Marilyn Manson - Heart-Shaped Glasses [Acoustic Live Session at BBC Radio 1]

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Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand) live Acoustic Session at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.More info:

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OMG this is SOO much better than the studio version
anyone still listening in 2017?
Authentic Death
I love this version. Should have been on the deluxe album!
Christopher Ruiz
Both songs sounds amazin if you hate his music your just a loser long live manson
Dreah Desjarlais
@NIN8898 True fucking that. His voice is amazing and unique
Erika Terrestrial
Izhha Oficial.
that blue is getting me high!! \u003c3 making me low!! \u003c3
Jessica tyler
can you also send this to me as a mp3 to my email
Kristen Anne
Guys..... It's guy singing.....
Lady Manson
that \
Lorraine M.
I love this soo much!!!
Marína Urbanová
this is one of the few things from MM which I can call music. usually I call it art.
@Vera Lynn agreed, w
Mrs Manson
His voice is so special and beautiful IM FREAKING IN LOVE 💖
when you hate this voice you don´t know what good music is!it´s a piece of heaven.
N Eleftheria H
are you kidding? HIS!this is a GUY lol^^
Natalia MPM16
Nicoletta Zanella
Océane Biersack
Her voice !! *.*
Rebecca Ochoa
I Love Manson's sort of romantic vibe he has in his music
Rod Grimes
Acoustic is better 😵
Salma Jiménez
She reminds me of the one in school, \nwhen I was gutted she was dressed in white. \nAnd I couldn't take my eyes off her, \nbut that's not what I took off that night,. \nShe'll never cover up what we did with her dress. \nNo. \nShe said \
Sandrin Fernando
I understand why people hate his songs cus they are all metal and shit but how can u hate this? He has giod lyrics and a an amazing voice.
Tereza Šeblová
Brian Warner :*\n
His voice... \u003c3
OMG this is like soo good, i love MM so much! Itz ubeliveble how good music he can make
Tomas Campoy
No Break my heart
Wesley Scrivens
way better\n
Zakiah Bonnerwith
you know what i love about him? he sounds the same live and on the album so it proves he has a real voice unlike all these pop stars who cant sing anything.
beth henderson
badass tune! love the acoustic version\n
dustin vanharn
go back to black veil brides you emo fuck. we dont like you
Where can i dowload this? i loved ittt ♥
prrt rrt
oh so can he stop scrEaMing at shows then
İdil Kr
gives me chills.\n