Emma vs. Nikki Bella: Raw, Nov. 3, 2014

WWE’s bubbliest Divas faces the manipulative Nikki Bella.SEE FULL RAW results from this show with videos –

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Its called mind games. Nikki is getting inside her A.J. Lee's head. YEAH!! She will soon be the champ!! #teamnikkibella   :D
A Val
CM Punk chants?! LMAO what a pathetic crowd...hes NEVER coming back you damn marks.
Adorablyxevil _
can brie be tag team with aj!!!!!!!!! brie would not betray aj!!!! 
I don't mean to offend anyone but doesn't Nikki look like a transgender? I can't be the only one who sees this?
CM Punk is not coming back, you smarks!
Aniket Prabhu
AJ Busty Bella.... AJ really suits as the wife of THE BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOORLD!!!!! Stupid people only like Nikki cuz she got that beautiful body but AJ got That THING that makes her the only \
Ariana and iggy
Nikkis attitude and that is an act if u watched total divas u would know that wwe is and entertainment show ITS A ACT 👊
Ariyani Suwito
I hate nikki bella!!! But i love brie bella
Awad H
This rivalry just started and has already been more entertaining then the Paige/AJ Rivalry
Becky G
Only one divas match? Where's Paige and Foxy?
Bislim Ramadan Ramko RENKI
Nikki bella you👎 Brie bella love you 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💟
Bryan Martinez
Worst RAW episode of 10029 ever. They only showed one divas match. I'm thinking the Cm punk chants should stop or AJ Lee gets fired. But really I'm hoping Brie Bella turns heel and the Bella's are back.
Am I crazy, or can I legit feel real tension between AJ and Nikki at the end of the match? I have a feeling AJ vs Nikki is gonna be a good one!
Chan Dara
Cm punk! Cm punk! Cm punk!
Char Mina
BRIE should be the # 1 contender not annoying Nikki. 
Chauntel Bland
I don't care what nobody else says...I like Nikki Bella's ring work. She's got a nice set of power moves. In the end, it's great that the WWE broke up The Bellas so that their individual talents could be magnified.
Chris Dixon
Bella vs. Bella at HIAC was a really good match, we got to see more of their abilities, it was story-driven, and they also got to capitalize on their individuality as wrestlers (character and ring-wise). Both women gave a solid performance, each, in my opinion. They both needed that match for their careers. I can see Nikki being champion, she deserves a real run as Divas champ this time around because (from my observations/perspective) her head seems to be more in the game than previous years and her passion has really shown (in the ring and in interviews), her in-ring improvement has impressed even non-Bella fans, she has merchandise, she’s on her own now, and I'll admit that I thought turning her heel would kill some of the major fan/crowd support she was gaining but I was wrong - heel Nikki still gets love, and I think it’s a good time to have her as champ for a while.\n\nI’m really open to any Diva being champion (minus Rosa) other than the stale 'hot potato' routine, but my personal picks are Naomi (my uncrowned champion), Alicia Fox, AJ (as long as Creative doesn’t pretend she’s the only Diva on the roster), Cameron, Nikki, and Natalya.\n\n*Sidenote*: AJ is always a treat on commentary and I'm digging Nikki's varsity jacket.
Chriss Hess
i like aj and all but you can clearly tell that she has been taken the cm punk promo class,talks like him,acts like him,its no fun if shes just a female cm punk
Christopher Supple
Its safe to say Nikki and AJ are on about the same wrestling level now. While Nikki will most likely face Brie again sometime down the road, AJ vs Nikki should be a good match. The personal assistant angle really discouraged me in the beginning but they are using it well and I like where its going. Brie on the other hand got her big spotlight in the Brie vs Stephanie feud. Now Nikki might actually have a chance at becoming the divas champion(which i hope happens) . Bottom line Nikki and Brie are at the top of the divas division right now.(along with CM Lee).
2 things that I like about Nikki Bella when she twirls that a** around during her entrance and her finisher. ( I Digress)
Darren Criss
I've been wanting to drop a bomb on the crowd, when they've all start screaming CM Punk.\n\nDespite the match being short, it was not bad. On the contrary, I liked it. I'm eager to see Nikki and AJ on Survivor Series, it's sure to be a great match. AJ is planning something for the pay-per-view, her laugh at the end shows it. Hopefully Tamina return.
David Febreeze
I think what they did with the bellas is that back then when brie was champ nikki helped her out evry single match and now they just turned things around
ok wwe you edit the cheats of cm punk? this company its going to hell cm punk cm punk cm punk CHRIS BENOIT
Devansh Yadav
Like omg. Nikki bella actually boss'd over Brie bella. Although i appreciate brie's courage to apologogize AJ Lee before she slaps her in the face. But she said sorry because it was a dare given by Nikki sayng if she wins it from emma Brie would have to slap AJ. But even after slapping,brie's accepting to have one from AJ. Brie is so innocent and sincere.
Why are divas that are obviously stronger than AJ, booked to run away from her?
