Marilyn Manson - Heart Shaped Glasses Acoustic

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On May 23rd Marilyn Manson appeared on the UK's Radio 1. In the Live Lounge after a brief chat about his new album EAT ME, DRINK ME and his leather pants Manson sang an acoustic version of Heart-Shaped Glasses with Tim Skold on guitar, followed by an acoustic cover of Justin Timberlake's song What Goes Around Comes Around.

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Love this version\u003c3
Adrian Haller
Hahaha you will hate me but...\n.\n:\n:\nTHX!!!\n
Alizé Rodriguez
@JacobBlackisCandy2me He's talking about Dita smart one :P
Skold and Manson look like they're about to make out.
Anna B.
fuck the way he sings it is sooo hot.. thats what all slow songs should be like.. and not autotuned shit...\nlol 90% of the time we're forced to hear shit like \
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
yeah he did and she needed emergency ocular surgery but since this song is so amazing she forgave him immediately - even after receiving the $120,000 surgical bill.
Arak Drakoniz
Why did Tim Skold have to leave? He was the best thing that ever happened to the band.
Ayelen Rocío
Amo esta canción dios
Brandon Bonin
peace comes and goes heveymetal rap wars burning out in my head I should have known
this is so perfect
Cathy chanteuse-interprète
Sa voix est magnifique :)mais on dirait que la voix elle est décaler par rapport a la video .
Coelho Thata
Evan s2 Marilyn , LINDOS !
eu amo esse cara! ❤‿❤
Daniel CazimiRo
Es un temon... desd hace 6 años no paro de escucharlaa
@jonnsgirl You rule. Just wanted to let you know :) \r\n
Good version!!
E l l i s 3 2 4
Love that Song marilyn manson is my idol
Marilyn Manson a hippie?..who would have known besides the intelligence and social compassion. Love.
His voice sounds so beautiful and innocent in this version \u003c3
It's cool version!
Hannah Simone
oh god i love him too much
sounds like johnny cash\r\n
Jake Taras
guy on the left looks like a who hahaha
Jardel Batista
Jen Ritter
@JacobBlackisCandy2me you need a life.
John Doe
correct me if im wrong but isnt this song is about him being a pedophile..?
Kelly :P
Marilyn Manson eu amo mais que todo mundo aqui!
Kitty Biersack
i dont know, man. there's just something about this... he sounds so raw. the acoustic makes this song have a totally different vibe— this sounds sad and kind of desolate. this is good.
Lady Manson
Oh my god, this is so perfect! =) HE is perfect :3 ♥
Lucy Atenea
Pacify versión 💕
Marina Prst
J'aime déjà la version original, mais là c'est encore plus magnifique.. ♥.
Michelle Lynn
Honestly anyone can say whatever they want about him but they can't deny that he is a true artist. Musician, painter, actor  he's very dexterity. Even his clothing and stage performance screams artistic 
Mollie Manson
marilyn sings very well
Morgan T
his voice at 1:00 just asdfghjklasdfghjkl excuse me i need to be alone...\n
Moses H
I grew up Manson, and I'm expecting my kid to ask who is marlin Manson...
Nancy Dagostino
I just love his voice so manly!
Narcisa Ana Maria
Does anybody know if there is any video of this ?
No one here
great. even if I would've hated him, this would still be beautiful. but I love Marilyn Manson, so it's ultra beautiful
Nora Behindallgoods
Marilyn I loooooooove you damn much.,!!!!
Paulo Sergio Lopes
@PandoraParanorma. i sing this song to you.
Pazuzu Cosplay
...I prefer heavy version! :P
Preston Singer
Awesome. Nailed it
Rachie doodle
Does anyone else think the chorus sounds Johnny Cash esque ? Anyway I love this acoustic gives it a nice edge
Radian Mściwy
pure dałn );-\u003e
Robin Burnette
where can i download this? so i can get it on meh ipod
Rosa Manson
Che voce che ha *_*
Rúnar Leó
@ourstupidshow \nanus
Schwifty Gurl
Tim and Manson 🖤❤
Gimme a real studio version! This is still awesome tho
@PandoraParanorma and shailaberlin\r\n*sings song just like Marilyn Manson*\r\nYou're Welcome
i'll go with u
Am ==\u003e G9(no5)/A ==\u003e Em\n\nNo thanks.
@marilyner Why the fuck would he die?! XD
Vio Flummi
wonderful song, acoustic or on cd
Zakiah Bonnerwith
@DustyNau man that just made me laugh. \
Ziggy Stardust
Beautiful song 3
the best musician of all times
@PandoraParanorma \nI know I've sang it to my girlfriend, she loves it.
carol plazas
cecilia sotelo
I'm in love!
I respect manson very nice song I like how he has Nirvana related songs
kiss me it will heal but wont forget \u003c3
he sounds kind of like David\nBowie when singing the higher notes
evil crow
Magnifique acoustique et quelle voix !!!
hooligan beatdown
very good song cheers!!
He messed up on the second verse lol
jerodiee LaVey
i wonder if he really broke her heart shaped glasses
@joelster9x He's actually loosing his voice... Unfortunately.
holy shit does anyone else realize that marilyn manson is critizied for his music but he is proly one of the only few musicians who can sing? hahaha
jog getto
juli ruiz
I love this song ...♡♡\n♥~♥
lefty lucy
@PandoraParanorma \n\nmaybe ;) but i would make it ;)
@loligee1 I am a parent, and your parents should be happy you are so addicted to him :) My daughter is the one who got me so hooked, way back when Sweet Dreams was released and she was in grade 6! I was, I admit, a little concerned initially, but parents really just need to listen...she's 26 now, we went to see him together in 2 cities last September :)
made in china
manuel corona
buen video
He sounds like Julian Casablancas of the Strokes.
Tim Skold ^^ como en todo eat me drink me
Marilyn can sing, this is surprisingly soft... he may be scary, strange, taboo, but no one can doubt he has talent and an air of sexual mystery
no no, it's Julian who sounds like MM haha (but it's true ^^).
He is about as close as it gets to being a god of metal.
Where can i download thisssssssss? ♥
he needs to do an 'unplugged'
sam mullen
i criedd..
@PandoraParanorma i too
this evin as the studio version made me think of a johny cash song anyone else? XD
the hottest voice ever
tim tigabelas
nice song mr. warner
yuki sol
@joelster9x I´m not sure he´s such a good singer :) but I´m definitely his big fan anyway
Quien toca la guitarra??
Глеб Хорунжий
What the chords ? Pleese.