Panda cub and nanny’s “war"

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20160409 Broadcast Top Highlights Panda Meng Lan tries to “help” nanny’s cleaning work in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding直播精彩集錦 萌蘭不讓梅奶媽掃葉子成都大熊貓繁育研究基地

panda pandapia パンダ 大熊猫

Abshir ?
I think he saw Mr shifu
Awkward Potato
Aww!! his like \
Y’all talking bout the nanny, what about the one taking the video lol!
Blessina Sweety
Don't disturb her my sweet heart ...
Bracer Jack
Evolution have created men's nemesis, CUTENESS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha JK, Cuteness is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!
Celine Quintanilla
Hes a baby. All babies are curious and mischievous. Too adorable.
Cutie Cutie Wolfฅ'ω'ฅ
poor little panda
Cynthia Cecena Rojas
Watching this vid while cooking and my 2 year old son naps and I see myself in this video lol
Delila agustina Nst
keren banget
Dibas Sarkar
Click Read more.. if you want some knowledge about panda's origin\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGenetic evidence suggests the ancestors of giant pandas diverged from other bears 18 million to 22 million years ago . And the evolution of bears as we know them today, started around 30 million years ago . Their ancestors evolved into a family of small mammals known as the Miacids (Miacidae). Miacids are extinct primitive carnivoramorphans within the family Miacidae that lived during the Paleocene and Eocene epochs, about 62–33 million years ago . \nThe Rise of Mammals: Although they came into their own only after the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago , mammals had maintained a low-profile existence for some 150 million years before that. \nAll life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism that lived roughly 3.5 billion years ago , a new study seems to confirm. Astronomers have long contended that icy comets and asteroids delivered the water for them during an epoch of heavy bombardment that ended about 3.9 billion years ago .
Dimpy Kumar
So cute yr .......
Do Not Feed After Midnight
Why can I watch this vid over and over again!?❤️
Imagine the worst part of your job being that you have to wrestle with a panda cub to do it.
Eatme Douche
At the end of the day, how many people in the entire world can say \
Eve Ritchie
OMG so cute 😍😍😍😍
Everything Here
🐼 so cute 😘😘😘😘
F. Diniz
Muito bom ter um panda em casa, eu queria...
Franky Salazar
Greatest job in the world I'm jelly all over
Frenz Edelyn Rubrico
How Adorable!! Thumbs up to all Panda Lovers..!!
Freshmerfyfresh fresh
I really want this job 🐼❤️
Gam3rSoft Br
Geane Frommholz
George Guilherme Garcia da Silva
Behind that cute face, the panda says: *THIS WOMAN WON'T WORK TODAY HUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUA*
GlEb Fedchenko
Google Approved
That's gotta look interesting on a job resume. Panda Nanny. I'm not laughing about it, because frankly, I'm jealous.
Heather Colton
So cute i love pandas so much🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hell Kat
he just loves her and wants to follow her around
Hussaein Ali
3:11 👈😡😡😡
Jane Doe
😍😍 omg that cute little furball boo boosh, I want to play with him soooo adorable, I would so tickle it 😁
Joyce Lo
The best cardio workout ever: fighting with naughty panda babies 😁
Juleen Forbes
He just want a belly rub and some attention. lol. Grab her leg, grab her basket 🤣😂
June Deng
Guys if you think the handler is hurting the panda, then why would the panda keep coming back and wanting more? It's clear he thinks it's fun and likes causing trouble :)
I love how he just plops down right exactly where she is cleaning. Smart bear, knows how to get the attention.
Kumbo V
I dont need to have a kid.. i can adopt a Panda😍😍😍
Kyleen Drake
What a great entertainer. She knows well she could go get him a toy to distract him and perhaps keep him busy a minute. I have no doubts she's doing this to entertain the crowd. Besides, if I was a panda I would think what she was doing was more interesting too, lol..
L Broderick
They are such determined little guys and curious, too! Love watching panda cubs. They act just like little children.
In Canada you don't go near Bears
You should hire someone to play with the panda while the lady's cleaning. I'll volunteer. :-)
Lowly Furcunt
How does she resist the urge to play with this adorable thing
MD Tafshir Uddin
I love Panda\nIf you love hit like
*She is not abusing the panda. Pandas are BEARS, not some delicate kitten. The cub probably weighs a lot, so she can only shove him away when he is already so strong and playful. Stop being self-righteous and actually do research before going to criticize a lady who's been doing this job for almost a decade, when you're literally just a random person sitting behind a computer screen with zero experience in actual panda care.*
I seriously broke a blood vessel cracking up so hard! Certainly, no one can accuse the nanny of not being steadfast! But boy, the little cub wanted to play in the leaves, didn't he??
Marcus Zhao
yo nanny, if the panda interrupt you again and you need someone to keep him busy, call me!
Miss Thomas
