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Ashley Tisdale It's Alright It's OK Pop yt:crop=16:9

Omg I never realized how much auto tune this song had😂😂
Andrea 123
I'm watching this in 2018 and I'm living for it
Andrew Isn't Punny
Ashley Tisdale kinda looks like Gabbie from The Gabbie Show
Anna Schläpfer
Omg i'm watching in 2016 and this was my childhood song
BTS taehyung V
Vanessa Hudgens in \
I remember when Guilty Pleasure came out, it is such a good pop-rock album! I was listening to it non-stop :)
Camila Souza
I like to listen to this song when I'm upset about some stupid guy and it makes me get over that.
Cesar Salazar
en mi lista de canciones favoritas \nAshleyTisdale
Chelsea Lee
Daniela N
omg i still remeber the whole lyrics of the song :')
2016! In here!!!
Dasia Zientek
I just came from Brittany Snow's Wikipedia and it said she's in this but I'm pretty sure the girl at the end was NOT her like I'm honestly a little sad because I thought she was gonna be in it but I'm also happy because this brings back a lot of memories
Debra-Ann Walker
I love Ashley with dark hair😍
Dethcorpse Gamer
Childhood experience. Now im a metalhead
Dominique Shivers
I still remember all the words! Can't believe it's been 4 years, feels just like yesterday this played on Disney Channel.
Dylan Encinares
her actions reminds me of kelly clarkson.
Edward Cina
Sounds like \nSo What by P!nk \nmixed with\nMy Life Would Suck without you by Kelly Clarkson
Die guten alten schulermittler XD
Emily Valencia
Esther E
who came from the recent cover she did?
Faith Mtwana
Her look/facial expression in the beginning as she walks away from the window is the same one Sharpay Evans used to give Gabriella Montez in HSM.\n\nHahaha, I feel weird for being able to make that comparison.
Finalman26 THA BULLZ
wow..she looks SOOO hot in this video!!
Fir Aliff
guys if u love the song please check out her latest album Guilty Pleasure. that album is filled with such amazing songs, you won't regret your time listening to it!
Florian Cz
mitten im Leben
Ich bin hier wegen ,,Die Schulermittler\
Grim Reaper
That boy makes me feel more than ok
Hayley Seragaki
I remember when I first saw the video for this, I was rlly confused and I had no idea who it was singing - because for some reason, I only remembered Ashley Tisdale as a blonde lmao?? Wth me
Iris Nicole Briones
it's Candace Flynn\nin Phineas and Ferb
remember how often i've heard it After my first broke up ^^
Josue Bennet
Juan Suarez
Julia berger
OMG lol I had this song on those little radios from McDonalds xD
Julian Sparks
*Ashley Tisdale:* It's alright! It's okay! **breaks everything in his house**\n\nWas everything really okay?
Kaeli Ann Marie
This song had me pissed about a boyfriend I didn't even have when I was 9
Kaitlyn Ham
yeah okay but let's be real, best break up song lmao
Kat Hermosa
Nostalgia is going strong 😢
Katherine Direnzo
I remember I wanted to be sharpay from high school musical so much when I was like five and this was like me and my moms song bc we sung it when she walked me to school
ashleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy where are you with your awesome songs ?? I miss you so much..I miss the musical time with Troy, Gabriiella & I'm not 15 Im 20
I had the mad crush on her this was when i was like 11 Lol 18 now she was awesome i miss old days man
Lana Del Legend
Lilly Brown
For some reason this video reminds me of the kelly clarkson 'since you been gone'
London Skellington
This looks like the same set that Burnin' Up by The Jonas Brothers was filmed on..
Mckenzie Wranovics
I use to love this song when I was 9😂😂
Who's here after Ashley's music session she did on her channel
Remember when this was the \
Millie #carla'sgirl
Rachel or Santana or Quinn should have sang this on glee
Miss Collette
Let's be real... Hillary Duff and Ashley Tisdale sing in duets. Last comeback album of their career for there fans to look back on.
