BOYFRIEND - WITCH, 보이프렌드 - 위치, Show Champion 20141015

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20141015 BOYFRIEND Live MBC Music Show Champion South Korea (Country) WITCH k-pop korean wave kpop 라이브 보이프렌드 쇼챔 쇼챔피언 위치 음악 한류

Ain Zue
2018? Still love you Boyfriend
Angie Thammadosa.
omg that one girl in the audience screaming is so distracting
Ani Mahazam
This is why I love kpop. They are very GORGEOUS!!!
Witch have the best performances 👏🏻😍
Anita Bonita
Jeongmin does that flip so effortlessly. I'd probably break every bone in my body if I attempted it. On a side note, I love all their eyes.
Bread Official
BOYFRIEND's performance is lit! Youngmin and Kwangmin (My bias) did great too and so did the rest! Just... Get the pterodactyl some help. I think she'd lost her voice for the moment... EVERY PART I HEAR: \
Candy Too
Half of the comments are filled with Donghyun. I have to admit, he's damn hot in this comeback. Even if I'm Minwoo-biased. *guilty*
somebody sounds like a dying whale o.O
Dominiqueaguilera Dominiqueaguilera
Dont call me oppa
where are boyfriend now?? miss them
Dulce Gomez
I love you ♥
El Somer
I watch this performance cause it’s my fav of Boyfriend and because my bias Kwangmin be lookin’ fine, but I always end up getting bias wrecked by Donghyun😂
That girl in the audience sounded like you were strangling a sheep. \
Erika Mousley
This song is probably my favorite visually. The choreography and the curtains are just A++++
Fefo Chan
Fer Veliz
Kwangmin's hair in this era was the best thing that happened to me.I am not sorry that that is shallow anymore. Nope Nope I'm not. His hair makes him look fine as hell.
Golden Snowflake
Anyone come here bcz their new comeback after waiting for zillions year??
Grace Madison
Gosh,Donghyun... \u003c3
I got Exo's wolves but you still Got no jams
2018 but no comeback.. watching it in 2018 again...
Isabel Mesa
son muy bonitos, me gustan, marian (este comentario es de mi hija XD)
Jeong Queen
i've always wonder what are they doing behind the curtains?
Jessie Fan
Give that fangirl a freaking mic xD\nThis would be my favorite live, but that one fangirl is killing me\nCan't blame her though, Donghyun /is/ looking pretty damn fine here-\nHeck, all of them look great here \u003c3
Josh Woody
2018 this song is still hot
Donghyun looks so hot!
Kat Blaque
This dance is so good!!!!
Kiana J
The dying fangirl was so hilarious, I had to pause to catch my breath from laughing. I noticed that she was only screaming when Donghyun would appear. He's my bias, so I can understand lmao.
Kim Myungsoo
Ahh Donghyun So Handsome!! Always topped my bias list. His blue eyes. Arghh Attracted me.
Lenora Fernandes
This performance was lit but..\n\n\nTHAT ONE FANGIRL GODDAMN WOMAN CHILL 😂😂😂
Lily Miura
Starship!!!!! My princes need a Korean comeback!!!
Loraine Raz
Lovely DongHyun
I love this perform, i mean i do love their every perform but this is my fav... thumbsUp for the cameraman for perfectly zoom in and out so i can see their amazing choreo also their gorgeous face, perfectly. ^^\nDid i told u DONGHYUN's daym HOT??!!! Now i say He's really really Hottt!!! \u003c3\n*Fangirling over him, as always.
Loving Kpop33
Their concept, amazing! Their choreo, amazing! Their singing outstanding! Their outfits, freakin gorgeous, these guys have blown through me like a fiery wind, i have fallen for their Witchcraft. Love them!!! \u003c3
how come that almost white hair looks so hot on Donghyun? *-* I mean like he was hot even before this comeback but damn he is literally my no.1 Bias since that XD ♥
Lynn Nguyen
Damn I want those blue contacts
Mai Turn
I really like this performance :) It's a little bit like a magic show as they sometimes disappear because of the curtains ^^
MaiLy Duc Vu
Who is the sexy handsome guy with white hair? 😍
Mariielah Cruz
Mau Villalon
Aside from VIXX, Boyfriend is definitely the perfect concept idols.. I'm always so in love with their concepts and how they slayed it.. Plus, their choreographies..
Melody lo
dongyhun look scary
my biases usually are from the maknae line(since they're close to my age)... but dang Donghyun's so fine! I'm totally smitten! \u003c3 
Micaela Di Marco
This is the best concept they ever had, they should forget all the cute image and keep with this one, it really fits with them♡♡♡
Misa saa
dear Starship,\nwe need comeback for our BOYFRIEND
Miss Misfyt
I still can't get over the fact that these are my Boyfriends. I didn't know I had game like this. I must be cuter than I thought! lol
My love chimchim
BOYFRIEND finally hit it big
This live was so strong~ It's my favorite between all they did for this comeback :3\nI'm so proud of my Ultime Bias *^*  DongHyun Oppa is the most handsome guy i've ever seen :D He already killed me many times, but at this begenning, God~ I'll never come back \
Nur Amirah
Donghyun!!!! Stop being fxxking sexy!! With that forehead!!