She's not rough. You can tell she loves these Pandas. He's huge and heavy, but she wasn't rough. If he felt threatened in the least and not cared by her, he wouldn't keep coming to her. This is the same Panda she earlier tried to teach how to walk. Obviously he loves her. People need to get a life
Monster Yuan
I was wondering where the 3.7k dislike comes from?
Moonlight Carnival
It took a break to play on the thin tree but it soon went back to its missions of destroying the gardening work 😆
Mukta Ghatak
Ooooooo is was too cute I love pandas
Mymuna Shoshe
So cute😍😍😙😙
Nick Figures
He will soon become the dragon warrior
Nikhilesh Surve
😂 Like a mischievous kid. I want to say \
Nokomis Moody
I really just want to quit my current life so that I can hug pandas all day
Nora Schultz
That’s a naughty one!
😅 omg, he's just like a bby.
Pig King
Pinkuno joandes
Preety Passion Hub
♡ Love Panda Babies 😊
Princess Fairy
Actually this panda loves her...that's why wanted attention from her by messing up with her work,grabbing her legs...just this cute panda and the nanny and all other panda just watching.. When she drop him far he came again and again that's prove she loves and treat him Very well that's why he is so fond of her....
R Lalrinliana
*Me during my School Examination....*
Rahul Singha
Naughty plus cute
I wish I could see one in person hes so cute. The little shit.
Samantha Fisher
2:15 practising his kungfu moves 😂😂🐼
Sana Ammi
Sarah Campbell
That's not abusive you fucking morons she's trained to handle him she just carries him away not doing anything to hurt him.
I am stroking a panda soft toy, watching this video.\n\nAnd feeling bad for the ignored cameraman
Chubby relentless panda-best chi ever
He really is little pain in the ass
Shelly Ross
This is exactly like me and my cats when I am cleaning!
I would be fired in less than an hour...\nthrow that broom down and play with that ridiculously cute bear all day
All of the \
Tian Sanddy
Why everyone says the nanny is mean?? She is professional OK?? \nAnd plus, \nPanda is still BEAR, they might look cute but they are rough. \n\nJust shut your mouth and watch the cute panda already.
Tonya Sims
He's like Nope I'm going back over there just to annoy you 😁🐼
Uli Leena
What panda did just similar to what my dog, Puti did. Whenever i clean the floor with broom, she is always sitting on the dirt, hardly difficult to finish cleaning the floor though :)
Wendy Roberts
I love the fact this lady just picks up a Panda like a rag doll then carries it off, drops it off with a pat on the bum only for it to keep come back! Such a cheeky and naughty little panda.🐼😊
Xavier Ibrahim
He protecc\nHe attacc\nBut most importantly he's coming bacc
Y. O.
They’re both cute.
Yas Jasmin
I was most lucky person on the earth if l had this panda😆😻❤❤❤❤👅👄
Yourpal Phonna
He must be so heavy, and the fact that nanny have to handle him, it's so tiring
Yuen ting 02
Simple solution is to let another worker \
Yunus Khan
Cutie pandu 😍😍😘😘 .. And salute to nanny .. she is working very hard 🤦
Zoe Zhou
Honestly I'm so sick of those people who always think they know more about people who actually do the job, just shut up and watch
bwahahaha..... i'm ROTFL that panda hahahaha made my day.
he's just like your bab brother or sister messing around while your cleaning the house. LMAO
childs L
The work of giant panda breeders is very busy. They need to record the behavior of pandas every day, prepare food for pandas, and clean. These are physical work, panda is a brother is not a cat. And she is a lady. This lady's name is Jiang zuomei graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University and has been working at the Panda Base for more than 10 years. In fact, the breeder's work income is very low, and often work overtime. If taking care of the giant panda baby, it takes 24 hours to take care of her. She still has no children because of work. Too busy. She works because she loves pandas. When you like pandas, you should be considerate of these workers instead of ignorant accusations.
Terrible two's, or something, but very cute and adorable.
eden_ muz10
People who said her action was rude are know why if the were the one taking care of the pandas..they would probably do worse than her...and she is a profesional
iswariaya r
She look like baby...... So cute....
lena keo
I think this panda 🐼 likes leaves he just wants to help...\nIt would be so funny if she had a panda outfit on !
lydya aidil
1 question... \nWhy the panda dont play with the cameraman?😂
maria esparza
Que belleza me encanta los panda
5:14 \
Kids are always underfoot on house cleaning day.
2:41 look theres another panda at the corner hanging dead on the tree like ninja.
She isnt hurting him, a panda mom wouldnt be gentle either. I am pretty strong but I couldnt pick him up and carry him like I dont think lol
wolf 15
That lady is being rude to the panda I feel bad
Алена Татаринова
самые милые мишки это панды
Николай Варанкин
Замечательная работа, листья подметать у таких маленьких медвежат панд. Настоящий рай.
น้าหนุ่ยคุ้ยขยะ by Unclenui
👍👍👍 Very nice 👍👍👍
people keep hating on the lady for doing her job and discipline the panda to not interrupt her working in a very GENTLE manner (no hitting, just pushing the panda away)\n\ni believe most people forget that panda is actually a bear ?? they’re not dogs or cats that can be hurt with simple push or anything\ndont be over-dramatic