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We take 3 of the latest Scramblers to the North of Italy and put them through their paces on road and off road to find out which carries the Scrambler name best.Get the best of biking EVERY day...Latest motorcycle news:

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I'd be put off the Triumph and Ducati by the tubed tyres.\n\nHas the Ducati Scrambler been proved to be reliable?
A Hughes
LOL! A Desert Sled 'is a proper off-road bike' only if you don't compare it to any proper off road bikes. At 203kgs and 200mm wheel travel it's up there with the new Africa Twin or a KTM Adventure in terms of suspension but lighter in weight - more like a Hypermotard. However, real dirt bikes like the WR250R or the KTM 500 EXC (which are also road legal) have 275mm-330mm wheel travel and weigh 130kgs or less. As soon as you venture beyond flatish gravel & dry grass, you'll appreciate the difference immediately.
Aby Mathew
waiting for the ninja 1000 sx review.
Alejandro Infiniti
American Flyer
Reviews should always list the price of each bike.
Andrew Tunnicliffe
Nice review - well done! Would love to see a comparison - on and off road - of the Ducati with the new Honda CRF250 Rally. The Duc is twice the price, is it twice the bike?
well, 690/710 are the real scrambler
I would have bought the Ducati had they not put those idiotic low pipes on them.
CPUspeed Motorcycles
Great review
Not sure the desert sled scrambler is fair comparison to the other two bikes. This model Ducati was design to address complaints of the stock scrambler not being off road enough.
Colin Riley
Three very ugly ducklings. Hate the styling but am sure someone will love it.
When that music plays i expect a fat guy in Eastern Europe chopping up a wrecked BMW lol
David Cisco
knobbly tires
Nyan cat.
Fritz Krieger
I'm surprised he's surprised that \
Gene Coppola
Motoguzzi, scratch the B
Ghanim M.
Awesome, you read the comments and slowed your speech. Huge difference compared to the first reviews and I can actually understand every word you spoke! Keep up the good work
Giulio Imparato
Now that ducati has the desert scrambler nobody is gonna buy the \
they're just lovely
Jacob B
I'd love to see the Desert Sled compared to supermotos.
Jim Dandy
Save $10,000 and buy a Honda XR650L..
Honestly if motorcycle companies truly wanted to make a scrambler get some small (250-650)cc bike such as yamaha's r3 engine, hondas 500cc and others
John Sumser
I love this review.
The triumph is a city bike only? it's not.
Late Apex
Hey up! Mumbles is back. I'm warming to him actually. haha
Marley Green
3 bikes only?
Matt R C
The price difference between these bike in Australia is HUGE. You could buy the triumph and a z650 for the price of the BMW, and the ducati is in the middle.
Noel Satterley
Steve mcqueen rode Triumph scramblers. Good enough for the king of cool. Definitely good enough for me . Triumph all the way. 👍
Ozzi Supercub
These seem to be purely an aesthetic styling exercise.
If you wanted the perfect blend of on-road / off-road capability why bother with a \
Prt Eng
the term \
Richard Wentz
All Euro bikes.. 2 made in Asia. Not sure the Beemer. None of the are true offroaders. All pretty. But knowing this they might as well of added the Benelli.. Indians off-road that Italian road bike made in China all day...
Rick McB
Good to see the \
Rocking in a free world
Only one for me. The desert sled.
Sb Sb
The BMW looks like crap
Thanks for the review. As a side comment I will just say that in many reviews that I have watched involving BMW's parallel twin I have never ever seen a reviewer (or a bike magazine) stating a very particular feature of BMW's engine: an amazing safety feature on a T-shunt and the only reason why I still have a right leg on my body...and this raises another matter: almost no reviews if any at all do focus any content on safety and that can go from lights (lumens/distance of front lights for example) to how their brake / ABS (non-ABS) systems perform...or anything else involving safety.
I hate when u call triumph cheap
Teresa Turco
this is a fantastic review.
No Yamaha XSR 900!?
Excellent review, your a brilliant reviewer you talk with a lot of passion, very thorough. We defiantly need to see more of you. Keep up the good work!
Travis Donald Stanley
Good quality. Good Editing. I was disappointed in that they did not disclose the displacement of the BMW. She is a 1200cc, so this would have illustrated how it is a styling exercise. Giving us the mass and MSRP would have helped too. This was a hard match up, because there is only one Scrambler out of the three. There is nothing to compare the DUCATI to in her mass, performance, and price range. She will make a splendid platform ADV Bike! The Street Twin has the best value.
Walter Wilkins
If we're going to make distinctions between scramblers and ADV bikes, isn't there a need to distinguish between \
Zak S
I have been looking at all types of bikes, tourers, sport, adventure and supermotos. \nThese so called Scramblers are just a waste of money unless u have a lot and want a fashion statement.\nThey are not made for nothing apart going around town on hot sunny day n sitting outside a coffee shop next to it and then ridding home.
balsara 675
cn 250
3 high end scramblers all over 15k go screw.
So in essence, its the Ducati Scrambler, Scrambler. All three soon to be seen outside a trendy coffee shop near you...
These bikes off road is what Angela Merkel is to pole dancing
oussama zergoug
his getting better this guy, i changed my mind don't sack him LOL
You heard it here, from an englishman no less. \n\nDucati = Real Scrambler / off-roader. \nBMW = Best on street. \nTriumph = Hipster bike
The presenter's speech got much clearer. Well done!\n\nThere are still a few spots where his words got mashed up together due to higher speech \
ray b
Although you know we have come a long way when it comes to specialised sector bikes you must remember back in the day Triumph T120 TT,/R , TR6Cs, BSA Hornets were all raced off road quite successfully so all these bikes are capable, it's just there are fully dedicated dual sports that can do better.
Believe me ive done some off road in my time and i wouldn't pick any off them. Africa Twin much better all round
steve batie
Impressed with the review .... a little while since it was posted ..... but relevant to me; thanks.
Where is the yamaha? Lol
tim armitage
I own a ducati scrambler, have done for 2 years and still love it, puts a grin on my face everytime, I've had the suspension reworked by maxton and it really has made a massive difference, just enough power to excite and handling to match. mega bike.
English bastard, biased towards Triu.... oh wait.