Aishwarya on her REMOVAL from Shah Rukh Khan Films | Simi Garewal Interview

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A.Raouls Durgahee
Akhil Gupta
shahrukj salman.. such disgrace... troubling a fellow co star.. but kudos to this strong woman... who stood through the bad times...
Amazing CUM drink!
As I always say, very classy and elegant.
Angel Bhusal
Aishwarya Rai is my favorite actress and SRK is my favorite actor. I would have loved to see them in more movies together, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.
Arjun Ramesh
Shah rukh khan had no brains. Male chauvinist
Aseema Prakash
Vivek Obrei you must watch this interview and know such a dignified lady she is who doesn't like to scream from the rooftop but believe in silence.aur tum chale gaye press conference pe..You marry Rakhi Sawant.
Atiq Firoz
I believe, this pair could have made some legendary films.
Atish Waghmare
SRK I love you king Khan romance ka Badshah hai the best actres hai King of the world
Believer 1
Aishwarya has class, brains, beauty and such elegance hardly anyone has in whole Bollywood.
Chandra Balkaran
The most beautiful woman in the world. Very intelligent and brilliant woman Aishwarya
Christine Crosby
What an amazing women such dignity and grace you are a absolute credit to your parents😉
Crypto Cruise
She stated wat happen on her side but srk’s side was different cuz I heard Salman khan and ash breakup was the reason and he was fighting with her while she was shooting movies.\nSrk said I don’t want no drama at work at all 😭😭😭
Fatima Olumee
I don't get it. Wtf happened between them two
She did the right thing to just ignore the situation with shah Rukh and move on .He realized himself his mistake .Very intelligent and gracefull.
Jacob Cherian
Aishwarya Rai has good command of  the English language !
Journey95 Far
Damm, what a loss..I liked the SRK/Aishwarya pairing a lot in Devdas, would have loved to see her in Veer Zaara at least. Preity was good but Aishwarya is on another level
She's right...keeping silent takes much more strength than talking out loud!
Laila Ellabbad
The real definition of '' beauty with a brain '' ❤️
Love All
Brilliant lady. Highly dignified. Very intelligent
Nikhil Mathew
Sam Philipose
Aishwarya is a very Beautiful and very intelligent actress.She is very strong and amazing woman.She has a very Beautiful voice.She speaks English very beautifully.She doesn't keep ill feelings against anyone but forgives and moves on.She is very dignified and a perfect role model for us.
Sharwari Deshpande
She is beautiful ❤️
Shubham Mishra
She's so smart being truthful for her answers and about her questions she's always defending not only her but her opponent too, such a gentle structure
Yeah She isn't defined by others..She has made her own path.. Great Lady..
Suf777 8
I am not a Ash fan but man this lady is strong inside out . respect
Sum Khan
totally agreed with her no matter whose the super star of time your dignity is more precious
The celebrity world
Aishwarya is best \nI hate Salman and Shah Rukh
Trollika Devi
Dignity is very important to her. Thats why she did Kajra Re etc.
Vaishali Patil
Good one Aishwarya!
asad gondal
Aishwarya rai is an intelligent actress....Love her ..
ashok panda
Aish you are great....
gayatri pappu
She is correct. Its salman who told srk to back off. It's our loss that we lost best movies. Veera zaraa i hated. Preity was lousy in it
It's a sad thing really, because they were stunning together in Devdas. But good that things worked out eventually - it didn't hurt her career, it didn't hurt his career, and they seem to be okay now.
imrulkaies evu
at that time salman was in love with ashwarya and he was constantly going and disturbing her on her shooting set while she was shooting with shahrukh. so shahrukh said to ashwarya first solve your personal problem then come to shooting set. as she could not handle her personal situation, so it ended up like 4-5 films that SRK did not cast her in. but ashwarya really wanted to be in his films so as SRK.
kannada guevara
married abhishek started to follow him giving flop movies
This is ridiculous. It is not about you or SRk. Its also about other bollywood actresses. You just did nothing about future generation of actresses. You are strong n smart. You should have opened up this discussion long time ago !
octave ngoma luti
Love is Jesus Christ\nJesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.\nJohn 14.6
sana a
Salman Khan hit her, and then she was removed from films... And, then they why don't women speak out!?
tony thomas
Ash is a South Indian woman with strong values