Смотрите и скачивайте наши фильмы вApp Store - Классика мирового кинематографа, фильм-воспоминание, фильм-размышление, фильм-загадка, потрясающий зрителя до глубины души.Этот фильм о поиске, детских впечатлениях, внезапно врывающихся в жизнь взрослого человека, мистике повседневности и попытках вспомнить самое главное, потерявшееся за каждодневными заботами и обыденностью.- Диплом участия на МКФ в Мельбурне (Австралия) (1980)- Приз «Давид ди Донателло» за лучший иностранный фильм, показанный в Италии (1980)

movie russia Артемьев Данильцев Демидова Рерберг Тарковский Терехова Янковский

Alejandro Formini
Excelente film.. una historia conmovedora narrada de la manera más sutil! Hace tiempo que no volvía a emocionarme como con esta Gran Película del Gran Gran Tarkovsky..
Aleks Kozirevs
Фильм страшный, -страшный своей откровенностью.
Annek Ytytu
Душераздирающее кино!!!😭
Anton Knivets
Величайший режиссёр.
Az B
One great genius philosophical movie of Andrej Tarkovsky, he sacrificed his life and everything in it (homeland, family, etc) for all of us, for the sake of humanity , and this movie is very prophet about his own life and how it all linked through generations. I like the electric pole that is looking like a cross at the most end of the movie, that is very symbolical, like and all movies of Andrej Tarkovsky.
Azku Shang
The peak of cinema as an art. There is nothing like this movie, is beyong words. It can be understand only with the soul.
Bernardo Lopes
Terrible subtitles in English, there are entire lines said by the characters which have not been translated and has just been ignored. Sucks.
Bob Jones
Many thanks for posting, I do like Tarkovsky. It is hard to watch with two sets of subtitles though..
Carina Maia
Nem pra pôr legenda pros Br
Cedric Barrey
1:01:48. Tribute to Brughel ´s painting : Hunters in the snow ...
Daniel Butnariu
you are right, but something I like the feeling that we are diverse world and those ads show it at their best through their banality
Deep Blue
Oh Good grief! I just cannot embed the video in my youtube converter movie! Is there anyone who can help me?\n
Emily Dickinson
This is good shit. Me like.
Real Piece of art !!
Froufrou Deluxe
simply install adblock, they'll disappear.
G Mahler
My favorite film of all time!!!!!!
Gabriel Morales
Gennadij Alexandrov
Если бы из всего кинематографа нужно было оставить только один фильм, то я бы оставил ЗЕРКАЛО.
Geree Sathia
21:24 is my favourite scene. Many directors still try to emulate this scene
Goblin Film
Guillermo Barrio
56:40 Supreme effort to win a war; the person who filmed this was killed that same day in a German attack.
Han J
why does it say 'error occured'\n
ALL films won't load.
1:29:33 whats the song?!
Ilya Makaroff
MINE WHAT on yourshitlist? :)
Irina Slipiets
Скажите,кто понял,за что сын должен просить у матери прощение....?
Simplemente hermoso!
Tripped Out !
agradeço-lhe por nos conduzir em inteiro a este espelho.
명작이네요.. 보는 내내 명상하는 듯 했어요.
John Abramyan
Plokhoy film. 
Jon Dalin
The translation is very poor
Juan Pablo Delgado Berman
can anyone tell me the name of the music intro piece? it's just beautiful...
Lavi Cap
This film is a masterpiece. Wonderful. Thank you very much
Maj Maj
Beautiful Russian women...
Mohamed Mostafa
Can you add arabic subtitle please
use plugs to remove it
No. Sorry but no.
Natalia Miranda
El espejo
This film in HD , the Blu Ray version , is gorgeous .
Olia Olina
редкое гавно
Patrick Colabella
beautiful movie
The part where the doctor sat on the fence had me rolling on the floor lmao
Paul Howard
Is the boom mic shadow on the wall intentional?
Peter Gašperan
man, woman ain't so lovely [like the blonde protagonist] anymore
Peter Lewis
Hard to think of another film that has the power to move so many people from quite different cultures and it is still having a profound affect on viewers so many years after its original release. Perhaps this is the direction cinema should be heading.
Petr Polichuk
Fantastic film.The subtitles appear to be identical to the ones on the Kino DVD. I was hoping they would be more complete as I don't understand any Russian and I've noticed several phrases that are untranslated.
Roman Tarassov
You can turn the captions off, then it will only be once set of the subtitles imbedded in the video:)
Favorite film of all time + best film ever made
SaBi NuKi
Sameera Palipana
I had the same problem the first time I watched. But with several viewings and reading about this enabled me to get the hang of it. Now I feel this movie has more life than any Tarkovsky movie or any other movie in the history of cinema for that matter. There are no hidden things to decipher, just let the visual poetry fill your soul like listening to a melody from a great composer.