No Paige, Divas sucks without the Queen
Enrique Soto
Vamos nikki bella te amo nikki bella
Eva Bella
I think it is time for AJ lee Diva belt to go back to the camp Nikki Bella I know it was a couple of years ago xx
Everlife 303
Nikki did a lot of moves here. Is she good now? It's ok to admit that the Bella's have improved people.
Aj Lee Retains the title. Vince has a rule in place where no Diva that is on Total Divas can hold the title.
Francis Patrick Joson
Power (Nikki) vs Speed (Aj ) I think this would be a cool match! I think this woud be a better feud .
0:15 was that a Spinebuster? o.o
Grace Haywood
I love Nikki . But seriously her behaviour needs to stop 😣😣😣😣😣 !!!!!!
I want Nikki to win and Brie I wish the bella twins were together agin
Hermione sartorius
Wwe divas champion is bella twins. I love bella twinsss
Jay Dynamite Vice
Emma \u003e Nikki
Jazmin Smith
AJ on commentary is amazing. I'm really excited to see where this feud between Nikki and AJ. Hopefully, Nikki will win the championship and it will open up room for an AJ and Stephanie feud :)
Jenna O'Ree
Why would AJ take that out on Brie Brie had to AJ should of done that to Nikki
Jerza Jellal
Aj is the cm punk of the divas \nNikki is the john cena of the divas \nBrie is the Daniel of the divas\nAlicia fox is the ziggler of the divas\nNaomi is the kofi Kingston of the divas
JoJo Hernández
Just Brought A \
John O
Imagine Nikki and Cena vs AJ and Punk. Who would win?
John Peter
Surprised that WWE edit teams did not cut out the CM Punk chants
Jordan Cage
Nikki will not beat AJ at Survivor Series
Joseline Montaño
i dont care if aj wins or if nikki wins i just hope watch a great match at survivor series both are great wrestles sorry my english=awful
Kendrick BaldwinTV
Poor Emma... Talent unrecognized
Khaliq Woodson
Nikki is a great wrestler. People who bash the bellas for no reason say they Can't wrestle, when the show new moves everytime they are in the ring, and they entertain us while wrestling. Nikki Bella, Naomi, Natalya, and Brie Bella are definitely the best overall wrestlers. And people will say aj's the best overall wrestler , but if u think about it, shes not powerful , shes doing the same moves from 2013, and her moveset hasn't changed. Aj's entertaining on the mic and gimmick wise, ands thats the only thing shes got over most Divas. Nikki has always been better than Aj, Someone said its safe to say that Nikki's at Aj's level of wrestling now. What the hell does Aj actually do in matches that makes her soo special honestly. Nothing new. 
Kroki Gaylord
Nikki's face was priceless when Brie slapped Aj Lee hahaahhahahaaahahaahahhaa
Macy Ourworld
I have on quick question...when will total divas start again and if it does r their still gona be the same people cuz it's getting juicy over their
Madison E Moody
Poor Bre😐
Marquese russell
the crowd did not care about this match.
Matt Mckenzie
AJ is going win by via distraction by brie bella cause said she doesn't want sister as divas champion
Millie Glen
Nikki is a horrible brat who does that to there sister Nikki is obviously scared of aj because she would of smacked aj herself
This might be a stupid question but I'm gonna ask it anyway...\nHow does Nikki's finishing maneuver hurt the opponent? Like does it have to do with her shoulders when she falls down on her knees?
Myke Nicandro
i saw that emma vs nikki bella emma is k.o
Nazrin Shah
Survivor series should be :\n\nAJ Lee Nikki Bella\n VS \nCM Punk. John Cena \n\n
Nicholas Yang
Nicky D
AJ Lee will retain at survivor series so predicable if the bella twins wasn't with bryan or cena they wouldn't even be in wwe
When Nikki Bella rack attacked Emma, that was hot! She KOed her. Then the bell ringed! Damn!
Fãnzinhos das The Bellas aceitem de uma vez  AJ é melhor nessa poha,e não adianta dizer ´´Se AJ fosse melhor que Nikki ela seria Divas Champion´´,Nikki só é DC porque é casada com o Cena e ganhava pelas custas da Brie,então no dia que a Nikki tiver o maior reinado da wwe vcs vem discutir okay,enquanto isso não acontece e eu acho BEM dificil,fiquem calados que é melhor !!!AJ SEMPRE SERÁ A MELHOR \u003c3\u003c3 
Proud Lovatic
Nikki is the next Divas Champion ... OH WAIT . nevermind .
Brie should of slap Nikki right there.
Rene Garcia
If only aj lee caught the terrible ugly nikki.nikki should not have the bella name becuase if nikki was strong she would smack aj not the wonderful brie \n
Ruth McDonald
I'm soooo happy Nikki won but she didn't have to make Brie do that. Howecer, Nikki will always be my idol and my homie and I still love her (as a wrestler.)
Ryan Peeples
Nikki bella is one of the best wrestlers to have. Aj Lee vs nikki bella will be awesome!
Samantha Kim
It should be a tag team match with The Bella twins and AJ, vs The Funkadentals and Natalya.
Saniyah Mathis
Nikki Bella go head gurl!!!' Brie Bella I still love u gurl, although I do feel bad for you even though I like Nikki bella too!!'
