Becky Lynch vs. Emma: Raw, May 2, 2016

The Irish Lass Kicker goes one-on-one with the calculating Emma.More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

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I Love how for months people complained about Emma not getting TV time and always jobbing, but when she does and she wins over Becky they start to hate on her.
I love Emma!\nI love Becky!\nMore More More!
Alex Talan
Am I the only one who's annoyed about this \
Alicia Guerra
jajaja EMA PORFAVOR alegrate un poquito la vida xD con THE NEW DAY no se atrevan a amargarrrrrseeee jajajaja
AmberPricefield Eilish
Becky is my 3rd fav wrestler PAIGE then Candice lerae (not wrestling for wwe) then beckey
Andy San
Never noticed before, but the peeps from NXT really like the exploder suplex, huh?
Angelica Leigh
the jobber couple of WWE (Zack Ryder & Emma)
Anxo Fernandez
I like Emma's new finisher, maybe Becky could have one that is not a submission. Now that the Bellas are pretty much gone, the Sitout Facebuster is up for grabs. I think it'd be a good move for Becky to use.
Teach Emma how to fight cuz she's only pulling her hair
Becky lost wtf!? :0 shocked!
BPJ Cook
For some reason Emma's shoes annoy me
Bad Blood
it's good to see Becky back in the ring again but this match sucked. L
Bernardo Gomez
I hope that thes two have longer match at Extreme Rules since This match was too short. I want an stipulation. We cant have a Submission Match since Charlotte and Nattie will have that match. I propose a Falls Count Anywhere Match. PS. I know Sasha Trolls and probably Freq will come at me again.
push Tamina ;-)
Brandon of Wwe Lent
Fell better beckybstill my girl
Budit Gotik
What?? Emma won this match over Becky Lynch.. wtf!! I think Eva Marie is better than Emma ring skills!! I want Eva Marie and Paige on RAW & Smackdown...
every time I look at the comments of a woman's match there's always people saying they're sloppy. I think some people just say it now not even knowing what a sloppy match looks like.
You know their not real Becky fans when they just now realized Becky says \
Chia Yat Chi
Push Paige
Christian G
I don't understand why people like roman
Conan Edogawa
God, Natalya can beat Emma clean less than 3 minutes but Becky can't win Emma
Becky during this match \
Daniel Sanchez
The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
My Girl Becky Should've Won :(
Deep Ghoul
Love Emma's Tekno Team 2000 attire there.
Desiree Heremaia
That match looked a bit half-assed on both sides.. As much as I love both ladies, I wanted more.\nAnd also I'm so sick of commentary talking about \
Dion Notenboom
I like becky lynch her hair
Yikes Sasha fans are really threatened by Becky
Elle Cate
I want Sasha omg where has she been
Emma's entrance shoulder pads are weird looking... \nShes looks like someone from Dragon Ball Z with those shoulder pads..
Ezra chan
Emma is a cheater becky is bae
I will not pull out on Becky Lynch, believe that.
Freq S
Happy Emma won she definitely deserve it
Where the hell is Sasha Banks?
Glenn Irvine
He's the worst official the WWE has
Gus Hernandez
glad emma won time for other woman wrestler to get a push
Becky Lynch got A$$ and thighs. Fam I ain't pulling out
emma for womens championship!!!!!!!
Heraspati Winarto
Sasha has the most immature fans in the world. I like Sasha, but her fans get easily butthurt when they see any wrestler who isn't Sasha. They're probably kids, hell the comments they post just says it all. \nAnyways can we PLEASE just have Becky as Champion! PLEASE!
Jack Atlas
becky lynch the best female performer they have is made to lose all the time wwe sucks
Jeff Barker
Emma is literally, like, the hottest woman on the planet!
Johnny Gonzalez
Becky's booty and thighs are mouth watering
Joshua Yassin
That was the worst eye poke eye've ever seen
Juniorcxza Halfur
Who else is reloding the page constantly
KC Deportes
Emma wins :D\n Zack Ryder loses :(
Kboy Suga12
She didn't even get hit in the eye tho 😂
Kimberly Turner
Did anyone else hear Becky say \
Kyle Murie
Holy no heat, Batman!
