Drumstick Sound-Comparison / Test / Vic Firth / Promark / Crann

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Following Drumsticks have been used:- Vic Firth 7A- Vic Firth Dave Weckl Signature (SDW)- Crann Slapper (Maple)- Vic Firth STR Tony Royser Jr. Signature- Crann 5A- Vic Firth 5A- Promark 5A Fire Grain (Rebound)- Vic Firth 55A- Crann For You- CRRK405-148M (Maple)- Crann For You - CRSD415-157LV2 (Hickory)- Vic Firth 5B- Vic Firth Benny Greb Signature- Promark 5B Fire Grain (Forward)- Crann Rock (Bubinga)- Vic Firth SD2 Bolero IN THIS ORDER!Use good monitors or Headphones to hear a difference. The Hi-Hat mic, the overhead mic and both Snare-Mics are NOT mixed. Only the Bassdrum is mixed a bit! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Drumscripts is proudly endorsed by:-Soundbrenner : -----Mics used:Snare Top: Audix i5Snare Bottom: Shure Sm58Hi-Hat: Shure Sm57Bassdrum: Audix D6Overheads: Avantone CK-1(10" Tom: Audix D2 14" Tom: Audix D4 16" Tom: Audix D6)Drums:Sonor SQ2 in White Pearl:10"x08" Tom Tom (Vintage Birch)14"x14" Floor Tom (Vintage Birch)16"x16" Floor Tom (Vintage Birch)22"x18" Bass Drum (Heavy Birch)+Sonor Arist Series Bronze Snare (14"x06")Cymbals:Hi-Hat: Meinl Byzance Sand Hat (Benny Greb Sign.)Stack: Meinl 16" Trash-Crash on a Sabian AAX X-Treme China 19"Crash: 18" Meinl Dual [email protected] Amberg Filmed, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Philipp Zinnbauer

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