Elton John, The Million Dollar Piano Show Live. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas 4/16/2016. A sneak peak.

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I got a chance to see Elton John Live at Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas, 4/16/2016. I've seen him several times before in concert, but never in Vegas. Got to see him with some friends yesterday and the show was fantastic. Seating, special effects, sound quality and set list were awesome. If you get a chance to visit Vegas while he is performing, I highly recommend seeing his show. Tickets were very reasonable (about $70 each with all the surcharges). Several people had their phones out filming, but security was frowning on that. I've included a peek at several of the songs from his show. Thanks for watching.Subscriptions and comments appreciated.

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Cecilia Almaraz Mtz
Can someone tell me the name of the song in minute 3:40? :)
shame u did nt record the full show for us
Hawk Force
What’s the song at 0:44
Great Show! We were there that same night! Check out our video of back stage!!
Technically Brilliant
best of british mate ! thanks ever so much ken ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was at this show too!!! I have a little bit of \
lovely star
HELP! i'm going w/a friend next month I need to learn some of his songs.. can you give me a list of songs I should start listening to..haha!
porty dert
Cheers Ken, it feels like I was there too... :)
What was your seat location?
Great choice of shows! And great camera work too! I wish I could have seen a show when Elton John toured with Billy Joel.