Lav Prakash
Whatever happened to Sasha Banks.\nShe went from competing at WM for the women's championship to appearing at the next PPV just to be shown for a minute talking to Shane-O-Mac
Manuel Salas
Imagine doing Coke with Charlotte's nose 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻
Maxxine Lim
Emma just wants attention
Emma has to cheat to beat Becky Lynch. Becky will get it back =]
Love the new finisher from Emma. So glad they're at least doing something with this feud. Now that just leaves Sasha and Summer Rae's one.
Melanie B
Michael Chase
Interesting rivalry. They should let it play out. Lynch makes Emma look really strong. Hopefully she doesn't become a work horse putting women over. After that legendary wrestlemania match she should be at the top with Charlotte
Mike cushinberry
Emma vs Becky Lynch, two women that should have been NXT women's champion, now feuding. Glad Emma got another win.
Moore Family
Becky is HOT😍😍😍
Ness Rosenbrad
Boring match, they don't work well together.
Nic Ignatov
I agree with the sign at 1:13
OJ McClanahan
I think it would be killer if WWE brought all the main roster women, NXT women and a few free agents in and had an women's PPV. Renee Young and Lita be the broadcast team for the show. With the bar those ladies are raising a full PPV would be quite epic.
Prince Gee
am I the only one where whenever I watch raw or smackdown I always try to find a WhatCulture sign
Rice MenaRQ
Why? Becky should be in the Women's Title picture!
Rtm_ K1
the refs. are so dumb
Sami Sumon
Please let the women main event PPVs, theyre better atm than any of the guys in terms of flawless and pure wrestling.
Sergio Ruiz
man the divas need to stop fighting like high school girls and actually wrestle because these matches ate unbearable
Shadow Kid
Nobody can defeat Becky without cheating
Sheryl Knightley
this is real bad thing ! Like show us Eva Marie vs Lana ....or something good ! Emma vs Becky isn't giving me a great time to watch WWE ....and what about Natalya and Charlotte ...that cheating 😠😠😠😡
Suresh iyer
Goldberg vs THE Beast Brock \nWHO NEXT ....!!!!\nBRING Goldberg back too wwe ....
It's always a delight to see those two PG cuties Emma and Becky Lynch. Emma's current gimmick is the best gimmick she's ever had. Sasha Banks hasn't been active lately because she's been bouncing on a trampoline with The Big Show and Big Show has also been giving her piggy-back rides around the arena. The WWE is better off without that un-PG jobber Rosa Mendes. Rosa is still employed by the WWE because she's friends with Michael PS Hayes. Sasha Banks, The Big Show, Becky Lynch, and Emma are all PG legends and future Hall of Famers. The Big Show is known for his superb dance skills and that's why he likes to frequently show them off at the various night clubs all around the world. The ladies dig The Big Show.
Taufik Rahman
Do you all miss Emma old theme song?
That Chinese Guy
Oh fuark! I'm chinese so thumbs me up my pepo fo no reason.
The._. Emmalution
Damn that not traditional blue thunder bomb to finish was nasty
Varun Hans
Emma wins but Ryder loses ?
2:51 I never knew Emma did the Blue Thunder Bomb :P
bubby boy
I want to see Becky break Emma's arm\nCERO MIEDO
cesar lopez
We better get a rematch between Natalya and Charlotte I swear
eric loewen
After the match Seth green returned and attacked Mitch. Which sets up a match at wm 33: Seth Rollins vs Ryder's dad
fazilah jaafar
Sasha Banks vs Emma!
2:50 wow!
isayah haynes
0:50 and those sounds
I saw becky's eyes roll to the back of her head ... Ow
Who else loves Emma
nicauri natera
where is sasha 😒
sergey moskalenko
Let's go Becky!!!!
Emma need to improve imo. Its like Becky was slowing down so Emma could keep up with her.
trey mercy
I like this Emma better
welma mansfield
Just give Becky the Woman's Title already.