Samim Kapoor
comdo persosco condla
Scott Howard
over 30 minutes in...have no idea wat the fuck this movie is about.....yet im hooked
Never, in my entire life, has a film made every muscle in my body stop moving, every thought in my head stop thinking and every breath I took whilst watching that sound and feel so beautiful.
Sercan İyice
Rus sineması hep itici, yönetmen Tarkovsky olsa bile😀
Silviu Stefan
A masterpiece made with only 380000$. 380 thousand. Kubrick s 2001 a space odyssey s budget 26000000$. 26 million $. Eyes wide shut 65000000$. 65mil.This is amazing !
да ну. под него засыпается отлично. лучше облако-рай посмотреть
Sydney W
Absolutely adore Tarkovsky. And what a powerful performance by Margarita Terekhova! Entrancing.
Очень хорошее кино,душевное,вызывающию настольгию о прошлом
Telewizja - ATV sp. z o.o.
wspaniały film
Tjerk Muller
The movie seems to be a meditation on memory. Our tapestry of (often distorted) memories and how they constitute a mirror in which we see ourselves, but also define our relationships to those important to us. At about the end of the film, we see a man in his bed, dying. We have seen his memories (and heard his voice while he remembered), memories of his child hood, of newscasts and historical events, and of stories friends and family told him, or perhaps of how he imagined certain events.
Val Zalina
Любимый фильм🙏🏻
this film is so boring, made absolutely no sense
¿ Cómo puedo verla en español?
merci beaucoup pour cette mise en ligne
I watched this movie for the 3rd time and for the 3rd time it made no sense. I'm a Tarkovsky fan, have all his films but this one just lies there, limp and lifeless. Maybe that's the point...damnit I don't want to guess just tell me what the hell it all meant!
I've found it: St Matthew passion, Evangelist: Und siehe da, der Vorhang im Tempel zeriß in zwei Stück
hheerroo gguuddaa
ya magu gavari
irin hovsepyan
its very wonderful film...
kathy hawley
Thank you, Mr. Tarkovsky, for filling me with scenes to filter back into my mind when I least expect them. 
no hay subtitulos nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  xd
martin salter
It's just episodes from Tarkovsky's life and the life of his mother. Intercut with this are episodes from Russian history over the same time period. There is no plot - it's just a cinematic rendition of Tarkovsky's memories ( his mother, his childhood home which was rebuilt as an exact replica etc. ) I think the biggest confusion is the same actress plays his wife and young mother. Check out Tarkovsky in bed at the end - it's all his reflections. Nothing more. Hope that helps.
mlg nisse ,
Have patience with this film if you are still watching by 15:00 you will be entranced by the dream images and memories from his childhood which he explains 19:00 to 21:00. Genius at work creating powerful images my favourite film. 
 С 39.05 по 42.00 - один из моих любимых эпизодов фильма.
sun day
Блять где руские
tnnr lindbergh
im only here because someone on /tv/ called me a pleb for not watching this.
zoot soot
Very deep for sure, the most profound artistic expression of the true nature of reality, being as a mirror in which all existence arises as images, the same images repeated over and over again for eternity, only ceasing when you recognize that there is nothing but the mirror. Tarkovsky, one of the great mystics of our age.
great film!
Александар Стојанов
You should underline that this version has a different sound mix, not supervised by the director, done by who knows who and for which purpose. Imagine, as Milos Forman would say, that a gallerist cuts of a couple off inches from a painting by Chagall. We cannot pretend that the soundtrack is not as equally important part of the film as the image. So, please...
В чём гениальность Тарковского? Любит наш интелегент-всякое унылое гавно!
Вапро Ролд
Смотрю фильм и вижу себя, детство. Как будто окунаешься в свое чувство вины перед теми, кому не отдал свою благодарность,теплоту. А они скоро уйдут навсегда, и ты будешь каждую секунду своей оставшейся жизни терзать свою совесть, потому что уже этого не исправить.
Владимир Собко
Иван Иванов
Депрессивное кино
Илья Миляков
Ира Федотова
е.....ое гавно
Максим Иванов
фильм - бессмысленное,но местами красивое говно...прямо как жизнь
Мария Чуйкова
2:56 \nлайк если заметил призрака!
Світлана Шакула
Тарковський -- Геній, всі його фільми -- Божественні откровення...
Сергей Л.
Ну и муть! Столько времени зря потерял.
юрий могилевский
Тарковского ненавижу за убийство лошади ради сьемки своих ублюдочных фильмов и его урода смерть и забрала ..туда ему дорога.