Mizzie Ques
watching now 2017.. who else then? :D
Moonlight Bae
You told me there's no need\nTo talk it out ‘cause it’s too late\nTo proceed, and slowly\nI took your words and walked away\nNo looking back, I won’t regret, no, I will find my way\nI'm broken, but still I have to say\n\nIt's alright, okay\nI'm so much better without you\nI won't be sorry\nAlright, okay\nSo don't you bother what I do\nNo matter what you say\nI won’t return, our bridge has burned down\nI'm stronger now\nAlright, okay\nI'm so much better without you\nI won't be sorry\n\nYou played me, betrayed me\nYour love was nothing but a game\nPortrayed a role, you took control\nI, I couldn't help but fall\nSo deep, but now I see things clear\n\nIt's alright, okay\nI'm so much better without you\nI won't be sorry\nAlright, okay\nSo don't you bother what I do\nNo matter what you say\nI won’t return, our bridge has burned down\nI'm stronger now\nAlright, okay\nI'm so much better without you\nI won't be sorry\n\nDon't waste your fiction tears on me\nJust save them for someone in need\nIt's way too late, I'm closing the door\n\nIt's alright, okay\nI'm so much better without you\nI won't be sorry\nAlright, okay\nSo don't you bother what I do, yeah\nNo matter what you say\nI won’t return, our bridge has burned down\nI'm stronger now\nAlright, okay\nI'm so much better without you\nI won't be sorry\n\nIt's alright, okay, alright, okay\nWithout you\nNo matter what you say\nIt's alright, okay, alright, okay\nWithout you\nI won't be sorry
This sounds like Timberland feat. Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again..
NWO 616
years later you realize the storyline of the video is she probably slept with three guys in her ex's house for revenge.... still love this song
Nameless V.
She used to be one of my favourites of the disney clan
Nazlican 2205
Nelina Ivanova
2017 and still here...
Noah Perry
this is what us guys need to understand when a girl says she's \
Normani jauregui
I'm not sure everything really was \
Ntina Tsidou
its alright its ok i so much better we that yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wo be sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Oceana Frederick
Even with a breakup in 2016, sometimes listening to nostalgic cheesy songs from when you were 12 actually helps better than the shit made today.
Olivia Flocco
That's Ty from 90210. Why does he always play a douche?
Oona Tukia
She used to be my perception of perfection :) Still remember all the lyrics. Honestly even if I saw Ashley on the street today I would still freak out!!
'Guilty Pleasure' is still one of my favourite albums ever!
PawsOnPages Ana
I had this as a ringtone for a boyfriend once. I guess I knew from the beginning he wasn't the one..
Pop Music News
AT3 confirmed in her insta account!!!!! the third album is coming!!!!!
Puteri Nuraqila Ellysha
Nice voice candace from phineas and ferb
Rafael Martinez
Will Ashley drop a new album?
Rami Kuseybi
2018?? Still a bop!!
Reem Alashour
anyone here from 2018?😂😂
Riiko Kuin
watching 2018. who else??
Ros Tibbs
I remember when I was in 4th grade and my friend broke up with her \
remember when this video was played on disney channel??
Sami Rodallegas
omg this brings back so many memories
Sara Davis
This was my shit!! I had this playing on repeat for weeks!! For some reason my 12 year old would get emotional as if i had a bf that did this to me! 😂😂
Sev Somerhalder
best break up song
Shawn Matthew
Who’s listening in 2018!!!!!
Skye Salaman
She reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarkson in her music video \
Sneha Farrukh
the third guy in the video with the curly hair.. is it the same guy from Selena gomez's music video hands to myself??!
Steph Lane
God I'm old
Susan Nazari
'okay lets be honest this is ashley's best song
SweetArt Bloemfontein
This song is getting me through the worst breakup of my life. Thank you Ashley T. xxx
2016? :)
Valentina Sergio
Ashley tisdale è una ragazza molto stra elegante e si tira molto
Victoria Ash
This song makes me sad, not caz of some ex, just from the time I just to jam out to this :/
Vítor Mateus
Wesley Rodríguez
Like if you’re here after listening to Voices in my Head.
I listened to this song and the rest of Guilty Pleasure every day when it was new. Now it's nostalgic to hear it cause it's been so long and it reminds me of a certain point in my life. When will we get some new awesome tracks?
She looks so pretty with brown hair
I see Ashley Tisdale \nBut only hear Candance Flin from phineas and Ferb
culture pop 2
2017 And still love this
destiny vlog
I'm a strong person who need him anyway
Looks like a Kelly Clarkson song
I remember being 10 and singing this song with so much passion which is so funny considering I had never experienced a breakup of any kind haha.
lima lime
I think that Ashley looks better with brown hair
lina lina
This sounds like a mixture between 'if we ever meet again' by timberland and Katy perry and some kelly clarkson song
0:21 homeboy wasn't even tryin to hide the fact that he was a player lmao
quee ̶n̶ r
2016 and I still listen to this song to forget my exs.
They did selfies before they were cool.