Taylor habit
This foundation has been available in Germany for at least 5 or 6 months. The colour range is very poorly. But that's the case for most brands, especially drugstore brands in Germany. There are also only four colours of this foundation, so I don't know if they will add any more colours in the future! But I really hope so!
Fatom Ali
Just stop please!!! Your skin is looking horrible and all that makeup is making it worse \nIt's better to do 15 days of skin care
Gabriela C
Taylor! Be careful with this one! Here in Poland this foundation was very famous year ago when it launched in Europe. It was insane, it was sold out everywhere and some individuals were selling these for 300% of the price... And girls were still buying it. Now no one wears it anymore, due to the fact that on some people it caused horrible, horrible acne breakouts. Very often it happens after the second bottle, which is strange, yet it really happens - I'm the example. So be careful, darling, I used to love it but it's a cheating lover!
Grace Lackmann
you know its a good foundation when she goes \
Heidy Lopezzz
had a shitty first day of school bc Washington heat from the fires, no AC. something to finally turn my day back around ❤️
What's up with the 24 hours claims?! Seriously ,who's sleeping in their makeup!
Jen Montes
Please try the new burts bees foundation!!! 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯
Jessica Wysong
Can I just say...\
Jocelyn Jenkins
Hopped into this videos so fast and just couldn't wait to respond before the ad was even over 😂😂
Jordyn Ring
finally a foundation i'll be buying. this looks so good!
Juice Vlogs & Rants
I feel like every foundation so far, this, series has claimed to be 24 hour wear!? Lol
Jules Harding
What painkillers do you find work for your headaches? I have bad & constant headaches and hearing you sound so much better after whatever you took had kicked in gave me hope!!!
Kallista Jolan
I feel like we just started this series yesterday and it's already almost half over 😭 🥙
Kasia S
It is not new in Europe :)
Kata Baksay
I use this foundation every day. It's the best in this price range :)
Katherine Roberson
Stay safe everyone in Florida!
Katie Smith
🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 the 15 days feel like they're going by so quick!
Keith Prins
omgosh I am from Belgium so I stay up untill 3-4 AM just for your videos 😂😍 I need to go to school but whatever xd nice you review a european brand as I am from belgium I can just go to drugstore and not buy online. ps: here the foundation cost €4.99 or €5.99 so kind of same in dollars and not $10.99
I've never had much luck with more liquid dropper foundation; I might have to try this one hopefully it won't oxidize as much. Can't wait for the rankings.
Kelsey Ferry
got frustrated with homework so i stopped and decided to watch Taylors video to unwind (also just wanted an excuse to watch) 🌼🌼🌼
Kennedy Avila
are you going to do a review on the new Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection?
Kerry King
When you have to stay up till gone 2am to see Taylor's new video! 🎉🎉 love your videos Taylor 💙
Kexy Glamrock
Hi everyone from Switzerland ❤👍 the foundations is not new ive had it since last year,i have dry skin it wears very well on me my shade is rose biege 0,20 .
Kindly karen
So glad u got to try it because I love it! It is my holy grail! I just recently discovered it too! Btw I'm new here and I really enjoy the series 😊
Kriss- Certified MUA
Besides oxidizing, I think this looked so, so good! So smooth, natural, pretty... I like it. I can't wait to see the rest though!
Lauren K
Don't know if you're planning on reviewing this, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Too Faced Peach Foundation
Lisa Rivera
LisaD GingerSnaps
Hallelujah, we got a \
Magdalena Białoskurska
Be carefull with this foundation because it was very popular in Poland few months ago and it is very comedogenic for a lot of youtubers in my country 😞
Make-Up Addiction
I was literally in a meeting. I pretended that I got nothing else to say so we can end it because Taylor just uploaded 😂😂😂 run to my office slammed the door and my EA knew it's that time of the day. She was just shaking her head 😂
I love how your closer to the camera it was kind of hard to see you before
Marissa Renee
Hopefully a good one!!! I wanna test out this brand
Melissa Tyree
I also dropped some 24 hr. long wear foundation on my 100% cotton nightshirt...the spot never!!! came out no matter what detergent I tried. It didn,t wear that well on my face.🤔🤤
Melissa waite
Holy oxidation!
