Sir Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano Concert - Cesars Coliseum - Feb 27th

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A merge of videos I took from my cellphone during an incredible concert by Elton John at Cesar's Coliseum on Feb 27th. Apologies in advance for quality of some of the shaky video and quality, or any singing of mine you may hear :P

Elton John

Beast GamingMC
Stole elvis’s intro haha
David Brown
I was at that show on the 27th too! What a great show!!
Jeanette Jernigan
great concert. thanks for posting.
Kimberly M
It's Elvis John!! Love it! Intro of KINGS!
Lori Perra
Davey starts playing Day Tripper at 21:09
Yaaass! Thank you.
T Waugh
nolan carr
whats the song order