How to garden: Siberian Dogwood

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A beautiful garden *should not be all green*! You need color and contrast or else your garden will be just a boring green blur.Siberian Dogwood is just the ticket with its:- variegated white-&-pale-green leaves- bright red stems (fantastic against snow)- simple white flowers- white translucent berriesIn addition, it is:- super cheap & easy to find- super hardy (withstanding pretty extreme 4-season climates)- can be pruned as a bush (as in the video) or as a small tree- it's very hard to kill, even for those of you without green thumbs- transplants easily- propagates easily (you get many for the price of one)- cut red stems are very decorative in a vaseAs a nomad, I am also delighted to have something from Siberia growing in my garden!!!