Marilyn Manson - Heart-Shaped Glasses (Violet Orlandi cover)

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10 Years Dead
How about doing a cheeky cover of Four Rusted Horses?
Alejandro Torres
Third day of a seven binge day. That will be perfect please please, excellent video.
Please cover \
Anastasia Ivascu
This is one of my favourites ❤️
Antonio Alexandre
wowwww how I love that woman the voice her is amazin!!!
Aries Targett
I looooove these Manson cover so much. That’s what brought me to your page, you’re so talented!
Benley XO
This was amazing but i miss the old cover too :( the tempo was amazingly different and i preferred it over the original song. Please re upload!! 💖
Blue Jay
Awesome cover.. really enjoy your music and you have an amazing voice.
Bogdan Alvino
U cant’ sing in this way,absolutley, Marilyn Manson’s songs not for ur voice,that really nice,but the song that u’r sung is totaly different to the original song. No no and than again no\nsing others songs but no marilyn manson please ! 🙏🏻
Bruno Justo
Violet, do some Foo Fighters covers, like Everlong
California Girl
I'm watching this beautiful video while holding a cute pitbull puppy. I am in heaven right now. 💕💕🐶🐾😊☺
Caonabo Cruz
One of my favorite Manson songs (can't decide between this and Coma White), very good memories.Thank you.
Carlos Toro Torres
AMAZING Violet ; in fact like your other Marylin Manson covers, this one is better than the original actually
Carpignano Kevin
Podría hacer un cover de Robbie Williams,Angels ...Saludos desde Argentina
Dave Gordon
Manson's Running to the End of the World done with electronics and Madonnas Drowned World / Substitute For Love (amazing melody right up your aisle!)
Dead Anarchist
The FIght Songs please !!1
Dimitri De Ridder
good job... AGAIIIIN ! kisssixxx
Dimitri G
Odds of even
Dr. Boskonovitch
damn i thought you already had this song uploaded on your channekl long ago ! love your voice hon :) you're awesome ! my sister is a singer too ! proud of you ! keep going ! seems like you;re a Manson's fan ! i'm ! i sing with his voice exactly !
Ed Lemaster jr.
Yet another great cover woman you are amazing do cryptorchid im telling you it will be amazing keep up the good work
Eddy Heginbottom
Well-rounded musician, you sound good, you make it your own. I like very much
Elya Zahi
I love this song! I love your version, you’re so talented !
I'm absolutely loving these Marilyn Manson covers!
F&J Pereira Covers
Hi violet, you have a lovely voice, and it's also very beautiful, I love it, can you sing evanescence bring me to life? I'm waiting for bjs;)
Faye Lynn
Maybe Lunchbox is cool for a cover ^^
Fredys Vásquez
Ok, me suscribo ya. Me encantan tus covers
Heart Rocky
Please cover \
Human Garbage
LOVE these covers still \u003c3\nAnother from Eat Me, Drink Me like Evidence of Red Carpet Grave??
James Hill
I like the original a lot more never forget how you got to where you are now don't lose your innocence you have amazing natural ability the new camera and the new you is not is for the masses I guess I still love the original you beautiful young woman who loves music with a amazing voice I will keep supporting you but I be watching your original videos
Amazing! Great job!
Javad Fallahi
far better than Marilyn ;)
Jenny D
I'd like you to know that my Mother-in-law (who is usually against the music I like) has now liked 2 of the videos I've shared on Facebook. Glory Box and Heart Shaped Glasses. 😊 Thought I'd share something happy for you this morning!\n🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Johnny Hojszak
Great version !!!! like your voice !!!
Joiset Snow
Amazing....Your voice....Damn beautiful\nCan you Cover \
Julian Puentes
Can you just be my wife already!?!?!?!!! You’re so amazing and talented 💍💝💕😩😂
Julio Arrioja
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Karl Cory
Вы прекрасны! Влюбился в ваш вокал и ваше исполнение! Спасибо за море положительных эмоций!
Kerye Eastin
My 11 year old daughter subscribe to you and she says to me about an hour ago, Violet did Heart Shaped Glasses OMG!!!
Kris Damnation
One of of my FAVORITE Manson cover you have EVER done!!
Krystian Kilarski
Amazing musician. ✌️❤️☮️ All the best.
Lich Legion
вери гуд
Luismi Rage
Holy shit you're so beautiful and nice cover!
Luke Gregory
Up until a month ago I hadn't even heard of you but wow what a voice and artist you are. Your covers are great. I just listened to heart shaped glasses which was amazing. Would love to have an album of yours. Glad you're feeling better. Do you ever tour?\nLuke
Manson Liu
My favourite one so far! Really like you singing in lower tones, but normally you sing in higher regions.