Semora Smith
Nikki is great and better than Emma,natalya
Stacie Robertson
I love you guys so much and your videos are amazing and stop being mean ok love your sister so your sister is cuter then you
Sydney Lancaster
THE HOTTEST DIVAS ARE:\n1. Nikki bella\n2. Namoi\n3. Rosa mendes\n4. Aj lee\n5. Eva maria\nReply if you think diffirent.
Tabila Kk
Its funny, I used to hate both the Bellas and was so angry when they came back, now I find myself enjoying their ring work a lot lately. Especially Nikki, I'm a sucker for divas that use power moves. If this was last year I wouldn't want her anywhere near the title picture but with her current storyline and the fact that she actually has a character now it would be good to see her be champion. 
I like how Nikki's moveset is so wide you never know which of her moves she's going to pull out and she keeps adding more moves like that Shoulder Block and Spinebuster. I'm just waiting for her to pull out a Powerbomb on AJ to snap her in half :D I think it's pretty funny how Brie slapped AJ even though Nikki clearly told her to shake AJ's hand, more attempts from Brie to make Nikki look like the bad twin. Can't wait for Nikki to finally bring Lil B back home where it belongs :D #Nikki4DivasChamp
This feud must look like a feud of CM Punk vs John Cena!
Timo Eckert
AJ nearly cries because of that slap and the crowd chants CM Punk ??? WTF ....
Travis Reese
Still the CM PuNK
Tyrone Francis
Aj is awesome, she's a good wrestler and good mic skills, she's a good divas champ, what else do u want from her?
WWE Women Slaps
Why isn't there a Paige and Alicia fox match/segment this week? Their not involved in any of the 4 shows -.-
Predicting that Brie will be forced to help Nikki win the title or Brie will turn heel and help nikki without being forced..
Yuki Akamatsu
Now,Nikki screw that.\nWho gets AJ Lee mad,gonna lost you know?\nAJ gonna enjoy putting nikky into black widow for the divas champion ;) 
aaron o brien
Nikki is the rightful owner of the divas title and thats that
alqia mirzan
I think,Brie will be guest ref at Survivor Series?and Nikki will beat easy Aj?and then Brie will face with Nikki for Divas Champ!I think.
AJ will retain.
bish amin
Nikki has some fat cheeks not the down stairs the up stairs one she is annoying to she think she all that well guess what she ain't nothin but a wanna be brie
Oh I love Nikkis power moves. Its really exciting that she has all of this strength(with ease too), but she isn't exactly a very muscular looking woman. Its like how Cesaro is really strong but you wouldn't think so based on his size(compared to some of the massive guys). Its definitely an asset to the Divas division & essentially what they are looking for. Since they want the girls to look very feminine & sort of like models, but still be able to deliver the goods. I've never viewed The Bellas as bad in the ring. From their debut, they were capable. But its nice now that each is developing their own niche. Its funny, both are reminiscent of their significant others in the ring(more so Brie, which is a little annoying at times, because its strips her of her individuality). Nikki goes for power moves like Cena & Brie works the mat more like Bryan. Even though I've thought that Brie was probably always a little better in the ring than Nikki. I do prefer Nikki right now. Brie has a bit too much of Bryan going on & Nikki has come into her own. Her character right now definitely compliments her very well & that attitude works well with her ring work too. 
You can legitimately see the animosity between these two divas, AJ and Nikki. WWE should capitalize on that, I *think* this feud is going to be *amazing* - Law of Attraction, spare us from another flop feud. Make this worrrrrkkkk, worrrkkkk.
izzy H
That's BS. How Brie let AJ drop her. 
joey ferrara
They should of had Bray Wyatt attack Santino then have Erick Rowan dragg off Emma. On that next Smackdown he does a \
I was at the show and left to buy a churro during this match.
Nikki will lose at survivor series. Aj is just too good. Brie might stand a chance against aj though
muamar emran
Ilove u so much nikkie and brie bella .. i am rahma magusali from philippines and i hOpe someday i will visit there ??? ..its mY dream to see both of u ?? ..
oh sis
I heard Emma is being punished by the WWE by making her look like a totally talentless girl ! It's okay if she loses her matches but skipping the parts where she was actually fighting is not okay . The company should've punished someone we don't even like for example Eva Marie IMO
I really hope nikki wins divas championship. she deserves it big time. she has improved a lot and has become very strong. she started using the newer and powerful moves which just elevates her performance. I don't understand why ppl say brie is better than nikki when nikki is clearly wayyy better than brie. brie uses half of Daniel's moves as if it's her own & she gets support from the audience only cuz she is Daniel's wife. her finisher is also crappy. she hasn't improved much.
sponge b00b
I want to see my bae naomi again
The Bellas wrestling skills are improving a little, but their acting is still horrendous
Dammit wwe! Emma is head and shoulders more talented than the Bellas start using TALENT not models
yelda özdemir
Cant wait until its survivor series and nikki s gonna kick aj's ass and take the title and we finally have another divas champion :D
Emma i love you