Elton John - 10) Pinball wizard

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Live fron Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. June 2008

Adam B Hockley
Captain Fantastic! Awesome!
Andrew Hendry
2:31-2:32 it's Jerry's mum from Seinfeld!
Arnoldas Laurinavičius
2018 pinballl wizard💪
Benmira Abderrazak
أحب أحب
Brett Koeshall
I remember watching the movie Tommy on DVD.
Chris Mason
I didn't really like this show to be honest, Elton is far too talented on the Piano to have to rely on distracting special effects. Just give me a show with Elton and a piano, and for half the time his backing band too.
Christopher Cervantes
He’s even better with age!!
Cockroach Charlie
2:30 Proving that rocking out has no age limit.
Collin Plays
GO TOMMY (Roger Daultry) YOU BEAT ELTON JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIN BALL CHAMPION!!!!!!! Sadly guys Roger Daultry has some sort of sickness ;(
Darren Beakhouse
Rock on Elton
Defunct Transit Hub
haha not really a fan of Elton John's music but I love Elton John - doesn't take himself seriously at all. A good British bloke.
Eric Fiveson
5:12 boobies or as i like to call the famale energy as it is in heaven (pineal gland third eye chakra higher frequency) so it is in earth (heart chakra - male/female merkaba) resonating at the OHM frequency with alittle help from the serpent of satan kundalini lower frequency male energy.
Fabrício Assis MG
Great cover from The Who!
Frederick freeloader
 What a fantastic version. Thank you !
now thats a flaming red piano
Jack of Helsinki
Elton John is the wizard of music.
John Pelletier
Pure amazing entertainment. I think Elton's cover of Lucy in the Sky is the best ever also.
Does anybody know if that's Nigel Olson on drums?
Kenneth Daly
i wonder how much he was paid for this
Kurt Brevik
Nigel Olson on drums..?
Neal Fine
Never liked his Tommy version. Sorry hug Who fan and no one sings better than Roger
2:00 for the song
Paula Gould
Love the red piano ! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Robert Miller
I am glad Elton did this song instead of Rod. Just can't imagine Rod in the Waldo hat and big boots. They got the casting right. Rod went on to a pretty good career lol.
Saint Claire
The champs still plays today
Skeet Freak
Whoo I love this song
Sánchez Gio
The who, Rock And roll,,, Colombia saluda
Victoria Reece
it is best ththink of itat i am crup i never cheech and never
LMAO @ 0:03
Rod Stewart and 3 more dudes don't like this...
james fielder
Really bad wig there Reggie
Always liked this version of the song a bit more 'artsy' and the guitar a bit hevier
neil day
Elton john pinball wizard
olivia pheonix
Go Baby !!
TOMMY ..saw it 2 weekends in a row when it came out .
Elton must be one of the only men in the world who was absolutely fine with being bald as a younger man, but completely in denial when he is older.\nI mean his wigs are so fucking obvious, who does he think he is fooling here?\nYou can see the video's on the right, with thumbnails of him from the 70s and 80s, where his hair is receding a LOT. But here he seems to want us to think it magically grew back or something