WWE RawJuly 24 2017, Emma vs Nia Jax Alexa Bliss interview

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Alexis IKYG
@ 5:20 \
Alice 6447
i just love sasha bank but my favorite of all is nikki bella i love evrything about nikki bella
Amin Armani
That flip just squashed every single juice out of Emma
Andrew Flood
Andrew Tambora
I'm not sure if it is just me or did anyone else feel this time jax finally did more impressive job than ever?\nSuddenly, she does become more athletic, if only wwe let her to show whatever she think she can, that will bring her closer to real top contender list.\n\nThe next 1 almost absolutely just me, but the rare thing announcer give an intro for women's division is mentioning their weight. When jojo give her intro feels the ignite of how threatening jax's appearance for what come ahead.\nSeriously, this is my 1st appreciation i've said about jax ever
Arooba Naqvi
Feel sorry for emma..#PushEmma
Bozhidar Shterev
I hope Emma quits wwe because they don't use her talent the right way.She needs to go somewhere else where she will be treated like she diserve!!! #Emmathebest #Whereisemmasmerch
Brandon Alvarez
Sasha turning heel will be a great stroyline between her and bayley!
I love emma so much, its painful to see her not get the push that she deserves 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 she should've gone to Smackdown instead
Chanel Oberlin
that flip is so impressive!
Charlotte Flair
I hope that Sasha turns heel next week and attack bayley....
Claudina Alejandra Vuillermet
Corey Anderson
I like how the commentary team keeps trying to down play emma like that match with Paige wasn't everything. Honesty there would be no Four Horsewomen if it wasn't for paige and emma
Poor Emma I hate the way wwe is useing her
Crystal Ball
Emma is one hell of a beautiful lady but that hideous lipstick ruins her gorgeous face!
Danniels Vargas
Dawny Mae
Poor Emma!!
Debbie Kayode
I sick of them always promoting bayley and sasha
Donnie Washington
Nia Jack as champion
only hope is emma goes to smackdown after summerslam and get the push she deserves and leave nia on raw and give her the belt.
Dylan Parker
emma and paige DID start the revolution, it's indisputable
Emma M
Emma goes from having good matches with Paige and having an instant classic with Asuka to this?
Hello, Sidney!
Since when did Emma become a \
Isaiah 102608
Lol the flip
JQ James
I think we all can finally unfortunately say as right now, Emma is officially BURIED. Looks like another one of Triple H's great talents from nxt just became another victim of the Vince and Kevin Dunn slaughter house.
Jeffrey Archer Silagpo
Alexa Bliss 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 funniest thing ever happened in WWE women's history... oh please WWE just cut this storyline off... Its more fun to watch the Charlotte storyline than this.
Jeffrey Mitchell
Wow, what a squash by Nia. That was an awesome flip she did in the end.
Jen- A-Purr
Emma isn't a heel I'm sorry she sucks as a heel
Jerren Alerta
Renee Young is on RAW??
Joaquin Rojas
que tomen en brazo a emma
Jourdon Patron
When is a Tamina vs Nia Jax match gonna happen?! Are they gonna keep us waiting?!
Kanes Ultimate Fan steve
i think nia is a amazing wrestler be interesting what part she plays in when it come to paige and her 2 friends
Karli Buttons
I personally think nia is super pretty
Ketchup, Storm and Kiwi line play
Killer gaming
What are these WWE people doing? Make nia champion already!
Lana Farah
Liam Kirby
raging they have threw emma under the bus just ly they did to alicia fox, this is so disrespectful they couldnt even give emma decent amount of time, im glad she spoke up on twittter the wirtters are wful the wwe never no wat to do with the women thier idiots
Emma deserves better
Loli Dyam
lana vs emma pls
Lucas Mateus
What name the music 0:02 Second? Please
Impressive!! I liked what Nia did. I liked it bcz she is heavy and i dint see that coming. If Shasha had done or any one else had done that i'd have laughed.
Mary Jean Gaoiran
I hate Nia Jax
McKinley All Mighty
Wow nice move nia jax
Nikos Tsarouchidis
Oli Wylde
That last move that Nia did should be her finsher instead of that boring ass leg drop.
Paul heggie
I love Emma as bad divia
Prince Zair
that finisher is so awesomee
You think big show. Or mark Henry or any big strong heavy person can do that flip nia jax just did
Rashaud Watkins
You look closely you can see Emma's ego get deflated I mean she gave a legitimate effort but ultimately was roadkill from moment one of the match!
Rowen Nazy
What do you mean they, I've been excited bout ra't since I found out all about ra't, Alexa Bliss the new face of the raw women's division [email protected], this is a great reason to celebrate. \nWe are in New Orleans and I did some lil exploring last night on Bergen street, went down and found this lil authentic poodle dolls and I named mine Byron Saxpen!!\nThe women's division Byron Saxten!!\nCorey, obviously Charlotte understands Bayley is a threat.\nSaxpen you need to stop smooshing her excellence!!
Ruushonda Bugg
Nia jax needs to become RAW womens champion
Kharma vs Nia jax vs leid tapa
emma deserves alot better smh
SinB Is Not Jessica
WWE treat Emma like local competitor
Small Candy
mickie jame
Sole Arevalo
These girls seem to forget, how do you bring down a power house? By speed and bring them down a size, Emma was doing good in the beginning with kicks, but she screwed up by taking it heads on. Use thoes kicks and I promise you she will go down. Because nia is not that great at Wrestling 🤼\u200d♀️. She is a power house but that's all she is..,,
Sotiroula Lake
Poor Emma, she should really just ask for her release because it's obvious WWE isn't going to use her well at all! I'm sure GFW would actually give her a huge push and make her the new Knockout's Champion.
That Poly Dude
If Nia trains to be more athletic, she'll be unstoppable.
The Red Lantern
So Emma cant express herself on social media without WWE getting offended? Ugh... they did this to Lita too. She said smackdown was better in 02 and then they had bischoff roast her in a worked segment.
Trey Hill
She is definitely not like most girls. The proof is right at 4:31.
Vicky D
Why do they announce Nia Jax's weight?
Wasim Khan
This is the most deserving WWE champion.....
Wayne C
Emma go to Smackdown
Will Gretzky
I thought nia was gonna do that lame leg drop but nope she was like i got something new for you clowns lol..
Wrestle Vibes
I think Emma and Dana will reunite as END.
bo be
Nia jax
Emma should go to SD. She'll never prosper on Raw with their awful writers.\n\nNia needs to win the title. With each passing month she looks like a punk. These squashes mean nothing if she can't do the job when it counts.
catlover 2345
for a while I was seeing posts on a Nia Jax vs Sasha banks falls count anywhere match do you how much of a bad idea that would be? for 1 Nia Jax is twice the size of Sasha and 2 with the history of back problems Sasha has had that would not be good for her
efkan basar
We all know she's one of the most strongest female wrestler in the world I mean Nia powerlift and she's so strongest wat ever she weighs
I hope paige comes back as Emma's mate and they claim to start the women's revolution because technically they did and just dominate
lisa mitchell
she flipped all that weight onto her damn that was sexy.😍
I like that
the best!
Naia amazing i loved hhh
will Thomas
I hate seeing two of my baby mommas fighting