Shah Rukh Meets Aishwarya For The First Time

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Afseena Mufsal
Aida Adomian
Why Did Preety Aishwarya Stopped Acting please Come back We Missed u waiting for u again
Amisha Sweety
1:35 aish looks like a dream... So much and such an amazingly sculpted face... Love her...
Amrita Ghosh
She runs so well
Ankit Tiwari
padhe likhe to hote h Nhi bus acting kar ke Paise kamate h
Aradhya Rajput Creativity
Wow.. Ye scene hme bhot pasand h✌✌❤👉 \nRomantic whtsapp status 👉#AradhyaRajput
Aroosa Choudary
i love thisss movieee
Atish Waghmare
Devdas super hits movie aish and SRK nice scene cute SRK I love you
Baby Junain
She does not look real MashAllah hoor kia khobsoorat ho gi \u003c3
Bhat Booda
Plz plz plz upload ful movie plz
Black Widow
Danielle Oliveira
Queria ser linda assim espantando uma abelha 🐝
Darken Earth
kamon acho paro
Dsp Sp
my fav movie
Erin Threlkeld
Aishawarya is so beautiful
Faisal T
Thumbs up 👍 to this comment if you feel like lightning up an aromatic cigarillo in a black cigarillo holder with a gold rim after seeing SRK do so famously in this scene.
How are they supposed to be soo poor yet have such a huge house?!
Icy Cube
Lmao she is so extra
Isha Ayesha
3:19 & 3:25 oh mu god!!!!
Jamila Saidou
She’s the most beautiful woman ♥️♥️♥️
Jannatul Jarin
I love aishwary....but this video just over acting. .....
Jaya Singh
Koi plz ye puri movie dalo n
Jeete Majhi
please upload this movie
Josya Mitra
Yeah...thats what I exactly do when I see a fly
Junaid Khan
hi give me information erosnow premium account how to gate out of country
Khandu Ankushkar
Aishwarya is my all time fav. Hum dil and devdas , dil ka rishta , taal, guzzarish , robot, sarbajit all her movies in bollywood and hollywood.👌👌👌👍👍👍💐💐💐👌🏼☺️☺️😊😊😊👍👍👌💐
Khatija Qasim
Over acting
Khumbu Dludla
My favourite movie of all time....Plz upload the full movie with the English subtitles plz plz
Krishnapada Mahato
please upload this fillm
Love SRK
And then how she runs at the end when he is dying..... heartbreaking, incomplete love story.
Great actor Srk
Madina yosufzada
Oh my God aishwarya rai is so pretty
Manisha Sinha
She is the prettiest woman in the world...😊
Motilal Joshi
Please upload this movie
Murtaza Rizvi
why did she run all the way by going straight and took two lefts? she could have just turned left the first turn
Neelam Kushwaha
Neetu Rai
aishwarya is my one can beat her beuty.
Neha Bhowmick
aish is just an angel
Nikhita Dedha
Ghar h ki kila...itna bada🙄
Nusrat Jahan
SRK baby love you 👌👌👌👌💖💖💖💖💖
Pallavi Bhaladhare
aishwarya is most beautiful women in whole universe
Pankaj Kumar
Miss world of aish khub bhalo
Piyu Pranjal
I love aish
Pooja Singh
Pradeep Vasudev
Man 3 hours of my life I will never get back cos of this horrendous movie...Dev d was so much more awesome ...That China doll Aishwarya rai cannot act at all...and shah yuck khan acts same for every role like ddlj rahul...bada wastes
Pramod Chaudhari
I love you..shah rukh and Ahsiwary
R Vino
Overrrrrrrr acting tooo muchh
Raj Sonu
Best love
Raja Hunni
Super acting
Riy99 Bl
*In a way i like how the whole thing is like a play : artificial set , poetic dialogues , the music n the metaphors and all of aishwaryas movts being like a mild bharatnatyam dance! Everything is dramatic and artistic. The set is unrealistically classy. Had any other director or actress done this... it would have seemed less as an art and more as over acting (the bee part would have been comic!) coz its just a fine line b/w making something like this annoying vs attractive 😀. Sharukh as always is the perfect lover boy.... something abt him makes him a hard core lover. Congrats to the team.*
Riya Raj
First time they not meet they meet after 10 year
Rojina Afsana Afsana
When we meet and where? After how many day???
