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I Run a See-through Rotary (Wankel) engine and Film it in Slow Motion so we can see how the combustion process works, aka Wankel Rotary you can also see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel), while it's running in full view to see just visually witness how a combustion process differs from the piston engine counterpart.First ever See Through Rotary Engine Series on YouTube or anywhere in the world.Have you ever wondered how a Wankel engine works differently from a conventional piston engine then you're watching The Right video, because with my see-through angle engine you can see inside the combustion chamber as the engine is running while I film it with high speed cameras to show you how the Wankel combustion process works.This is the first episode of the see-through rotary engine series and the second season of The see-through engine series.So make sure to go to the playlist tag and check out the entire series of see-through Engine videos, the second season starts soon.Check Out Legit street cars channel here:

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This is pretty impressive since it's hard enough to get a Wankel to seal with proper metal parts and seals.
Meanwhile Rob Dahm hasn’t finished the 4 rotor...
It's Skip's Cycles and weights is a lot of gas
Aaron Wright
Seriously sick work!!
Adeum Deus
Fuel combustion looks insanely irregular, LMAO. There's a good reason this engine is obsolete (and, really, it was obsolete when it was developed). Super cool engine design, but not just not a great engineering design.
Really great video. Very well explained and you \
Arthur Ferreira
Man, thats very crazy the amount of fuel it spends off
Boutros A
Sounds like a mazda 787b's little sister queefing.
Bunnyshooter 223
That looks like an OS rotary model aero run on Cool Power\nI love my little Saito 4-stroke aero engines :D
you are a genius and I love rotary engines and to be able to watch it work was incredible
0:05 if you are a Christian, don't give Starbucks your money. Also, do a search for the original Starbucks logo. It is complete filth.
That’s awesome!
Wow. The hate for the rotaries are real in this comment section.\n\nA shame, really. It may be objectively horrible in damn near every single way, but dammit if they aren't tons of fun to wring out and experience. The world would be a bleaker, less-interesting place without them.\n\nI implore everyone who reads this to, at least, try one out. Find a way to get behind the wheel of a rotary-engined car. I guarantee that you'll smile when behind the wheel at least once.
Chad B
sound effects are lame
Chris Burney
No wonder my rx8 gets terrible gas mileage its not burning 75% of the fuel......
Cody Green
The information given about the rotary engine size to power out put is incorrect. Engineers have known for years that the Rotary engines displacement has been figured incorrectly on purpose for years. They only account for roughly 1/3 of the engines total displacement for insurance purposes. When you try to figure BSFC Brake Specific Fuel Consumption on a rotary the math only works if you use the total displacement. If you use the 1/3 displacement figure it NEVER works. So... The 1.3 liter rotary engine is in fact roughly 3.9 liters or a little less due to all sides or the rotor and housing areas not being the same volume at any given angle of the eccentric shaft. And making 240hp is kind of embarrassing when you see that. The problem lies in the rotary's thermodynamics, which are incredibly inefficient. But they so neat. And sound so good. And they are fun to drive. Don't be afraid to run them out to their redline. They love it. Many RX-8 drivers have noticed their cars run better after a track day. Helps clean out the carbon that accumulates from City driving.
i love my rx8 so much
D Plymouth
Very Interesting, thanks
Don Drone
Your videos are incredible thank you\n🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
DrPepper 1337
226 TAKES :O give that man an Oscar for dedication :D
I can see the ineffieciency work. Holy shit it spits fuel :D
A lot of rotational mass around the crank shaft, a lot of wear surface and non-concentric rotation causing vibration is why it is not a mainstream engine today. But why it worked? It fired 3 times per single rotation of the crank, like a 3 cylinder 2 stroke would do. Not to say those issues can't be overcome, and maybe they have been for all I know, but we don't see them used much anymore for some reasons.
Don't know about you guys but i'm not getting in a Rotary powered helicopter.
Rotary Engine = Terrible design. What were they thinking???
Fc3s Roy
The Takahashi brothers would approve
Flp 2
Muito Bom o Video, conheci o canal hoje, gostei da traduçao! valeu.!
George Lowe
Can you do an episode on the hit and miss engine
This channel and Engineering Explained greatly help me understand how engines, and other vehicle parts, work. Thanks again man.
Happy Happy Happy
The Wankel engine and the response to it just shows how ignorant and suborn people can be. The rotary engine seems by far to be the best technology for internal combustion engines. But before it could ever be perfected the general public all agreed to go back to the old style piston engine. Had the population not rejected it cars could have better and more efficient engines that were simpler and eventually when the bugs were out of it would have been the superior engine.
Holeshot Hunter
Did you notice how much of the total cylinder wall area was directly exposed to the flame front? It's a Gas Hog if I've ever seen one!
Jatin Khanna
Um, a noob question here, but what is the blue screw driver thingy? Please help.
This is seriously epic! Congrats on the idea and execution!
Lajos Winkler
Amazing shots. You did a smashing job with this. I've never seen Wankel engine running exposed like this. It's really educational as one can see just how inefficient they are in regards to incomplete combustion. Granted, they look cool and there are some niches they fill, but that's pretty much it. Well done.
I can't believe this channel only has 260k subs, this is such high quality content!
I don't know if this is the only video on YouTube showing the inside of a live, running Wankel engine, but it was a real treat to watch! I already know how they work and after seeing a few videos on how traditional 4-strokes look in action, including yours, this was really cool to add to my watched list! These videos basically confirm what my mind already imagined it would look like based on what I know.
Mark G.
Good job sir!
