Elton John - Bennie And The Jets (Red Piano Show - Live in Las Vegas)

This rendition of Elton's 1974 single, "Bennie And The Jets", is taken from 2005 performance of The Red Piano, Elton's first residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.Explore the music of Elton John:

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Ohh would of loved to been there :)
He just gets better. I like him better now than when he was younger.
A Ahmed
I’m seventeen and this is my jam.
Amazing. I
who came here from Weston's vids😂😂
Andrew Martinez
Please EltonJohn go on your mind on business tour
Anna Vasquez
I love his songs is so beautiful influential pop song
Only here cause of Wes10's outtro
Avril Pundzius
She's got electric boobs, a bowl of soup
This make me want to watch Tommy tonight
Barbara Garcia
Elthon plays the piano wonderfull and this song is a master piece.wao fabuloso.
Bran Flakes
a-a-a-andy and the tuna
Bryce Bomberger
Now that's talent. Love the hell out of this song. Screw Lil Pump!!!
Carlos Landa
I'm 24 years old and love this song,my friends think I'm weird for listening to it
Carol Clanton
Grew up on Elton John
Christopher Childs
Can't sing it like he used to. Such a shame. It's really not the same song now.
Cris Cátia Lima
Saudades de tempos que não voltam mas...
Crystal Dodge
I love you Elton John
Custodio Leocadio Amaral Amaral
Esse britânico dispensa comentários ! E essa música lindaaaaa
Hey Girl - Lady Gaga feat. Florence
Daddy Meme Master
this song is littt
Daddy Yas
Dakota Kline
He has magical fingers on the piano. Amazing talent. Especially to sing, play piano, and acknowledge the audience at the same time
Dav 4321
Elton is totally my Hero man, and I'm not kidding. Especially when you consider what he does to the piano, even with those short stubby fingers. Elton is one of those guys that taught us how to rock. You're the Man,... and like, you're The Man. Sorry, man, but you have to be one of those the Hero types. Who'd a thunk it.
Dillon Gildersleeve
Bennie and the jets
Dwane Bosma
It was his last year I saw the show in Las Vegas
Eliana Fernandes
No encuentro palabras para describir lo maravillosa que es esta canción, simplemente me transporta a otra era. 
Eliana Santos
My favorite song
Elton John official
WOAH!! Davey has a beard!
Flores Matias
im 80s baby good music 👍🎶🎸🎤💿📼
Gal Cesana
He imitates \
Guilherme Gonzaga
The best performance of this song!
Hakim bou-oudi
Hey Girl....
Hannah Simiyu
This is classic
Hup Dup
i know i shouldnt be saying this but it sounds like hes saying \
J Bayawon
2018.. anyone who's watching?
Jack Perp
I was there rockin Caesars Palace! What a show!
This song makes me smile :))) Still 2016
Jesus Christ
I got a video on a separate channel claimed by this... The song was barely audible in the background, but sure as hell, they picked up on it
John A.
The Crowd always goes nuts over Benny and them Jets.
John Paul Scott
The only song that is instantaneously recognizable. He hits that iconic chord first beat, first measure. Just amazing ❤️
João Paullo
incredible! the rocketman trailer brought me here lol
Julie B
Great in the extended piano part
Lissy Xxx
Los Primos
Elton's soo cute in this video!!❤🔥
Lucia Cariño
Mamadou Sakho
I'm a 90's baby....but gosh I grew up listening to Elton's older music....sensational is one word for him.
Marjerrie Lyne Salum
Mike Gannon
LOVE THIS !!!! Great song!
Morales Cristina
my name's benny on my mom's acc
More FLR
Elton John
Nano Marinero
uno de los grandes cantantes de los cantantes del rock contemporaneo pese al transcurrir los años siguen dejando huellas rola que cautiva a millones de audientes en el mundo
Natalia Serratos
Qué momento tan épico...
Nicole OwO
This song will be played at my funeral
Norma Casa
amor eterno por lei Elton John
Rick Sturgill
This song will never get old
Roy Lay
Remember Tumbleweed Connection? He was still really good then.
Sandra Carle
Scream Paradise
Happy Birthday Elton.
Skeet Freak
I love Elton such an amazing talented man would so go see him live again
Sol M. Machado
Sophie Yeo
Damn that instrumental though.
Stephanie Rogers
OMG. That's some super fine piano playing.
Stephen Lennartz
How about that riff at 3:30. Soooo freaking good. I saw him here in St. Louis at a fourth of July show under the Gateway Arch in the early 80s. The only way they could get him to the stage was he dressed up like a STL police officer and simply walked through the crowd with a few other cops dressed exactly the same way. Great show! Saw him again in New York at NBC's 'On the Plaza' show that they do on Fridays. Stood in awe about 10 feet from the 'Rocket Man'.
Susan Dixon
Excellent show, seen it 4 times
I know in NZ I bought the 45..However they had Bebby and the Jets on it..I guess a collectors item now
Tina Huntley
Elton John is a huge favorite of mine since who knows 1978
Trevor Morris
Nice bits of improvisation that must have been great to hear live. He's obviously very musical. However, I think his singing voice is pretty weak. It doesn't do anything for me anyway.
WarPaint 47
I freaking love Sir Elton!\nHe is the reason why I play the piano!\nI was a little girl when this man was crushing the competition with his fabulousness!
reminds me of wes10
Yep It'sMe
His voice change. No good :( almost sound like different person singing song
amy leighhh
westons outro😂😂😂😂😂
ana franco
I loveeee you Sir Elton John....before my time ends here I want to see you perform just one last time....I truly hope.💗
andrea jensen
barbara stanbanks
Another great Turpin and John song!!!!! They don't write like this very often nowadays!!!
burnett collins
Sip on some Sutter home remember the good ole daz####60,70, was the best for me
My fav song of Elton John and of course one of the best songs ever
da king
he is awsome
janet shore
fabulous improvisation for us and the lucky ones who saw this concert!
joelio - benjio
john mansour
Biz did it better.
jose betanzo
louise caron
beau souvenir
mars de la ramos
ochako is best girl
I thank Wes10 for bringing me this art.
Nice version!
sky hop
the independent thinker
the man rocks enough said
tom knoll
Amazing!!!!!!!!! A maestro...A genius.... so much feeling, funk, soul and expression...I know there was all this commercial stuff that came afterward, but he is unbelievable....
Weston Koury.