See Thru Rotary Engine in Slow Motion - (Wankel Engine) 4K

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I Run a See-through Rotary (Wankel) engine and Film it in Slow Motion so we can see how the combustion process works, aka Wankel Rotary you can also see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel), while it's running in full view to see just visually witness how a combustion process differs from the piston engine counterpart.First ever See Through Rotary Engine Series on YouTube or anywhere in the world.Have you ever wondered how a Wankel engine works differently from a conventional piston engine then you're watching The Right video, because with my see-through angle engine you can see inside the combustion chamber as the engine is running while I film it with high speed cameras to show you how the Wankel combustion process works.This is the first episode of the see-through rotary engine series and the second season of The see-through engine series.So make sure to go to the playlist tag and check out the entire series of see-through Engine videos, the second season starts soon.Check Out Legit street cars channel here:

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