Martin NRW
Ro 80
Master Steven Silz-Carson
BTW, what's that crap flying out of the exhaust port? Looks filthy.
Michael Avery
Awsome ! I am a retired master tech and it's great to see any combustion process as is, after years of just visualizing \nit in your minds eye . What a great teaching aid. \nIt is a shame we haven't been able to overcome the combustion/ compression/ ring equal, seal problem in the rotary\nengine. \n I definitely see the use of injection (micro managed fuel control) and electronic ignition introduced into the process \nor have they ?
MrMus TangMan
I will stick with my V8 thank you very much........
Nicholas Gantidis
was able to explain to my girlfriend what a rotory is
Nicholas Olesen
226!!! Real trooper man! Thank you for going through that to help us peasants understand! Peace🖊
Snowmobile wankels are sweet
This video should be used as education material in Engine mechanics!\nIt is much easier to understand Rotary engine with this video.
OrangeDiamond Barbarossa
Ask any rotary pilot/air crew how dependable the system is, and how much funding goes into maintaining the platforms in order to be operational.
Owen racing
Mazda should build car with 500cc Wankel Engine
PC GUY 1241
This is a wankel, not a rotary. a rotary is in fact, a whole different thing. it's kinda like a radial, but the crankshaft is fixed and the whole engine spins.
Papia Sabiha Sultana
Waste of fuel
Thank you for all the efforts you put to make this awesome video.
Project Farm
Awesome job explaining how the rotary engine works. Also, you did an amazing job with the slow motion! Thank you very much for making this video!
PỺO's MƎᴻTɐʟ MƎʟTdowɴs
226 tries? Man, much appreciation and thanks for your effort and dedication. It's awesome to see the combustion process. 👍
R. Joseph
Awesome that you BUILT one! CNC cut and assembled?
Rational Nationalist
So basically its a two-stroke
Renato Portugal Felippe
What an amazing video buddy. Good job.
Sergo Pedro Khoch
Amazing !
You can see why we call them \
Subways Shenanigans
as much hate as they all get, I still fell like everyone says that just because he said she said. Sure, they do burn/waste a lot of fuel and doing a rebuild every 90-100 thousand isn't ideal. but, for proper car enthusiasts, I think it's one of those those you should atleast experience once just to see why so many people do actually love them. and bloody hell... thats a lot of take to get one scene :')
The wankle was first used in NSU cars (German) in the early 60's and later licensed to Mazda, etc.
The Professional Amature Steven Baumann
Where did you buy that \nI can't find them anywhere
Timi 3001
Cool German Subtitle 👍👍
User Name
comparing 1.3L of a wankel engine is not the same as 1.3 liters of a otto cycle engine.
Vladislav Puchec
Это было интересно ! 👍
Warped Perception
*The 1st See Through Rotary is now up for sale on Ebay* to bid
Yash Shah
Nice acetalene part was best
Its crazy how rotaries dont use any fuel and just blow it out the exhaust
atty garland
Why doesn't anyone have posted on YouTube a video of their (model) visible Wankel engine made by Revell? I still see the kits for sale all the time on Ebay, Amazon, etc.
I used to own a 1993 Mazda RX7 and loved it...But a friend of mine wanted her so badly finally I sold my mazda to him. Now he's happy but I'm sad ...
This demonstration is simply amazing !! Many thanks for your great work !! ;-)
Good job matt!!\nMatts one of the smartest guy i know.!!!\n20 years plus and he gets more creative!!
diego ribeiro
Ótimo vídeo! \nMuito obrigado pelas legendas em português.
Rotary motor explained...Wankel engines, more commonly known as rotary engines, differ from regular engines as they don’t have a reciprocating piston travelling up and down in a cylinder. Instead a triangular shaped rotor spins inside an hour-glass shaped housing. Valves in the casings allow gases to transfer, similar to a two-stroke, but unlike a reciprocating engine all the parts inside move in the same direction. This means the engine is smooth, compact and capable of delivering a high power-to-weight ratio
ernie brink rotary hemi
THIS ENGINE IS A HEAD OF ITS TIME Flyingdutchy33 Flyingdutchy33 Flyingdutchy33 Flyingdutchy33 Flyingdutchy33 \n Well, they reason that since the output shaft rotates slower, you get less cycles per revolution on the output shaft but to me thats technically a reduction and therefor doesn't count. But if it did, 1 rotor equals 2 pistons.\n\nThat said, I'm sure someone will chime in to tell me how wrong I am. Mostly I just comment here because doktorbimmer does. And I just find it absolutely amazing someone who's that stupid and insecure hasn't comitted suicide yet. I know it's wrong, but I have to admit I try to push him over the edge until he finally releaves this planet of his existence.\n\nHmmm, come to think of it, I might miss him if he actually jumped in front of a train :(\n \nSome Other Dude \nSome Other Dude
flex seals
Here before 3 million
I wish I had a teacher like you at school
kratom source
is that engine exhaust come out with oil?
liam moraels
Why he look like shoenice
This is to cool but also shows you how Inefficient Rotary engines are by the amount of fuel spit not exhaust port
xke xke
ha, I work on commercial power equipment as well as cars and I can tell you the engineers don't always get it right by a long shot!
Виталий Смирнов
Потенциал двигателя впечатляет как и возможности его модификаций при тюнинге. Если бы объём заложенный разработчиками к примеру был не 1.3 а 2.3 что за мощность адская была бы там представляете
Егор Сидоров
4:19 thank me later
I learn one most important things from this clip.\nAll engine needs perfectly precise ignition timing for high performance and rotating...