Elton John - Circle of Life (Million Dollar Piano)

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Elton John's "The Million Dollar Piano" is a residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. DVD: . The show has been running since September 2011 with the most recent leg being 16 shows between March 29 and April 26 2014. The concerts are the culmination of Elton John's decades long partnership with Yamaha pianos. This film features classic Elton John tracks from across his extraordinary career performed either with his band, with percussionist Ray Cooper or solo. The multimedia staging is extraordinary with vast screens behind the stage illustrating the songs and the piano itself acting as a screen for graphics and animations. Elton John is the ultimate live showman and this is the definitive Elton John concert experience.

Circle Of Life (Musical Recording) Elton John (Celebrity) Music (TV Genre) Soft Rock (Musical Genre) The Million Dollar Piano

Song of my childhood
Holy shit the audio / video quality is amazing. Makes me feel like I'm watching this live. Damn that's a powerful song!
Alam Pratama
I'm a metalhead through and through and I LOVE Elton John!
Andy Lee
Arlete Santana
Arte em Folhas Palmeiras
The truth of music is not the hearing but the message it brings.\r\nMay the spiritual lights continue to inspire you, my dear singer and messenger.
Alguém mais a ouvir Elton Jhon, neste seu maravilhoso \
Bacchin Pictures Entertainment
Benjamin james Roch
love this song Elton john awesome singer
Big Boots
A legend
Blanca Lares
The best 👌💯
this song makes me cry...The lyrics are so true and articulates my exact sentiments. Life is bigger than all of us. Humans and nature alike are in this circle of life and in a flash we're gone.
Brigitte Burghoorn
Carlos Andrei Rodrigues da Silva
Musica linda
Carlos home
Simplesmente espetacular
Go home Stan Lee, you're drunk
Cisca De Jong
Wat mooi! laten we blijven genieten van deze prachtige muziek! Forever
Cristhian Eduardo Burgos Rodríguez
brought me to tears
5:27 - 5:30 Dam there is a lot of drums and percussion sets on stage ...
Célio Azevedo
Damon Ashley
voice is gone. can't hold a note to save his life. voice is probably ruined from swallowing all that man meat every night.
Daniel Hudson
I'm 62 yrs old and I've seen a LOT of concerts going back to the late 60's but Elton John is the ONLY one I've seen several times and  would still pay to see again since he is my all time favorite performer, and when I compare this concert encore performance with the studio version of years ago I'd have to say he's not getting older, just getting BETTER!
Daniel Joye
Elton John Composed the song and co wrote it so he actually owns the masters to this song
Ellen Turner
I adore, this man, I feel his emotion when he sings! 
Ellie Clark
Eva Krejčová
Krásné písnička s filmu Lví Král Elton to zpívá moc hezky
best of best!!
Extra Men
Good job problem just canceled
Francisco Kennedy
Grande cantor
Frederick freeloader
Inspiring, Elton well in his 60s is just fantastic!!!
Hannah Mueller
Before he even started singing, I got the chills. Wow.
Italo Chagas
italo chagas
Jan Bulin
I really love this version!
Javier Gonzalez
He is not of this world
Jess a
Amazing version 💖👌 A true Master 💖💖💖💖
John Belanger
I saw Elton John in Hamilton Ontario, in 1998. Awesome show, $60.00 a ticket. But now thanks to Ticketmaster and Stub Hub I'd be lucky to get a ticket for under $2000.00. Tragically Hip Final Concert Tickets were being sold for $10,000.00 per seat. Thank goodness for You Tube.
I miss you Bob Birch 😢🎸
Jonny Boy
His version really really knocks the Disney version out of the park! Lion King, eat your heart out!\n\nI wonder how he got permission from Disney to include that in one of his albums and concerts?\n\nNOTE: I already know that he wrote the songs in the lion king, but I thought he writes the songs, but Disney keeps the rights to the song.
Jose Antonio Martinez
Es Elton y su BANDA, claro. Y cuando digo su BANDA es porque es otra estrella que brilla tanto como él, hay que reconocerlo.
Justin Puiu
I'm a 50 year old meat axe & this song just about brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it.
Kacilda Alves
o astro da música simplesmente magnífico. no Brasil chamam fankeiros de astro qui merda.
Karina de oliveira
Lawrence Yeh
The best Version of this song!!!\nEJ the greatest\nhe's still standing
Le Lamthanh
Van hay cung thoi gian
Liam Leddy
I love how Elton and his band do circle of life from the movie of lion king.
Lugo Novak
570 \nNice song
Luke Ward
One of his best
Marc Grado
Nostalgic one.
Marina Tovmasyan
I adore your music..it brings peace
Mark E
this guy is pure genius. seen him 5 times and he gets better and better. fantastic song and performance
Mascio8383 Mascio
I love
Melanie Ruttle
How Elton John I really love this song, that song I liked a lot  and wanted say what a singing voice you got I really love you Elton John you are my favourite singer I know. I really love to  met you. I had your two Cds of you.      
Michael David
Does this sound better now or back then in 1994?
Elton John is the BEST! This song means the world to me \u003c3
Nethum Perera
Elton John awesome singer & super music
Nick Smith
@3:50 tambourine guy goes off
O'neil King
Such a brilliant man. They don’t make entertainers like him anymore. Uplifting and pure. Thanks 🙏
Redelboy M
I can only add keys.
Renata Junqueira
Maravilha ❤Sir Elton John 😍
Ryan Harrison
Such a beautiful song with so much meaning.
Salete Cembrani
I love love Elton John!
Silvana Miguel
Love you.....
Spyro & Elora
They should put this in The Lion King 2019 movie
Suci Perwira Negara
always in my heart :)
Tanner Lion
Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara will watch his show
Tyler Rakstis
Nice they start with the chant Ingonyama nengw' enamabala    [A lion and a leopard come to this open place] from the movie by Lebo M.\nThough why does he sound like he's slurring, yes I know Elton is getting old.
About a year ago i lost my brother. We played this song at his funeral. This reminds me so much of him. Thanks Elton for making this tune
Wainda Youngthain
Washington Teodoro Rodrigues
All Brazil Loves Elton !!!
William Ewalt
I love his music and his voice
Zita Martins
Magniiiifique 😍
allen rose
Elton John Circle of Life (Million Dollar Piano ) .
ber mc dermott
Rest in peace, Bob Birch.  You will always be remembered as an incredibly talented member of the band.
carlos guiby guiby
The Best!!!!
That was brilliant. The video in the back was amazing. Wow
enzo vanzini
10 heartless people ....
flash light
awesome sir elton
graeme clarke
Love this version...my Aunt used to actually date Bernie Taupin back in the middle 60's as my dads family came from the same little north Lincolnshire village he grew up in..though I don't no if he wrote this for Elton..?
kiefer roche
so epic
lets rock
huge enough to satisfy the gift of nature and elton
mark rigg
Brilliant musicians. I love it
Elton john is a great singer.We love his music and voice.
nolan carr
is this him ending a concert? It seems like it.
pfà contractor
pfa universal contracting
rafael ribeiro
Linda música, cenário perfeito, o cara é foda...
rinaldo honorio
Here after the new Lion King trailer
And now I am crying great
Олег Колесниченко
the best of the best
Сергей Волков
я был на твоем концерте в Минске, ты сильный!
Ray Cooper!!!!