Emma vs. Jeffrey Lord On Rashida Tlaib

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Just imagine how Trump talks behind closed doors. His whole life is a walking profanity.
Break the norms but dont embarrass your leader???? WTF?\nThese guys live in some authoritarian world. The new generation doesn't respect authority we respect the truth and being free not being ruled. Being ruled has made us poorer and the wealthy unimaginably wealthy to the point they despise us and treat us like slaves to do the work and for them to make profit from.
Are We Not Men?
Jeffrey Lord is a blithering idiot.
Barry Davis
I'd rather hear a congresswoman call Trump a MFKR than to have to put up with the MFKR for two more years.
Bashii Nickens
Perfect MORON Jeffrey. Why do losers feel it necessary to try an advise winners on how to conduct themselves? Especially when time and technology has surpassed them at a rate which is unsurmountable?\nJust lay back, have a drink, and watch people’s lives get better in spite of you
Benjie Foster
Yes Emma , the right doesn't know what to do when you face them
When life slips you a Jeffrey... Stroke the furry wall... Stroke the furry wall.
Bloody Hope
Brandon Zuniga
Decency and civility is dead.
YES EMMA!!!!!!
Chris Shelby
Heaven forbid that others get embarassed with our empassioned pleas for justice in government.... /sarcasm . #Getreadyforthestorm
Cloud Fa11
DAMN, no reply at all
Trump and his entire Administration all look and sound like comic book villains. Seriously, if these people were part of a movie, critics would declare it a Cheesy, over the top film that nobody could believe.
Danny A
I love emma
David tinch
Jeffrey Lord,Different network same old b/s.
Emma 2020
Eric Chan
What if the leader embarrasses the leader? 🤔
Gabriel Molina
lol he was secretly taped on a bus... bruh he was mic'd up. lol and wash her mouth out with soap? tf shes a grown ass woman speaking in a bar?! smh conservatives are crybabies
Hector Almonte
Great job, flawless victory.
Irene Gavenlock
So it's OK for trump to be vile and really vulgar anywhere anytime but for anyone else its obscene ? Grow up ! Stop \
James Oxford
what do you do when the \
Jay Fawkes Kross
@Emma. Well done. Keep it up - you man eater! You are my favorite on TYT.
this is BS.
Jennie Marie
Johnny Deacon
Awesome Emma!\nSo great! ❤️
June's Outside Contact
Love you Emma! You tell them exactly what I wish all journalists or guests would say when they try to pull this bullshit. Keep it up. You're going places for sure.
Justin San Diego
U Owned this interview Emma!!! \u003c3
Lance Skelton
Was it bring your kids to school day ? Is Emma old enough to drive lol\nYoung lefties...smh
Mahir Rahman
The moderator is probably a libertarian
Manny Manzo
Jeffrey says \
Manuel Rivera
Emma stares into my soul... lol
Martiveon Walker
You have to realize that GOP are people who don't read. They watch 300 and think Spartans were really defending democracy. It's all about feelings.\nAnd wtf is this douchebag host? Emma u did great as always
Matt Strackbein
Watch out, that's Emma the Shredda!
Michael Cristian
There was never any real evidence that Trump actually said Shithole countries! None whatsoever!
Mr Awesome
My baby girl Emma needs to debate more ❤️❤️😍
Emma is completely on another level compared to these hacks. D\nThat old dude talking about slurs but simultaneously supporting Trump. SERIOUSLY?! Had no response about progressives not taking corporate pac money
lol. \
Paul B
Phantom Blot
No curse word is strong enough to describe Donald Trump. He says and does despicable things on a daily basis, a no amount of swearing will make a progressive worse than him.
Pura Vida dew
Break the norms but don’t embarrass your leader. LMAO. Trump is the most embarrassing leader of any nation on this world.
Ralf Häggström
Kjere lille emma hvis du vill, .......... ett par ganger till .......
Rob Adams
Oh I love it... Emma gave them a good slap, and they had no come back, \
Rock theVote
Emma--you go woman!
Russ Wilson
2:00 Devastated these fools.
Ryan Baker
Jeffrey \
Shaun Werner
I wish the discussion was longer. It ended when it felt like it was just getting started.
😃 go Emma.👏😁
Steve Warwick
Emma totally pwned that hapless hack.
Steven Scott
Emma I'm sorry but that's hypocrisy in plain sight. Criticizing Trump for using expletives, yet now you use his remarks as an excuse for Tlaib to call him a nasty name? You can't have it both ways. And don't forget, us boomers are still around, ready to vote and really don't want to hear that kind of careless language out of our congress people. I get that you're all angry and frustrated and motivated - so do your screeching and cursing at your own rallies - not on public family TV.
2:05 a registered independent that sounds like a right wing nut case?\nYeh cool story bro \nTell us more 🙄
Terry Wolf
That's not true, Trump has said the same things, and worse about a lot of people in a derogatory manner.
The Humanity
That jab at the end. \
EMMA SMASH! Thank you for speaking some sanity!
Jesus this dude has no case or spine.
Timothy White
Emma you are getting more an more amazing every passing day! :O
Doesn't seem like either of these people were raised very well if they got punished that severely just for swearing.
Ty Holloway
Good for Emma, I couldn't do it, and I love how the whole point of the bad language was about impeachment but was never mentioned. We're soo fucked.
Urban Media Showcase
Don’t embarrass your leader? Lol. How about the leader not embarrassing the country? Lord is a clown.
Vernon Hector
ewww you had to be on a panel with Jeffrey scumbag lord?
Video Archives
Emmas all grown up
Zoey Paige
That was more like Emma vs two people
Solid, emma. Obviously your gorgeous, but superficiality aside, your intellligence and your heart make you soo incredibly beautiful\n\nKeep doing you. You're what we need. ThanKS :))
I am a simple man. I see Andrew Jackson, I click.
chuck patenaude
A battle of wits against two unarmed men.\nShe didn't even have to work for it.
Great job Emma ! “Those guys” are both on the wrong side and they know it, now. The Republicans are prudish, yet they defend their child molesting pastors. Pathetic. And I’m sure they all loved watching AOC dance.
Assuming J. Lord was speaking of Trump when he said \
Emma, taking ass and kicking names.
nice advice at the end, don't embarrass the embarassement, i mean our dear Leader.
How about you worry about the domestic violence and child abuse you were just laughing about instead of mouth noises.
john doe
Well done Emma. Gj. :)
Hey Jeffrey Lord is your mom ok with the president using 'Wounded Knee' as a political prop? And we don't need to \
Spitting fire
0:54 “I would have been smacked silly 7 ways from Sunday”\n\n1:00 “...mouth washed out with soap”\n\nThese boomers with their boomer phrases 🤣
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
What even is NewsMax? This is a real thing?
sage ohio
I want to see more of Emma on the national stage and little Jeffrey isn't in your league
Jeffrey's last comment, \
uma soopie
Tell the leader not to embarrass himself
I've met boneless, skinless chickens that had more spine AND tougher hides!
NewsMinimumTV is a joke.