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Prakash and Max are leaders of two different gangs, Bichhoo and Eagles. Their gang war gets even violent after the two leaders learn that their siblings, Rahul and Shirley, are in love.

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I like the fact that sharukh didnt always adhere to typical bollywood expectations. Not many would be ready to be aishwaryas bro
Ahsan khoso
nice likeble movie
Allen Jacob
There were countless no. of times i watched dis movie since its release back then.. As a kid me n ma frnd we use to play max n prakash roles aftr coming frm school espcly the last fight scene whch wuz shooted at a fort near our locality. Now its been over 15 yrs n watching it aftr a long time jus reminds me of thoz good ol naughtiest dayss... dis movie still hasn't got old or stale to me. I have always liked most of Shahrukh's old films but my true likeness fuh him started from dis very movie. He played a bit unique character here. He has played villain in few movies whch wuz great but unlike thoz he lukd so cool n badass dude based on the goan culture he wuz portraying n speaking konkani in btwn tho being a muslim. Great acting by Aishwarya too.. They really made an amazing bro sis duo who loved n cared fo each other lyk kids.. Just loved every segment of dem n it brought tears in ma eyes for thoz long lost days of innocence... \nJust wish to see Josh 2 but i kno its far frm happening n plus Shahrukh is not the same Shahrukh anymore dat i wuz a fan of once.... 😢😢😊😊
Arun Nagar
nice great acting SRK and aishwarya
Atul Arpit
from 41:47 to 42:32 SRK rocksss
Ayesha Kamran
i m watching in 2018
Ayiza Asghar
Who is watching it in 2018 ? one of my fav movie 🤗
Deepak Ithape
no 1 acting srk
Delowe Delowe
I filings fine but what a movie nice actor beautiful drama excellent songs everything all right have good movie
Dipankar Kumar
what a great movie \n😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Doner Gullu
I LOVE YOU SHARUKHAN I am 12 years old and I love you so much I will meet you but know impossible because I am in France and I would like to come to India just for you 😭
Effs Love Zurcaroh
i watching this when i was kid, childhood memories.. who watching this in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Farhan Ali
2018?? Guys😉
I love this movie
Gaiyatri Ghosh
অসাধারণ একটি video,2019 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤗😚🤗🤩🤩 my video 🇮🇳🇮🇳
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who loves srk and watching this in 2019
priya gills character was otiginally wtitten for Juhi chawla but she refused it cs its too short. then it went to kajol. she also refused. priya gill took it but they jept tge style of the character the same as original. thats why priya gill wear big juhi chawla gowns and does her hair like juhi here
Gul Naseem
Gulam Murtuza
HaMze ZizoU xXx
I want josh 2 ... like if u agreed with me
Haider Ali Khan
muje ye picture bht accha lagta hai I love it
Hamz ullah
Hanif Khan
Who love Srk 👍
Idrishi Jainab
I like srk's earing....
Jahin Alam
SRK looks cool in this movie with aishariya
Jamshad Ali
Please move min hno na
Jerry.sozeen77 Sozeen
Sharukh such a Versatile Actor ,sharukh far far better then salman
Kannadigara entertainment
I'm in 2018
Karam Naqvi
very nice flim
Kasim Sk
Skr nice movie
Lavanya mahuley
Who else here in 2018..... SRK's SWAG OMG!!!
Liron Humtsoe
Who is still watching in 2019 ??? My old time favorite..gosh those were the days. Also the songs made me love the movie even more
Mamta Rajak
Monica Sen
Srk is always best but ye chodu hero aishwarya ke sath kaise
Nahid haque RAKIB
shah rukh gangster look aWsome
Nazrul Haque
Nice film
Omair Khan
i like acting by SRK nice acting
Shaharuk khan ke gaand me ghaaaaan😃😃😃😃
Patel Ankit
aishvarya how beautiful you are
Rabiya Shafiq
Aishwariya rai \nOveracting ki queen
Rahul A. Shukla
2018 an1 watching ?
Rakhi Dey Sarkar
Loved the cool character Maxx 😘
Ramzan Ali
Rihan Khan
Robel Tesheme
King sharukhan 😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍
I like it srk
all time fav movie
Sadhna Mishra
Shahrukh Khan kiska favorite hero hai ...... please like
Saeed Md
super bust movie
Sakirtan Ray
I hate rahul in this movie but love MAX.
Shahrukh Ansari
Shaik Tehaseen
Shatrughan Kumar
Sahrookh is real Actor
Shubham Maral
Anyone from 2018 I just love this movie .👌
Snigdha Gupto
And what about maxy and his gf😶😶....????
Somaliland Somalia
l m from somalia so know l m living Australia l like like it hindia
Sonu Humja
srk is the best
Sriya Sahu
i love my josh movie 💕💖💕
Sudeshna Dandapat
Aishwarya, SRK both are wonderful
Tanima Banerjee
59:06-1:00:26 -Bestest part in the entire movie!SRK😍🔥 *SIGH*
Tara Dhillow
Who is watching in twenty 18
Tayyab Manj
goog movei srk
Tejashree Shinde
I was 10 when the is movie came out...and it was the coolest movie
This would be great if this was in English subs. It's nice movie would like to watch it so I can understand what they're saying. Thank you.
Yo Yudi
I love Max
addie sam
Luv this thug look of Srk....leather jacket with classic motor bike damn cool😎
al mujarad electrical trading
Any one is watching this in 2018
becky ahmed
Watching in 2018 ... Reminds of childhood...😍 Classic movie.loved
binita stha57
chota salim pirjada chota salim pirjada
super srk
cotton candy
who is watching in 2018?
fathima safa
ggardoon anthony
bravo, my favorate , fantastic & amazing picture
hameed khan
best of shahrukh khan
imamuddin ansari
srk best actor
kripa bora
Anyone 2018?
krishna budha
good moves
love you channels comments
perfect girls
messi roals
Srk is best best
obaid khan
yeh jo last main song hai church ka uska title kya hai
omkar sankhe
Who is watching this in 2018 😂\nGreat acting by Shahrukh sir\nLove from Germany
rock on
Srk is sexy actor
Copied of West Side story starring Natalie Wood but love this more
saba rahman
December 2018😂😂 watching first time 😉
senyap qL
feel nostalgic still watching in 2019.3.1 ^^ miss
sha fiyyy
I love shahrukhan soo much
shair Ali
Nice fim and aish is always
shivani p
2018 anyone?
sub - hay
sorry but better then tublight
tejas bhawsar
vikal rana
young gunner
2018 still watching
zynah kazani
1:09:34 why is Aishwarya playing with a snake??????????
Şɧų۷ơ ცıŞɯąŞ Şɧơɯřą۷
love u Shahrukh...
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