Emma vs. Santana Garrett: WWE NXT, March 2, 2016

The ruthless Emma takes on independent standout Santana Garrett. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

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Santana's Moves Looks Like a Kelly Kelly's moves and scream too (when she hitting) :D
Aj M
Why r u watching this stupid show NXT \ni watch all ppv, raw, Smackdown\nbut never this stupid show!
Alexia Rocha
am I the only one who thinks Santana Garrett look like summer Rae in that outfit? and she also used a Kelly key move
Allan Ford
Brittany from TNA I knew I recognised Santana Garret from somewhere.
Alpha Wolf
Wait, wasnt Santana Garret the new Wyatt Family member? Sister Abigail
Loving this new Emma 💙
AppleSinger PeachyBlaze
santana reminds me of Kelly Kelly
Am I the only person that thinks NXT women's wrestling is better than wwe women wrestling
I hope Santana Garrett is in the WWE NXT instead a local wrestler thing to help boost NXT Superstars or Divas
Bayardo Stein
Emma heel rocks
Big Wool
Bayley & Emma need to be on the main roster already
They should sign Santana
Budit Gotik
Yes!! Santana Garrett is a Brittany from TNA Impact Wrestling... Finally her in NXT now.. I hope Santana Garrett to be NXT Women's Champion soon..
Why do they both have the same entrance music though?
Cj Alcasid
Does Santana Garrett remind anyone of Eve and Kelly Kelly
David Clark
Why does Santana Garrett have the same theme song as Emma?
Dean Kerto
Emma iz Awesome
wow emma won? awesome
Dinastía Chow Fan
HOLY MOLLY, SANTANA GARRETT!!! THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!\nShe was killing it in TNA but the didn´t appreciate her talent.
i hope santana get signed she'll be a great addition to nxt . I guess she'll be good to be sister abigail as well
Elias Muehlan
Skip to 2:46, thank me later
Elle Cate
I want Emma back on the main roster. I love her dance gimmick
Some Great Muta moves here. Handspring back elbow into the corner was something Muta did often.... and Emma uses the Muta Lock as her finisher (renamed EmmaLock).
Facundo Cardinal
Santana is one of the world greatest women wrestlers, she was in the PWI Top 50 Of 2015 in number 4, behind Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. \nHope WWE signs her definitely.
So, who's ready to hear Roman get booed out of the building at WrestleMania?
Fredi Mercurio
maybe zack ryder is a jobber but he can bang emma anytime and thats better than be wwe champion
Santana needs a win, hopefully next against Dana Brooke so she gets an NXT contract.
Game Over
Bout time Emma got some respect, she is one of the better in ring competitors\nLet her be the first Australian born WWE title holder :)
Henri Hilario
I was about to say NXT signed Santana Garrett without making it public?? Then I read the description on the video, \
Henry Schafer
Brittany was so wasted in TNA
I love bayley
when did wonder woman go to nxt :-)
When the crowd was chanting \
Isaiah Jet Vallejos
Santana Garrett is attractive, and is a great wrestler? Can't wait what the future holds for her especially since her run in the independent scene is already a success!
Isaiah Torrales
lol emma's hair gets pulled back at 2:25
Javier Carbajal
Oh my God. 0:13 That man in the red shirt is HUGE! He must've paid for three seats in the front row.
JayJay Lopez
-Emma and Alexa Bliss deserve a tittle shot at the nxt women's championship. one of them should be the next champion. They've been in nxt long enough. #GiveThemAChance
Jesus Garcia
Can't believe this.... Only in WWE.... Santana is 1,000 better than Emma
Joe I.
Santana needs to be in WWE she is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Her finisher is a thing of beauty. And she looks like Wonder Woman.
John Carter
removed the n and a in Santana and what do you get?
Justin Thomas
When did Kelly Kelly dye her hair and get a new gimmick.
K.T. Cuffari
I hope WWE signs Santana Garrett, also Deonna Purrazzo.
Kamarul Ariffin
still better than wwe
Khiren Rhodes
Santana Garret??? that's Brittany from TNA
KingTerry J
Santana was Brittany on TNA
Koop The Super Saiyan God
I gained more respect for Emma as a heel
Kuro Shinko
The women's division sure sounds a lot better than the diva's division.
Kvng Jae
Guess Dana won't be wrestling for a good while since her nudes leaked 😂😂
Liam Croft
that scream is just about the most annoying sound in wrestling.