Meredith Glenn
Girl I'm so glad you finally found one that somewhat worked for you! 🌯💕
Millen Doan
Would love to hear how this compares to the Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation!
Mohamed Eslam.Elkhteeb
which one is the best la girl pro matt or catrice hd for oily skin؟
Nika Sandoval
#Snapfam\nWatching before bed because I gotta get up early to stand in line for water #HurricaneIrma2017
NoorA Gemini
Is it suitable for dry skin??
Pati Pat
Finally! I've waited so long for you to try this. It's my favourit foundation ever. Thank you so much! BTW: I really love your Videos so much! I'm watching every single one. Thank you for putting so much effort in it! 💚💚💚
Rachael Lynn
Wish this was 50 days of foundation instead! Haha
Rachel Youngblood
Literally clicked after 9 seconds of it being uploaded lmao
Randi Williams
I'd love to see you put the #1 ranked foundations in all the 15 days of foundation series up against eachother! Love your vids ☺
Reese Catherine
Congrats on 400K, queen! 🌯🌯🌯🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼💕💕💕💕
How is it day 6 already!!
Sabrina Clay
I have this foundation and I love it!! The Catrice foundation is definitely in my top 5 of favorite foundations. Glad u tried it out! 😊
I'm so sad we're on day six already #sadbaerrito
Sarah Willen-Nelson
Eating a huge burrito from burrito heaven to celebrate! Love these series!
This foundation is a real hit in my country. The lightest shade is sold out pretty much all the time and the price has gone up noticeably since it came out. But I heard it breaks people out after regular use
Sil Starchild
In Poland people are CRAZY about this foundation. Finding the palest shade in the drugstore is nearly impossible. Also a lot of girls say it tends to break them out so be careful. Love from Poland xxx I adore you and your channel
Girl you gotta try the CYO foundation. I know it's probably a bit too late and you prerecorded all of these. I think the brand just launched this week but it's at Walgreen's and holy freaking crap that foundation is awesome! It's the \
Catrice is a German Brand. German makeup brands target their products for most of tge German women so these 4 shades work for many of \
Sophie Sirois
Sophie Sophie
You should mix a few drops of all the foundations you own together until you fill a bottle, and then test out that foundation 😱😲😵
The foundation isn't actually new, I bought it here in Germany half a year ago! :)
I just have to say it's an awesome foundation but it causes breakouts. I've been using it on and off for three months and every time I used it I would get huge acnes on my chin the next day and I am not really prone to acne. Some of my friends had the same problem and some didn't. So just keep that in mind. But everybody has different skin.
Tania Sousa
I absolutely love this foundation. I was hoping that you would do a review on it. I looks great on you
Tara Diane
I was all excited until the oxidation..... le sigh....
Zuly C
In Puerto Rico without electricity because of hurricane Irma.. but I just couldnt skip 15 DOF!! I swear I'm preserving my battery life just to watch these the next couple of days.. prayers to everyone else expecting the hurricane. Stay safe baerrito fam!
better than gucci
I liked the foundation but then I noticed it gets darker after a couple hours and that’s sooo annoying
brigette middleton
Can you please try the Osmosis CC cream?? I hear it's full coverage and great for oily acne prone skin.
cloie' strunk
I think a #foundationfight video would be so cool. Maybe do the top 2-3 from each #15daysoffoundation series and put them up against each other for the ultimate #15daysoffoundationsmackdown...there's a late night thought from your favorite tennessee subscriber 😅❤
Yassssss baerrito for life! ❤️❤️❤️🌯🌯🌯 love ya girl!
Yes you're getting more subs :D
hh hh
I still jam out to the intro song and I’ve been here since the first season of 15OF lol
WOW! That really oxidized!!
Wow! I'm surprised you had such good results with this one. May have to give it a try!
Girl, you don't even want to know how many times I've dropped Tarte ROTS on my shirt like that. You'd think I'd learn. 😉 Love your videos!
x blossom
My fav foundation 🙊🍍👐🏻