SMS USB Car Remote Control with Velleman K8055

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Remote start your car by text/SMS. The development software is available to play with. See here ......And I don't provide support, it's just an experiment.

K8055 SMS TEXT USB car control gps location remote start stop velleman

See updated video description.
Tim Kepler
here is a another way of doing the starter. if you use a vacuum switch (such as the ones jeeps use to tell you your 4wd is engaged) you run a second relay for the starter switch that is wired from the NC contacts the vacuum switch connects to your vacuum system any where near the intake. and what it does is allow your starter to turn until the engine starts, at which point the vacuum switch trips at full idle vacuum and disconnects the starter from your starter input source. PM for more info
Victoria Ivanova
Received some ideas regarding this video, thank you! :)
Sweet! I have been looking for a solution to build like this....I have to really investigate this k8055, seems amazing.
solomon k
very nice, how do you manage to trigger the relays if the output voltage off the board is lower than the triggering voltage of the relay?