Lobster Low mein
Lucha Libre
Luka Petković
1:47 That Guy in Red T-Shirt is like a Snorlax
Magrelo Player
Marco Munoz
I'm so glad Emma came back to NXT. She deserves respect. She and Paige showed us that there are still some women wrestlers and it was such a shame to see how she was treated on the main roster. I hope she gets both the NXT women's title and divas title. She deserves it
Mario Rodríguez
Marissa Deleuze
for crying out loud i should be in this match i would do widows peak on emma
Mateo C.
Santana's got that Kelly Kelly scream...
Maxi Krebs
Wow. That guy in the red shirt o_O
Miguel sixONEseven
Santana Garrett deserves to be here!
Mike cushinberry
Emma deserves a future NXT women's title run and Santana should get a contract.
Moses Garner
Was Santana signed to NXT? I hope so.
Mr. Naughty
I think the title should just say, \
Nguyen Phuongtrang
Did anyone notice the fat guy in the audience that's wearing red?
For a minute i thought Emma was wrestling Carlos Santana
Paul SZ
Goddammit. Just sign Santana already.
i want santana to change her attire, and come out with a goat mask possessed wth the spirit/soul of sister abigail, she starts dominating all the divas, bray will hear about it and he'll come out to see her for himself, she will join the wyatt's bray will do his promo's but will turn to her for her approval
Randall Blas
What, Emma beats Santana Garrett in a wrestling match??? Are you kidding me??? Santana Garrett defeated one of the best Japanese wrestler today named Io Shirai for the Wonder of Stardom championship, and Japanese female wrestlers are light years away in terms of skill and toughness compared to their American counterparts, with the exception of Awesome Kong, Sara del Rey,Cheerleader Melissa & of course, Santana herself since these women I've mentioned used to wrestle in Japan.Just saying.
Raymond Bermea
I remember Santana Garrett wrestling as Brittany from TNA. And she just recently wrestled in Japan for that No. 1 Joshi Women's Wrestling promotion known as Stardom. Where Act Yasukawa is like the CEO of the business and the leader of a female yakuza crime syndicate known as Oedo Tai.
Rebellious Trap
Santa Garret looks like wonder women in a way
I really want a John Cena open challenge at Wrestlmania and a NXT guy debuts and beats him. If Cena is healthy, I really don't want Cena in the hell in a cell
Ric Flair
Emma is awesome
Rodrigo Rojas
aguante santana vs ivelisse
Santana looks like Wonder Woman.
Even though this match was mainly about Emma gaining momentum (which is always positive), I thought Santana had a good showing. I hope HHH/ NXT gives her a contract. I think she would make a good contribution to the NXT roster. Her addition would help to fill the spots for those that will get called up to the main roster. With her previous experience in other promotions, I think she would fit in nicely with NXT/WWE.
Silver Oasis
Terry Woolard
The WWE lost out when they didn't sign Santana. But then again, maybe she didn't sign because she has integrity and would not tolerate the WWe's story lines.
Tevin Campbell
Emma is just an amazing misused talent...\n\nBut Santana..the fact she's not been signed baffles me. She's great in the ring, easy on the eyes & her mic work is quite decent. She could add so much to NXT or even move her straight to the main roster. She's got everything down & has had everything down for years.
Oh God someone kill me please. They found a brunette Kelly Kelly in Santana. The annoying screaming, the gear, the damn move at 1:50. Please someone kill me! 😖
what happens with Emma i like her when she dance the Emmalution
Waylon Mercy
I could spend an hour just licking and kissing Emma's sexy belly button
Wrestle Wrap Up
Ryder is one lucky fella
Yoshi Pie
I love emma but dana brooke is annoying as hell!! Let emma be a solo and win the divas championship!
A good Karma 2:24
berk tamer
how dare they treat Sister Abigail like that!!
chianne keaton
GO EMMA \nEmma doesn't get enough credit, she is an amazing diva
hygor bohm Hubner
To think that Zack Ryder is hitting that... WOO WOO WOO!
So, Santara once posted a Wyatt Themed picture, and a Wyatt themed tweet, don't be surprised if she debuts as \
jak burton4
I like this new evil Emma
jay gleezy
Emma looks like the chick who plays \
kenzie lamb
i liked emma before but she changed so mutch she is horrible now and her music horrible
kit katkitty
i love emma
As of January 1, 2016, Santana Garrett was ranked at #1 in Shine Wrestling. Not a bad way to start the new year.
raven Denile
emma has improved very much and she looks good now i take her serious as a wrestler go emma!
Nice drop-kick by Emma, decent match from this video.  Hopefully Emma will get a bit of a better push at WWE soon.
WWE why arent you signing Santana?