[Ashley Tisdale] "What If" on Walmart Soundcheck

Ashley TisdaleAshley performed her song "What If" (her favorite song of "Guilty Pleasure") live on Walmart Soundcheck(c)

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Abygail Marquez
I really like ashley tisdale!!!!!!!!
this is my fave song ever!! guilty pleasure had great songs
Angel Ariel
A M A Z I N G\r\nT H E B E S T
Ashley F
wow :O i love her voice is the best ♥
Love love love this!
Badriya alsultan
I love this song \r\nAshley she so awesome
Bushra Amazayn Efron
Love ASH \u003c3
Care Comfort Service
still gives chills in 2017
Chatchanok Penprom
goodddd i like song i love you~
Chuột Nhóc
The best song i've ever heard !!!\nAshley is the best singer ever
Cristina V
Ecesu Ozevin
Edgar Silva Rodriguez
Still listening in 2016❤️
Hà Nguyễn
i love this my CANDANCE!!!!!!!!
Iskender Yüksel
she's amazing i miss her music!
Jason Trouble
the best song ever. love her.
Jenny L
this is encredible touching\u003c3
Johnny Ross
Her voice is amazing!! I miss her music so much!
K4t E1
OH amazing.! \u003c,3\n x33
Karina Sosa
love her voice, her hair and her boots! *-* LOVE U ASHLEY! UR THE BEST \u003c3
Kayla Hawkins
@GMEdwardsx i agree i love her hair too!!!
Luis Perez
Love this song!
Mia joans
she is sooo good live
she´s got supa dupa hair! Like it!
Patrick A6
is better than Selena Gomez live
Steven Matthews
It's actually incredible how she handles those high tones very easily. No problem. Obviously, there were some times where she didn't sound like she was supposed to but that's because she's not very precise or doesn't have that facility to be agile, vocally. But if she keeps training she'll be great. I know this video is very old so I'm waiting for her new album this year.
Sunny Pereira
OMG.... A LOVE HER VOICE! SO sweet! She is amazing! I Love this song, is my favourite song!\r\nKiss Ash! :)
Tali Tran
the song so sad:( but i luv it!
Thalya Hepburn
Still listening FOREVER
The Real - Luis Rivera
This was surprisingly very incredible ! woah!
Ursula Chociay Santos
she sounds great!!!!!
@malfoyrocks their both AH-MMAZING!!! besides ashley tisdale isn't even signed with disney/hollywood records she signed with warner brothers records :-D
WOW, her voice is AMAZING !
I wish she make a music video of this song because the story of the song is Nice :)
hello smiley
I love this song so much!! \u003c3\u003c3
i really love this song....and her style....Nice!
Still listening in 2015 \u003c3\n
ashley you are my favorite singer. i stil listen you in 2012. i love your songs they are soo amazing you have amazing voice you ae the beat singer.and i love you 4ever \u003c3 ! i want be like you !
manuel galimberti
lavorando sodo visto come è diventata brava la mia bimba
nikki wolfe
her voice is GOD. its not even shaking! its live! shes amazing!
AMAZING! Vocally I think this is her best performance EVER. I never realised how truly awesome she was until I watched this, I mean I knew she was awesome, but this blew me away! Plus I think this is the most beautiful she's ever looked. :)
squash. delights
Still listening 2018
Still listening in 2018 :) ❤️
@pr0b0y1 Really? New album? It would be great! I'm just watching Hellcats on my computer (I'm italian) but it's not enough...wanna hear her sing! Want her to come in Italyyyy!!!
her voice got sooo much better then it use to be on Zack and cody...wow..i didnt even know it was her who sang this song.