P.O.D. Southtown - LIVE Rock Im Park 2000

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Sorry about the poor quality. Not sure about the year, around early 2000´s. Thanks for looking. Note: I´m not the owner of this content. © SONY ATV Publishing are the owners. If they claim that I should not upload this, I´ll be happy to delete the video.

Germany Heavy meta POD; Payable on death Rock in Park USA deutschland l San Diego

Bradley Hudson
Byron Villacorta
Why wasn’t he rapping every word to the song
Douglas Day2
Young young...thanks for posting
Goio Medeiros
This was in 2000...really rare show to find!!! thanks for up!! you have this full concert!?!?
James Heilman
Marcos playing in standard?
Kris Ambrose
Remember seeing them around this time and thought their live show wasnt that good bc of Sonny. He wouldnt sing it much into the mic and wouldn't sing parts, like what he was doing durimg the verse mainly in this video. Saw them years later and he did much better.
Mela Cojo
P.o.d one band that i dont now i dont have what to say i dont like there music i dont now
My Email
2:32 on best part
Naia Santtos
love much P.O.D
Renat Nurullin
Whoever originally edited this video needs to be shot in the face.
Marcos killed it
+barbarian981 Do you have the 2002 Rock im PARK show on tape by any chance? I have the full 2002 Rock am RING show on my YouTube channel, but I regrefully missed to tape the airing of their 2002 Rock im PARK show on WDR back then :(
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