Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: "Shah Rukh Khan is very CHARISMATIC, super sharp and..."

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a heartfelt and detailed Exclusive with Faridoon Shahryar talks about loads of topics. In this must watch teaser she makes some unbelievable disclosures. Don't miss! Also, do not forget to subscribe to Bollywood Hungama:

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Abhishek Sharma
Abu Zayed
Wow....ahe took salman name...
Ailin jinx
she is so chilled andcat peace. Im so happy for her she deseves it
Akash Choure
She is Queen 👑 of Indian cinema.. Taj Mahal of Bollywood #Aishwarya
Al Tu
She wanted to work with salman in khamoshi and then said sanjay didn’t get the bajirao&khiliji for me #hintSalman and then took his name!!!! Lol this is too much aish
Aman Vats
Anara S Top 5
Very Open Minded
Anjana Majhi
She achieved world fame as miss world by her own capability. Her mother is just a homemaker like any other mom of middle class family. So simple,so innocent. Father was truely a pure gentleman,soft spoken. She has got that from her parents.She has made her parents, country and the world proud.
which editing filter did you used.. aishwarya looks green in this 😂
Anmol Srivastava
She uttered salman's name😱😱 this video should go viral
Anna Cap
She has really move on now.. She s more mature more relaxed more carefree
Arch DIY ideas
Her expression....💕💕💕💕
Arsalan J
0:48 that magical word Salman 💕
Salman name only word i loved in this interview
Bappa Nath
OMG she took Salman's name. I want see Aiswariya and Salman bhai together onece again in a film.
Be/ rose Maryminati
Love you Aishwarya, icon
Chandraprakash Sharma
She is honest lady and a pride of India.
Deepika Salve
Aishwarya padmavat and bajirao not for u deepikas acting is far better than u
Deepu Rules
She the only women who can make Salman knee weak he must be soo happy now she took his name 😂😂😂
Dåblu RaJ MehtÃ
Bhai aaj raat ko Salman ki neend nhi aayegi
Gabreil Muller
Omg she took Salman bhai name
Game Plex
Ashwariya SRK's girl znd it's a nice video .
Gamimg AreA
She take the name of Salman Sir wow😘
Aishwarya looks gorgeous. Hope to see her in more movies soon!
Hassan *
She is desperate to stay in limelight. He rmovie Fanney Khan Tanked. She has given 17 back to back flops since last 20 years.
Jasii Edit
Watch 0:47 sallu
Jayashree Sankar
Yea.. today she uttered Salman's name which is very unlike her... but it's good to leave all bitterness behind. Grear
Jitendra Chauhan
Chalo yaar salman ka naam to Liya... Ek baar...\nUdhar salman hamesha mara jata hai Iske liye....\nBut Salman ne toh josh is liye nahi ki thi kyuki aish ko salman ki sister ka roll de rahe the....\nBut I love salman bhai...
Kaustubh Pathak
Cmn Ash ...Salman is still waiting for you...atleast do a movie with him... #SalmanAsh best pair
Khalid Salem
Salman and aish wish to see them again ❤️
Khandu Ankushkar
I can't believe she take name of salman
Kuldeep Chaudhary Nadar
Did she really took name of Salman?😂
Liya B
She said Salman 😲😍
Luluk Xoxo
srk is the best👍💟💟💝
I need Ash & Salman to work together again! 😆😚 ASAP!!! At least one more movie & I'm all content 😩 I could tell if they could work together again in one more movie, it's gonna be a hugeeeee hit!
Madhurya Joe
She said Salman 😍
Manesha Thapa
omg she took name of salman
Mohsin Sayed
I love to see aish and salman on-screen.they look fub together
Mohtashim Rahim
Is she really talk about salman
Mundru Samuel Mories
She took Salman's name after many years
She’s Tajmahal of India 😂?? Oh come on!!!! 🙏🏼
Pagal ladaki
Today salman khan must cry seeing this 😂😂😂😂
Pawan Kharel
I think interviewer should ask\nOne word to Salman \nI know she may blush 😊
Pia TMal
what is the use of talking about super hit movies she couldn't act in? why doesnt she talk about movies she was part of and flopped like Jazbaa, sarbjit, fanney khan....etc? - pathetic!
Pink Blush
It's been a long time or nott since i hear her say Salman!
Did she just say Salman?
Priyanka Chopra daily videos
Most of us came here only for one reason SALMAN KHAN 😊
Rabiul Alam
King of the world king khan bhai is se jyada kabhi socha nahi
Salman Bhai K Saath Galat Hua Hai 😭😭.. Salman And Aishwarya 😍😍
When people say padmavati was most beautiful woman in the world i always think it must be aishwarya
Salman Siddiqui
Salman khan 😍
Sandeep Kumar
Faridoon and bollywood hungama in 80% of your videos you use srk's name to get more views😆😆😆
Sandhya Darpalli
She is very much in good mood...nd speaking from her heart
Sanjay Veer
Didn't get the Bajirao & khilj?? #Salman!!!
