FIFA 19 | 10 Current Football Players who will Become ICONS ft. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar| @Onnethox

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Haha, *Messi* prime *95? You good bro?*\n*Pele* has a prime *98* and he called *Messi* _\
??? ???
Abe Kasseman
Hazard and salah
Aiden Lumsden
Messi 2008= 91 rating..... Messi 2012= 98 rating (91 goals in one year)..... Messi in 2018 = 95 rating
Akusgames YT
Aleck boeijink
Alexandre Doclot
Hazard? pfffff
Hi guys pls don’t hate on me but I think Di Maria and Cavani should become icons pls don’t hate
Jesus christ... You really think ramos is on the same level of Nesta? 😒 ramos is a good defender but max 88 /89
ArchieJB TV
Aziza Kinini
Besmir Osmani
Pique deserve a place there 💪🏼😊
Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose'
Andrea 🙏🙏🙏 hands down\nSpain's greatest player to have grace football.
Cesar Quevedo
What about hazard?
Roony, Iker Casillias, Thiago Silva, Drogba, Buffon, Pirlo, Tevez, van Persie, Xavi
DaviD Chetta
Messi and Ronaldo prime 95??? Pfffff hahahaha \nMessi 98\nCristiano 98\nIniesta 94
David Dudek
Luka Modric
DieghitoChanell -10
Where is Gianluigi Buffon
Hazard:\n2012-87\n2015-89\n2018-93 (because he's better than Neymar in my opinion!)
Mbbape? wtf his only a child he shouldnt be in this top
El Habanero
Where is Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Estêvão Bleidão
Federico Bordils Felix
Messi de 2018 95? 98 flipao
Flash Fan
Maradona’s highest should’ve been 93 peles should’ve been 99\nFor those of you saying Messi’s and Ronaldo should be as well, I think they both should go up to 95. Pele is called a legend for a reason
Gaming Boy
Robben, Ibra and Bale shuld become icones to
GentleMan Isn't gentle always
Mbappe 94 then Leo and Cris have to be 97
Hayden Dias
Ronaldo 2009 should be *90
Hubert Świniarski
Lewandowski, Ronaldo, Messi, Kane, Ramos and Buffon the best icon.
Hugo Leonard
Husanov Hojiakbar
Messi only 95?? 😤😤
Incorrect 03
You actually know nothing about football, Messi 95? Are you high?
Issam Abou
You give to mbappe 94, neymar 93, and the Legend INIESTA just 92 WTF?????\nREALLY?????
Ivica Vrsalović
Mrs where is modric mrs
James and hazza
Jamonino salmonarejo
The BEST Messi only 92 shooting? Jajajajaja and BEST Neymar 87 SHO jajajajajajaja so bad
Janis Ivanovskis
Neymar 99 c.ronaldo 93 messi 96 ramos 93
Keenan Pilgrim
Dea hea 2013 87\n2015 91\n2020 95
Ken Ajay
So Messi is worse than the Brazilian ronaldo
King Kam
Ronaldo and messi = 97
Kornel TV
CR7 and Messi should have 99 rating
Lautaro Neira
Messi\n2007: 89\n2012: 98\n2015:95
Lian khai
I missed the MSN days 😥
Wat? Where’s Dybala??? 2010 - 87 2016 - 91 2018 - 93
Luka Kristic
Magda Gasiorowska
Another icon in the future will be Alan(me)95overrall Striker
Malt Geezer
So mbappes prime is 94 and Messi is 95? Okkkkayyyy\nMessi should have a 98 prime. Ronaldo should have a 99 prime. THEY ARE THE BEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME!!
Marco Materazzi
Suarez kane Griezmann Lewandoski legends and NOT. Buffon WTF
Marko Vrhovnik
Pele has a prime icon 98 so Ronaldo and Messi should both have 99
Martin_ McD
I personally think messi should be 98-99\nAnd I think he’s the best ever
Mastarz K
Ibra 2009-88 ovr , 2013-92 ovr , 2017-90 ovr also 92 rated card is needing zlatan 🐐🔥
Mattia Pentassuglia
Mayka Lobaton Miranda
Where's james rodriguez
Moon Squad
Messi and Ronaldo need to be 98 in the 2018 icon card
Mr. Valoulink
Xavi ?
Mustafa Larik
Neuer should be 94.Messi 98
Odhran D'Arcy
We’re is debruyne Xavi Salah Augero David De Gea Modric Rakatic Benzema Robben Ibra pique and Matuidu
Oli oli
Ramos caught on alcohol/drugs
Oscar pro hotdog gaming gaming
De bruyne Sergio Aguero should become icons too boiiii
OscarBasket 16
Wtf in your new video modric have 93 and iniesta 92???
Peter Eskjær
U can't predict the future
Iniesta 92??? He deserves 94, same with Xavi, those two are the two best central midfielders ever
Pota Tordo
Lo que no entiendo es lo de 2022 o asi es cierto que es joven pero imaginate que en ese año baja un monton el rendimiento
Messi and ronaldo should both be 99 rated primes
S M 7 Show
Mbappe? cmon his future can't be predicted
Semih Takimoglu
No joke there ratings when they actually are icons might be higher than that maybe
Soniboy_ DK
Prime Ronaldo 99 Messi prime 98
Subscribe me I will subscribe you
Zlatan does not need icons..icons need Zlatan
Rooney plz
Tiemoue Bakayoko
Unknown Pineapple68
This guys is terrible at getting his ratings right. Hahaha messi and ronaldo 95. They have been at the peak of football for 10 years and messi’s goal tally at his current age is better than pele’s, not sure about ronaldos but the point is, its about the individual performance of a player to be GOAT. People only look at world cups which is the most inconsistent tournament as we have seen time to time. If you want to see how good a player has been on a consistent basis year to year rather than a one off tournament every 4 years. There was no competition in the way of CL back in those days too, and club competition was terrible as well. Messi 98, Ronaldo 98 THE TWO GOATS. I dare anyone to argue with me.
Where is rooney?
Val Oliveira
Vincent Walker
World Champion 2018
N golo kante ?????\nJordi alba\nPogba\nLloris
Messi - 92 , 96 , 98 \nRonaldo - 94, 92 , 98\nIniesta - 89 , 93 , 87\nXavi - 89 , 93 , 86\nIbrahimovic - 89 , 91 , 90\nBuffon - 87 , 93 , 90\n\n\nI think , they will icons
Young Sinatra
robben, reus, totti deffently deserved one.
Yusuf Mahmood
Bro messi and cr7 prime card should be better than maradona and pele
Icons are Cr7, Messi, Pelé and Maradona, but not Makelele and etc.\nicons should be something really special and not every player who played good should get an icon Card 🤦\u200d♂️
When Maradona's Prime have 98 why Messi only have 95?
_vw_ 2706
The prime Messi should be 98 and ronaldo should be 99
You did Messi and iniesta dirty
carl D
Pelè 98\nRonaldo and Messi 97\nMaradona 96
croûton youssi
Messi of ronaldo 98
king Adir
Messi need be 98 or 97 rating
Pique should be a icon
no name
Ronaldo Prime=97\nMessi Prime=97\nNeymar Prime=95 or 96
wormsurfer\\\\ProfPig BUILDS
Messi should be 97-98 and Ronaldo Should be 96-97, also get rid of the rest except Mbappe and Neymar and add Buffon and Zlatan
yannick blanchard
Messi 97
zotzel 22
Асенцето Asentseto
How is Messi’S prime icon ONLY 95?!
Цинь Шихуан
А где Ибрагимович?! Вот это настоящая легенда!