Elton John in Las Vegas 4-5-14 (Shot on stage) "Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting)"

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Elton John recorded live, from less than three feet away, on April 5, 2014 in Las Vegas at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, performing "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)". The "Million Dollar Piano" show.

Caesars Palace (Casino) Elton John (Author) Live Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) on stage

Carlos Mendez
Craig Moore
I was at this exact show! It was great...
Earvin Johnson
Awesome ! Thank you for sharing !
Elton John Experience
Brilliant as usual...fantastic footage!!
Eric Halloran, Sr.
O.M.G. Shock & awe !   Listening & seeing a highly energized Elton perform up extremely close and very personal !
Fraser MacDonald
Outstanding!! So lucky to be so close to Elton
Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson
Holy shit!
Kevin Cassell
Of the thousands of clips and footage of Elton John on YouTube, this one is unique in how it captures his amazing performance and piano virtuosity \
Leah Anderson
how did you get so close???  I am going in October and have 2nd row...Pushing and shoving!!!
Mark Gunnell
Wow what a great show this must have been and to be able to get on the STAGE wow that would have been so great wish I was there,\n\nI did see ELTON JOHN in Worcester on the 11th June 2006,\nand I still have a head full on memories from the show....\nGreat performer loved every second...
Maru Guberman
Up to which row do you get up on stage? And is that only for front part or both ones beside the front part, too? Thanks!
Michael Langley
Thats got to be a months wages gone in seconds being at the front rows but worth it though.
Michelle Blackwell
OMG thank you so much!! I was there just to the left of the dude in the blue shirt right at the piano!  This is so awesome!!  What a night that was!!
Mike McCarty
What did Kim give you at the end?
We were there!
ROZAN Sylvie
Thank you so much for sharing this unforgettable moment ! I was exactly at the same place on April 22th and it's an incredible memory to be so closed to Elton.... Fantastic ! Thanks again for sharing....
Retro Reginald
OMFG. I am SO jealous. Just unbelievable. I would've peed my pants if I were that close to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
SunshineMusic School
that is awesome to see him that close and raw, excellent musician!!!
TJ Landry
so...damn...jealous....of...you...right now.... yet...I love you at the same time...
it was never supposed stars to get mixed with their audience on stage, what happened and he allowed these peasants to surround him during his interpretation?  
Valentinia Mariotelli
I read the title..... \
Wow. What a cool vantage point. Great !!
german gomez
great video!!!!!! gracias por subirlo
gus gomez
on stage!! una suerte
john scialfa
Elton rockin
almost a crime to eliminate that killer guitar riff
very nice great