Shahraan Khan
She took salman's name
Sharique Nawaz Arzu
bht tim bad Aishwarya k zban se Salman ka nam sunny ko mila
Shramana Brahma
Perfect Woman in every sense ❤️❤️❤️
She is the 'Taj Mahal of Indian cinema\
Splendor Shah
She is really Taj Mahal of B Town
Sunny Kumarr
But he is not a great actor, it make me so upset when I see people praising his acting and the awards he got for his performances. He overacts most of the time and who smiles like a girl showing dimples in real life?? Because of actors like Srk our industry didn't grow , such filmy acting and melodramatic movies In 90s and 2000s . Glad to see people like rajumar rao , nawajuddin doing well With realistic grounded acting and movies. Filmy acting And over the top movies are going slowly from Bollywood. 🙂
T- Creation
AIshAishwarya is famous bcoz of only Salman Khan
Tannu Dada
Oh god when she took salman's name I literally missed my ex childhood girlfriend who is now someone else wife
Tim Ind
Miss world, josh, jeans, mohabbatein, Dhoom2, Devdas, jodha Akbar, chokerbali, raincoat, pride n prejudice, pink panther , Robot (Rajinikanth) .....all these happened in her life without salman khan....bcuz of her talent n beauty!!!!
Utkarsh Agarwal
For the first time in so many years she took his name.\n\nAishwarya is such a grace
She is a diva 😍😍😍😍
achu laxman
Salman Khan😘😘
action king Ajay sir
Kabhi to faridoon sir Ajay Devgn sir ke bare me puchho unse unke sath kab movie kerenge?
amy b
Aishwarya looks old now
asad gondal
OMG .... Finally she took salman's name. She has changed today...
divya das
Why she keeps pride in rejecting roles?!!\nShe hasn't given a hit in 5 years did films like sarabjit,jazba,fanney khan which bombed at the box office..\nBajirao Mastani and Padmavat wer box office hits coz f its cast..
humera saif
Hahaha I can't believe this her take salman name
irfan affan
Everybody cares her because she was linked with SALMAN, otherwise she was lost a long time ago and would have been nobody today
jai singh
Shocked Of The Year After Sridevi death...Salman Name She pronounced After 15 Years I guess..
joy himanshu
I want AAMIR and AISHWARIYA to work together
k9ro knn
you guys are so obsessed of Aishwarya and salman old love relationship  ,,,, their love story ended long time ago and every one has his personal life and they are not teenagers  salman is now 52 years and Aishwarya is mother of a daughter I think they don't think about their old love story as you do ,,,, so what if she says salman name? human always forget the past and think about the present  maybe now they laugh when they remember their relation they were too young when the loved each other
knomorr knomo
Sanjay leela bhansali has said in his interview that deepika was his first n last choice for padmavat and he didn't think of anyone else. ashwarye tells fake stories about khamosi josh bajivtav padmavat etc to get publicity in salman's name. To get dhoom4 with srk she fake flatters shahrukh. she knew questions. At home she decides what answer she will give in interview to use them
marry marry
She tries to be overconfident and over smart in this interveiw comon aish grow up now .
nikhil niks
She said Salman wow
priyanka nayak
What's a big deal if she left salman Khan and if she uttered salman's name. it's Fyn yaar. and by the way 1st of all she z an individual .
ranvijay singhal
she's the taj Mahal of Indian cinema
saad salman
She is still my fav.but this is is the best interview of her.i can't believe she answered questions.i follow her every interview and she normally gives typical answers.
sameer kapoor
Wow wow wow..Aishwarya looks million bucks.. a complete package of Beauty,Brain and Talent!! and ehen the achor said she is a Taj Mahal of indian cinema, yes 💯✔...
santosh dhungana
my heart is pounding with salmans name from aish.
seraj ahmed
Salman k baare m v pooch lete... 😘😖😫
shruthi lakshmanan
She's jus GORGEOUS AF!!
singmichon keishing
so happy to see her mentioning salman's name at least
sourabh malav
Who is here to hear salman name from aish
suraj kumbhar
Aish sallu ne tumhe ullu banaya, tum salmanese aaj bhi pyar karti ho lekin Salman tumse pyar nhi karta, bhut jald oh ladki samne aayegi jiska Salman eintjar kar raha hye or shadi bi usise hogi
touseef mohd
00:49.. salman kiya naam lye maar hi daldye
vishal verma
Why you only ask about khans, why not Ajay or akshay??? She had done some awesome movies with Ajay like HDDCS and Raincoat. And the same is true with all the actors who you interview
vivek yadav
After a long back she spell Salman...