Kekec, Co się dzieje w lesie ? (Whats going on in the woods ?)

Co się dzieje w lesie ? KekecPołączenie filmu W królestwie ducha gór (1968) (Kekceve ukane) z muzyką.Jakość słaba, bo w latach 60 nie mieli HD :)MuzykaBarcode Brothers - Flute

Co się dzieje w lesie ? Kekceve Kekceve ukane barcode explosion flash3r flute kekec mashup mit9 przeróbka remix ry... ukane w królestwie ducha gór

Aldo Van Dyck
So this got 10.835 VViews, no wonder there's a soulpride remix showing this and an Uganda Knuckles parody.
What the...
Dino Van Hammer
Though diminutive in outward stature he wields the power beyond that of the seven witch-kings of Nan Madol and he has treaded earth when the days were still blacker than the vastness behind the firmament itself. His demonic flute lulls the metacosmic madness that whirls ever-present under the fabric of euclidean space, keeping the seemingly mundane reality together, as long as bloody sacrifices are given to him. We know this, for when the rains never came, the amorites sacrificed their newborn to him whose souls and flesh Kekec consumed with great joy and the sky finally opened filling the empty riverbeds of Euphrates and Tigris. So in that respect the atrocities of the early 20th century seem less pointless and inhuman when we consider that all this had to be done to keep Kekec content.
Enea Burkhart
Very funny guy
Maximilian Beyer
1:40 this is perfect
Panchan 772
pajaDank 🎺 🎶 forsenPls
Pedro Gomez
Fajnie jak bys dał nutki w opisie ;p
Pro kurator
Co za sztos !!
Renato GoodBoy
kekčeve ukane MOVIE !!!!
Me at 23:00 - gonna go sleep anytime soon\nMe at 05:07 - watch dwarf play flute
2:20 Lmfao
o co chodzi z tym filmem xD?
If I saw that thing I would kill it.
lol gj ;)
Oh, this side of the internet. Again.
Степан Арвеладзе
Ежи Сармат здесь так молод и энергичен!
☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢
dank meme 10/900