If the fly is dr.gulati then it will be like \
Saddam hussain
Bhai dev das movie bhejo....
Sadiya S
aunty is very excitedly talking and devdas cuts her off by saying 'paro kahaan hai' \nvery rude devdas to interrupt your elder like that
Sakina Shaikh
saal me moosam to 3 hote hain ???
Sameer ansaari
Plzzz upload full movie plzzz
Shalmali Chatterjee
Any Bangali who thinks they ripped the novel?
Sheeba Ikhtiya
Keede ko aise kaun bhagaata hai 😂😂😂
Shelly Chaitram
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Shikha Chadghal is where the actors must be like real world not fakr
Shivangi Choudhary
So much of drama
Shweta Singh
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Sreeja Biju
uff... wat a beauty😍😍😍😍😍
Sri sri
Aaahhh 1:32 to 1:35 ..i can die for Ash! Vowww no words! She is a God's fine n marvellous creation! I always have a dream of obe day taking a selfie with her before i die! I cant imagine anything beautiful than her and her acting. She is a legend n super global star!! Also what a lovestory only these lead roles can do justice no one else can be imagined !
Sujatha Ramachandran
Who is the other lady?
Sunimol Shaji
Full movie plzzzz
Sunitha Durai
Aishwarya rai woowow so preety wowoow
Suny Suny
2 talanted persons\nThey are legend of indian film\n👍👍👍👍👍👍👎👎👎👎👎
Suriya Subramaniam
Soulful BGM 1:00
Sushama Garud
Aishwarya is sooooooooo beautiful.... Goddess
Sweta Singh
Aish 😍😘
ds movie shows dat love makes u beautiful,pure,innocent,fresh....etc
Tehreem Jameel
Over acting ki dukan
amina sohail
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeas is film ko upload kr do please
I want to know what Paro’s dad did for a living; her house was nice as well. Better than Kushalaya’s (Devdas’ mother) house....
garima arya
The new version of devdas is totally exaggeration.
haleema fatima playlist
Yar yeh india key hwaliean itni khubsurat kese hoti hen
jisan gazi
I love you srk
jui khan
Aishwarya 😍😍😍 eyes
ksee yen
Okay her run. If it isn't the most prettiest run ever.
langit senja
She Is insanely beautiful \n\nI like it when in Bollywood movie they have a lot of doors to runs
mary teimourova
Nobody, NOBODY can be more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai!! There's nobody. I'm nuts for her beauty and this is SLB's BEST movie!!
nahid hasan
link of full movie plzz..
nakka srikanth
Soulful music.\nNot even a single second the background music was stopped.\nOnly music for this film took 2 and half years to overcome perfection.
What is great is that they captured the energy of the book. Aish isn't overacting, she is playing dramatically and I believe it was supposed to be played in this way.
oh I thought I cared lol
this is my favourite movie omg
ramakrishnan rangaraj
Pls upload the full movie
samairah aggarwal
Everything about this Devdas character smells of misogyny. Fail to understand how such a self obsessed, damaged person can ever be considered a romantic.
shaila nasreen
uff! I always wanted this kind of 'supportive ' mother....alas!!!
sudha rani
Lov ash Nd sharuk
tahamid hasan ashik
Srk sir is best actor forever😉
zainab nisar
Omg ashwriya is so beautifull
zubair khan
Гуля Мародбекова
Aishwarya Aishwarya and only Aishwarya. You're the best. I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH.