Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat (Lyrics Video)

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Lyrics Video of Mr. Saxobeat (Radio Edition) by Alexandra Stan!LYRICS ON SCREEN!Subscribe for more please!I don't own this song!

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I'm still listening to this in 2018 😂😂
31's century polar bear
Who's still hearing even its #2018 ?
I always thought that this song was sung by Rihanna 😞
Aaron Freddy
Why do my favorite old songs turn out sexual like the song in the dark
Aika K
Searched for this song since 2012 now I found it in 2018...
Ana Rivera
Thought this was Rihanna the first time I heard it
Arast II
I do like this song, when I was younger I adored it but as another comment says, only just found out it's quite dirty aha...
I was addicted to this beat
I love this song and I'm young and plus I know what it means
BetonMischer 187
This Song make me move like a Freak in 2018 *-* someone else ?
Blatoo222 Yeeyee
Oh yeah😁sexy boy 😁
So proud because the girl that's singing is from Romania like me \u003c3\nThis was my childhood!! :3
CaBeMa324 Argentina
The lyrics.. \nThey are dirtier than I remember..
Caracal Cakes
Ayeee its back
Cassidy Le gere
This song used to be my jam when I was young, *finds out it's dirty* \nO h-
Courtney M
Does anyone else get 5 stars to this song on Just Dance 4
DanceMoms BOSS
This always sounded better in the car.
Dr Fox3456778
I watch this for a few times
EarthTo Kiwi
Okay but lets be honest, 2011 was the YEAR of the best party music
Elif Nazifi
İ like muzic
Elina Olegovna Obeh
Why can't music still be like this
Ellie Marie
I remember dancing to this in my room as a kid 😂😂
Evelyn Hernandez
Tbh i prefer to listin to this music than the cancer we have today in 2018
Fandom girl
Not gonna lie, when I first heard this I thought it was Rihanna
Still listening in 2018?
Finn Mcmissile
I remember hearing this a few years ago
Fubuki Shirou
*my mom said* kids do not understand what they hear they just have fun .\nShe wins again ...
Gamer Girl
If you're here from 2018 clap your hands 👏🏾👏🏾
Griffin Paul
Another song to add to my sax collection
Guilherme Gutthiary
Helen Dowden
Summer of 2011 bring it back
Hyuong Cheng Liu Liu
4 years ago we made an accident on the highway while dancing on this music. \nSo it doesn't remember nice memories. \nBut it's still very nice. \nI LOVE THIS MUSIC.
ItzWolfie Senpai_YT
I remember this song i love it ever since i was 6 years old and i still love it ♥️
Januza Regiman
tap tap revenge 4 memories
Jennifer Venancio
Who remembers dancing just dance to this
Jewels Wolf
2017 anyone?
Josette Brushaber
every time I heard this song play, my sister and I would LITERALLY stop what we were doing and would dance until the song ended. Then after we would just pretend that nothing ever happened!!! XD
Kaitlyn Jenkins
Almost all the comments have something about the song relating to their childhood... and it's true, this was the shit when I was younger.
Karisma Reddy
2018 anyone?❤
Katelin Hang
Me still listening to this in 2018. Who else is listening in 2018?
i always thought this dudes voice was hot af XD
Lanalovesbananas Jk
I thought this was Rihanna?
I was searching for mr simple but this popped up and soo many childhood memories holyshit
Layla :3
0:30\n~Make me moo like a fridge~
Lena Salas
This was in my jump rope for heart in my school. It's still my shit
Leticia Hernandez
The moment you realize how dirty your childhood song is.....😰
Lil Sweet
This was my shit in 1st grade to 5th
Maria Sephiria
Maria Vazquez
2018 ???
Minecraft PRO
2020 anyone ?
Misaki Tachibana
Everyone saying this was from their childhood but this was 6 years ago.. so how old are y'all? Apparently still kids haha ;D
Morgan :p
it's 218, I still think this is good.
Muhammad Ikhwan
0:27 They using infront of Purple AEC7107 Perodua Kancil in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in highway
Nicholas Garcia
Still wondering how this is so popular many years later😊
Ok Bye
dude i havent heard this in years.
Panda Killa123
I always hear this at soccer tournaments😂
Paolo Olivari
MAJOR crush on Alexandra Stan.. omg... her voice made me melt. I love how she pronounces \
Haha omg I loved this song when it first came out! Just now realizing it's pretty dirty (−_−;)
RBLX Gamer
The memoriesssssss NOOOOOOO 😢 amazing job, keep up the good work👏👏
Randomation Studios 24x
I have such fond memories of this song as I went me and my family would leave after visiting our family in Chicago this would be on around the time my brother passed out and we would stop for food at a taco place
Rocky 5Dennis Rocky 5Dennis 4 Wollberg
Aber ich denke das ich es nicht mehr schaffe und die anderen auch nicht so gut sind wie die anderen beiden auch 6
Sabrina louise
my mum used to like this song and she used to blast this in the car on way home from school
Its been so long since I heard this.
I just screamed... I haven't heard this song in yonks!!!!
Significado De Los Sueños
*March 2018?*
Sol Belén Cañadas
Yu meik midens
Soldado de la Tropa élite de troll 2050 slv
Speedy the cheetah
*2013?*\n\n\nEdit:oh none it's fine don't reply just like
Stacey and Max
This girl who sings it comes from Romania.Yoi can look on wikipedia.
Stalker Lyfe
Ya know, in 2018 this sounds much better than mumble rap... There are lyrics to this.
Starry Soup
Stranger Things
This reminds me when I was in Mexico and they played this song at the pool
Suzette Watson
Ugh, I used to listen to this all the time with my dad when I was little, and I tried to show it to my friends and they said the song was no good. Now, here we are, years later, and EVERYONE'S listening to it
Tae hyung Kim
We would always listen to this on the last day of camp i miss that time..
VideoStar Gale101
2018 anyone??
She kinda sounds like Rihanna
This is my Jam cruzing in the car going 100 mph
Zestii Perfect
Omg so much memories from the summer of 2011/2012 😭😩❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ziggy Jean
This song was the shit when I was younger 😂
Zoe Anahi Reinoso Molina
Me encanta😍😍
_nena 13_
OMG i'm in love with this song i can not stop listening to it!
almaz musik
When I hear this song I remember my school 😳😳
amir haver
2018?\nWow old memories...
ava.v ;
Aaaahhh I used to dance to this at Christmas parties in Primary school! \nThe memories- *even though this song is dirty um oh uh* -
baby_ #Ariel
branden8045 theultramangofighter
This is catchy
cherolyn McCoy
2018 Anybody can I get a somebody
diamon the chicken
Omg they played this in my dance class i was like 5 just now realizing what this song is talking about oh the memories how sweet 😂😂
fidel ramirez
Me:pls bro just 1 song \nBrother:no!\nMe:pls?\nBro:ok\nMe:sings mr.sexobeat*\nSong ends \nMe: 1 more time,hears it forever😂😂😂
fxiau cutie
Better than music in these days
lil nerd
My ex bestie had this as her ringtone, and I danced everytime someone called her :D #GoodOldTimes
miss believer
Oh shit some memories coming
prankshuplaborsucks he is cringe
roblox death sound
when i was little i made a cookie monster plush dance to this??? don't know why
Brings back so many memories
x Oasis
My childhood song! YAS
•Este Frex•