Limp Bizkit - Nookie [LIVE Rock im Park 2001]

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Track 13 der Live-DVD Part 1 von Rock im Park aus dem Jahr 2001Track: Nookie (Video ungemixed)Alle Rechte liegen natürlich bei der Produktionsgesselschaft, ABER VÖLKER HÖRT DIE TONTRÄGER !!

2001 Bizkit Limp Live Nookie Park Ring Rock am im

Achild FingerStyle
well done!!you is the best
Alfred Padon
the beast
Andrew O.
0:26 ALLTIME 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26 0:26
All crowds were like this back in the day and I was there you millenial fcks!!! Suck it
not going to lie I've watched the first part of the video like 100,000 times in a row 😂
Brad Snow
Fred and Lethal are both punks.
women in red jacket at 5:29 is lovin it
Chartrain Marco
Der xFighT
Love this Song \u003c3
Dilla Fadhillah
like a trump hey like a trump hey like a trump hey ~
Doom Hakuo
That melodic ending, fucking precious!!
damn id kill to be in a crowd like that
Dylan Toomey
As much as these guys are hated, they're going down in history
Ed Rander
lol XD
Eddie Khalid
they used to be really good :( :(
Elwira Waniurska
this is lip synced ffs
WTF That is a show. Not this fucking \
Fewhfeuiwhfweuibf Febwuifbweuifbgweuifgbweui
2 bassists?
Gabriel Macht
When Wes starts spinning at the heavy parts \u003e\u003e\u003e haha so awesome!
Ganjer Man
i hate dat vocal omg
Halil Uğur Paksoy
0:35 Lethal goes crazy :D lol
Hoang Nguyen
0:35 best timing #explosion
Honey Badger
4:06 tony soprano
Iván García
awesome!! Limp Bizkit is a great band!!\n
JHONATAN R. Jhonatanr
Back when LB was in their prime going beast mode...... I need a time machine back to 99 !!!
Jaiden Biggs
i wish i couldve seen them at woodstock
Jake Schultz
its funny how no one new the song untill Wes came in....
Jasonm Gavitt
I wonder how many of the idiots who dissed this band back in the day have el foot in mouth now.
Jochem Harmsen
I wanna travel back in time fackkkkk
Jones castro
seus merdinha tenho nojo de vcs babaca
Josh Morris
5:40 that scream was epic as hell
Jummy Boy
BOY where the crowds better back then with NO FUCKING SMARTPHONES. Should be forbidden at any festival stage now !
Granny at 5:28 sux
3:25 - 4:05 I guess someone told Fred his last name was Mercury.
guess she just went there to accompany her young daughters as you can see the girls beside her seem to be very young! So, she has great heart to visit such a concert just for her daughters!
Kerry Lee
The 90’s were awesome. Say what you want about LB but damn that crowd
Kiker Cervantes
Give it all for the nokie :q.........
King Nothing
5:27 LOL! at Mom! She must think Bizkit SUCKS!
Kyle Aarsen
The mom is like stick it up my what?!
Laxus Drayer
i cant stop laughing 1:08
Lin Y
I swear Fred Durst got so many fat white guys laid back then I remember knowing quite a few fat white dude who got no play but all the sudden they put on a Red cap and all the chicks were all over them
3:52 ich find das einfach so geil wie diese mum da steht und glotzt xD
Mason G
I have to know what the story is with the unenthused woman and the awkward girl. That lady would literally like to be anyplace else. Here's my guess. This was her night to watch last weeks Bold and the Beautiful on VHS along with an afghan and a Stouffer's lasagna but 2 months prior her granddaughter discovered her secret embezzlement from her estranged ex husband's Wells Fargo account and when she looked at her granddaughter with a worried expression that said \
Mateo Jerez
Sometimes i hate skrillex for kill rock & heavy metal.... oviously it wasn't intentional.... i miss so much this...
Mike Silhy
The whole video is freaking Fred Durst. Almost no shoots of the other band mates!!! :-\\
Say heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy
Muhammad Ash Shiddiqi
back in the day when no amateur video on youtube
back to my era in early 2000..damn miss those times
Nuno Soares
One of the best songs and groups of the 90s. Man I miss that decade. Such good memories.
Limp Bizkit + Pyro? .. NICE!! :D
Reece Shovlin
I'm seeing them live next Friday. Fuck I'm so ready for it! 13 years I've waited for this moment
Ricardo Morgado
this is life, awesome explotion
Sadiki St. George
Limp Bizkit still rocks
no smartphones in the air and people creating atmosphere, man what wonderful years did we have?
Sergey Promoff
Show me what you got
Limp Bizkit Forever!
Stefan Roopnarine
the intro is hot!!!!\n
The Sexy Chimp That Is Sexy
The fans could have been louder
The Skybel 2
The áudio is Very low 😫
The WatchMan
man that crowd...
That one pair looked like mom and daughter the mom was not feeling the vibe
Fuck Rock im Park! Tomorrowland is the best!
She´s a believer.
I could listen to Wes's beginning par forever.
Thomas Milliken
Fuck me that crowd was insane
that crowd
He did it all for the nookie like a fuckin trump
Unes Kafech
hahaha ur right man she belongs to lady gaga's show lol\n
The lady at 5:28 feels like she's at the wrong show.
Your Bus driver
genau wie das Original
Zaffiq Hardine
legend cool song
alberto mora
lo mejores del rock
You don't see crowds like this anymore. 
sometimes I wish I had a time machine so a could travel 15 years back..
biffer buffer
the more you hide wes the more you gonna loose
that intro is f'n awesome
waaah goose bumps \u003e-\u003c
fourty four
0:00 - 0:26 iconic beat 😍
fredd Padon
haters, must be, haters, nahh...
julio cesar
limpbizkit family
limp bizkit the best
0:36 orgasm
ramari cover
The crowd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
raven r
wes is straight fire
Great memories..
Respects from Fred to Freddy...
Bones brought me here.
3:53 She looks like she's having fun. xD
sue pinksue
I love this song
yohann yakovic
wes the best 0:25
Игорь Яценко
Верните им 17 лет жизни назад ..
Ктоугодно безразницы
WES extremy HOT