PinkSugar Collage
Who ever cheo graph this is damn genius!\nI liked the red (curtains?)!! Like genuinely the singers just disappear in a blink of an eye..\nMistery - who the heck is holding the red curtains up?\n.\n.\n-dont take jokes seriously-
Quynh Ann
Donghyun needs to stop being such a tease omg I'm about to passed out..
RDfiregirl Killer
They are so sexy omg I started to KISS The screen
Ram Izzat
All of them look so handsome in here 💜💜💜😍😍😍😍 사랑해😘💜
Rocio Valeria
Esos ojos azules de donghyun *-*
That one fangirl needs to become a meme. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Sarah Hensley
Can somebody arrest the pterodactyl Jesus Christ \n\
Sarah M
Shafira Baraseta
My favorit perform
Shara Posadas
This dark concept is something I can totally get use to. I love boyfriend so much and Im really looking forward to the many successes this comeback will bring to boyfriend. They are an amazing group and total bias wreckers man. FIGHTING!! xx
She doesn't even go here!
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ donghyun looks SO good lately. He's always looked good but now I have a feeling he might wreck my bias list.\ufeff
I need Donghyun to stay blonde forever. He is just so beautiful. It's like his face is sculpted perfectly! I'm seriously getting obsessed lol.
OMG Donghyun looks so fucking handsome lately ♡
Tabina Aqila
Tae V
Donghyun is heaven!
Taehyun Kim
Make the twins gain muscles please kinda weird trying to be manly
Violet Ahn
I like this performance of witch the most \n1: because the leader looks so amazing with the eye contact and pretty hair \n2: everyone have the screen time on their part \n3: this time camera work was pretty good compare to other performance \n\n Did i say that the leader are so dead gorgeous
Wonho Monsta X
the most creative performance ever..
Xiu Min
I miss boyfriend. Where are they now? I know they participated in The unit but they should have participated in produce 101 because they have more chance to regain their fame there than The unit show.
Xuxi NCT
PLEASE SUPPORT BOYFRIEND!~ I HOPE THEY CAN GET THEIR RECOGNITION THIS 2018...I hope they can be also NU'EST reversal idols...hwaiting!✊
YK Wong
One of the fans' voice is very very annoying. Always distracting me from the \nperformance-_-
Yesung Orale
cause ur body goes boom bara boom
abi !
i just wanna give whoever their hairstylists are some cookies bc their hair are on point like damn son
The guy with blonde and blue contacts really stands out!! I cant help but staring at him! O__O
Amazing Fangirl there is:) HAHA SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE CAR
cacti face
Loving he staging of this comeback, so different from other boy groups and the boys were sharp and precise. Killed it!
dbrlgus 1221
Watching this in 2018, everyone?
Eh this is my favorite song and i don't even stan boyfriends
fatma Yıldız
feviola t
i just knew boyfriend and DAYUM DONGHYUN:(
DONGHYUN is looking good in the blond hair and those blue contacts!!!:)
it's 2017 & this song is still lit 🔥\nit's 2017 & boyfriend is still underrated\nit's 2017 & starship is still not promoting boyfriend well enough
khairunnisa razak
I don't understand. .why would donghyun or someone from boyfriend joins the unit. Their music is not bad and powerful enough to fit in with other outstanding group ... they have loyal fans too..
kpop kraze
2018. And they are still perfect
its so sad that we haven't heard anything from them this year.....
I hope this group will be the most popular in the world ✨❤️
maranna m
did anyone else hear that one fan dying the whole time?
Whoever decided to put gry eyeshadow on the blond dude's eyes is a genius it made his eyes glow 🔥
OMG the one in blonde (in the beginning) is so hot! Can you guys tell me who is who? Oh and is the fandom name girlfriend or bestfriend?\nI liked Obsession, but this comeback is just WOW! And the use of the curtains is so creative. I love how it works like a magic trick.\nOh any song and variety suggestions?
n mimi
Oh god somebody please save me from that blonde hottie
or watevah
Donghyun's hair is urgh! that made him so hot! ❤❤❤\n\ncause your body goes boom bara boom! LSS ❤
that girl screaming like mad in the backgrounD, I FEEL YOU!!!
sica_sam _tae
I always feel jeongmin face and BTS Jimin is similar 😊
stan boyfriend
Im that one girl you can hear screaming the whole way through
I love this performance, each and every details are elaborated and flawless. You can tell that they put a lot of thought and handwork in this performance. love love love. Can't wait to see them come back with more growth and develop!
2:39 he looks like Jimin; I'm sorry to bring up BTS but I just see a similarity
ʜ •
I'm shawol but i like this song soooooo mush 💘💘💘💘💘💘✨
I freaking swear Boyfriend deserves some good awards this year!! They've made two strong comeback that impressed a lot of people!!! :D Even I was shocked of comparing when they first debuted with \
BOYFRIEND IS DAEBAK: never get boredby their song