Mary fucking Mell
minha música favorita aaa tua voz é muito linda
Matthew Yee
I would request another song. But it looks like you already have enough of those.
Matty Rose
Who are your backing singers? The one on the left is hot! 😂
God, you're so amazingly beautiful. Great singer, as well. It's a challenge to stop looking at that Beauty. My jaw drops every time.
Muamer Mešić
How about songs from his High End of Low album? I think some of the songs in that album would really fit to your voice and style. Like: Running To The Endge Of The World, Into The Fire, Unkillable Monster, Devour.
Зая ты топчик!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Tidball
Amazing! Brilliant cover. I'd love to see behind the scenes as to what order you record a song like that in... was it guitar first, then vocals then layering vocals?! 😱
Love your covers ❤️❤️❤️ \nGo Fall Out Boy?
I think your voice would sound amazing with \
Rafaelli Camargo
I really liked you, I love Marilyn, your conversations are the best.
Richard Hate
I love you so much Violet! Excelent cover! :') 💖 Please sing Tourniquet in a new video! 💜\nGreetings from México City!💜
Rigo cross
Cover of cry little sister plis ❤ \nMarilyn Manson
cada dia mais bonita , parabéns adoro sua voz
Roberto Toledo
Ты прекрасна!Я влюблен в тебя!
Sabrina Villaseñor
Amazing 💖
Ser Maxia
I love your Manson covers, all of 'em, with the new ones we can clearly see the progress, You're doing an amazing work :) Please stay like you are ^^
Sick Phil
Another awesome Cover! I wonder if there will be any Feedback from Mr Manson in the Future :)
Sky 23
Smart Tec
Love You woman ♥️
I just re-watched the original cover you did, have to say that you're vocals have improved a lot. Keep it up!
Cantas hermoso.
Susanna Vehanen
Love you 🖤🤟🏻❤️🙏
No one covers Marilyn Manson as good as you! Beautiful cover!
I miss the cool clap at the beginning! Perfectly sung though 😀
Torsten Bangert
Hi! Greetings from Germany! I‘m a Composer, Rock-Guitarist and Singer. Really like your stuff. Great Voice, good Guitar skills - all in all along with your perfect look a great package. What I find though is that the nicest vibe and warmth in your voice comes out when you are performing in lower keys (e.g. as in Stairway to Heaven). Then your voice really starts to shine an comes with much more pleasant volume and fullness. Keep on performing and don‘t forget your lower key qualities! Regards Torsten
Violet Orlandi
Buy my music / choose my next cover here:\nGet merch here:
Wassim Chevarin
You won't try with the original music ?
Zachary Perez
Wow please don't stop this is gonna get 2 million views for sure
allysha 777
Te amo pero sobre todo amo la forma en la qué haces tuyas a las canciones
benjamin kharwar
Just found you and I'm so glad i did you are so good you slay queen of vocals😊
I've just scoured your channel for Manson covers (which are all amazing by the way), but I couldn't find 'The Last Day on Earth' - Would love to hear you sing that. Thank you x
caleb hobbs
If youd like to you should cover black hole sun by soundgarden its an amazing Song
cherry sweet
Love this cover more than the original, don't break , don't break heart!!!
cori vega
Me ancantas pliss las de Deep six 😭
francesca sacilotto
Beautiful inside the red room or my heart,make me fly on an dream drawed by an melody pencil of emotions
greg 16
Good 😆
your covers are always fabulous violet💞💞💞
mary warner
Monday is never a good day for me, but when I saw your cover, it got better, and I really can say that you made my day. Thank you! You are awesome!
michael black
I love your music please keep going and you are truly amazing I can't wait to see you in Hollywood !!!!! But please sing four rusted horses by Marilyn Manson please
my rabid wonder
Amazing 🖤 \nI know you did In this Moment recently but I think your cover of Adrenalize would be stunning 😍😍😍😍
rhea js
There is something about you taking Mansons Aggressive and Sorrowful music, and adding this vulnerability and melody to it that just makes your covers memorable and so beautiful. It is a pleasure to hear your work, thank you Violet. Hey you ever heard The Green Album by Woods of Ypres? Might be right up ya alley !
You should close your eyes, that black is getting me high and making me low.
why am i even alive
brian really needs to hear your covers, you are amazing!!
Loving your covers Violet, you’re amazing and have you ever considered covering anything from CKY cause I believe you would do a beautiful cover of their song To All of You.
Ľudmila Macurová
wau!! the best cover :) Violet you are perfect really! :) and u have beatiful voice :)
Андрей Семенов
лайк сразу)
Вандал Svastika RedArmy
It's a girl? It's a girl!!! What is a girl !? In any case, something pleasant !!!!))))
✡Aigle Noir✡
You're amazing 💜