Elton John (Full Concert) Outside Lands San Francisco 2015 - Excellent Quality!

Elton John and band play the 2015 Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco; August 9, 2015 at Golden Gate Park. Be sure to subscribe to this page for more Elton updates! See below for indexed time tabs.-Beautiful Rocket Man 4 min. solo piano Prelude;

Concert (TV Genre) Elton John (Celebrity) Live Music (TV Genre) Outside Lands Music And Arts Festival (Music Festival) San Francisco (US County)

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He's like 68 years old here ....not bad for a senior citizen!
I was at this music festival, and i still come back to watch this because he was so fantastic live. Probably will never get the chance again.
Andrew Mboweni
thank you so much jeff van devender for posting such a great musical legend much appreciate a lot from andrew mboweni khujwane ,south africa is proud of sir elton john and thank god for sharing this talent with the globe andrew mboweni
Love love love you Elton! I've grown up & gotten old watching your life & enjoying your music. Every song has a special meaning in my heart. Bless you & so glad to know you're happy & have the family you always yearned for! Also love the deep powerful voice you have at this time! Beautiful and heart-touching.
Armin Drummer
Elton and the band are brilliant as usual but oh my god, those presenters are SO annoying !
Asi del valle
Hola, Regi eres el ser de Luz, por el cual Dios hizo que viese la Vida llena de Amor, de Paz y Armonia, gracias a tus caciones Daniel, Your Song etc,... las escuche a mis 20 anos, pase anos maravillosos junto a ti y tu musica, ahora con 26 anos mas, puede la ciencia hacer que te vea en internet tu ultimo concierto, este que estas tocando en San Francisco, Dios te de una vida muy larga y llena de felicidad, la felicidad tuya que siempre hayas buscado, se te haga realidad, que no exista rastro de sufrimiento nunca mas en tu vida, en nombre de JESUSCRISTO, que todo mal se desaga, y se volatise a tu alrededor, y D-ios y su luz ilumine el resto de tus Dias. Gracias por todo Regi, gracias por haberme echo tan feliz con tu musica, Te mando un fuerte muy fuerte abrazo y beso a la distancias. Ant.
Bob Chebat
Wow! Fantastic from start to finish. His stamina through the whole show was amazing and he looked like he could keep going. Every song cooked and the ending 4 were amazing. It's been a thrill to see this guy's whole career. Thank you so much for posting this concert. It never gets old!
Bonni Roller
Thank you SOO much for posting this! I got Yellow Brick Road when I was a teen! I've Always loved him even though I didn't keep up with his later era! He gave such a great show engaging the audience he looked like he was having as much of a blast as they were! The man is a beast on piano which is my favorite instrument because Every type of music can be played! I wish I would have seen him live! 😙💓🎤🎵🎹
Charlyne Baczkiel
Chris Mason
So amazing. I saw my first show in 2013 and I was absolutely floored. His voice isn't what it once was, but in the range that he does hit he hits the notes with power and soul that I'd say is even better in some ways.
Cliff Nakano
Elton John and the Beatles, have proven they are in a class of their own. Their music has more than stood the test of time. I have listened to the two of them for over 60 years and I can not imagine my life without them. Others have come close but these two are the greatest contributors to popular music.
David Barton
Nigel Olsson one of the best drummers ever . The sound, the feel, the motion, the groove!
David Sell
Cool to see Elton with this much energy. Refreshing!
Erik Janson
Well, he's no Spring chicken anymore, he can still move his fingers over those keys as well as he did back in the '70s! Great singing, too!!
Felix Burke
Davey Johnstone onstage with the\n\nElton John Band, 2009 \nDavey Johnstone has been with Elton since 1971 but he's not just a guitarist he's also Elton's \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003eMusical Director, Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals
Franck Porte
70 ans cette année ..... et que çà continue le plus longtemps possible ..... and it's gonna be for a long long time....
GiornAldo ProfZolfino
elton ercole john è un seguace di velardiniello x esprimere attraverso musica e canto una vena di vitalità unica,indistinguibile,calorosa e soprattutto generosa
Gleason P.L.
cool post...Sir Elton's still got it.
Greg Hickey
Wow! Simply amazing. He's still got it. I Like his new cd too. Nigel and the rest of the band are great musicians too. Glad they'r still playing together. Can't wait to see them with my family in Vegas in October. We're looking so forward to it. Elton rocks! Rock n Soul baby!
Guadalupe Mendez Vazquez
Sir, Elton John the Best, thank your for existing.
Hannes Cloete
Elton looks damn good, and fit as a fiddle
Harmony&Me - Stacie P
Jeff, I don't know if it's possible to thank you enough for this! Being a SF Bay Area native, I wanted to be there so badly! Then, after being in CA for over a month (for medical reasons), I almost cried when I had to fly back home on 8/1! This is great and I thank you from my heart and soul!
Helena Macedo
Sir Elton John's music is the sound track of a life time. I saw him in Sao Paulo in January 2009. An unforgettable evening!!!!
Henrique Reinaldo
The Best.
Irene Brophy
My favorite concert I've seen online of his! He looks awesome and sounds great! You can tell he's aged a lot in last two years , being sick and all.
Jack Schaberg
Wow! Thanks for uploading. Forget about everything else... how does he keep his fingers going like that for 2 hours? Definitely not Bitterfingers.
Jesse Bowman
Now that's fucking inspirational! 40 year anniversary for an album and I'm not even 40 yet. He's been rocking 40 years beyond a great fucking album. God damn I still have a chance to make some music. :) Thank you MAN! THANK YOU!
Jesuma Vlogs
hay parones en el video\nlike de todas formas
John Mangiantini
He may wonder how wonderful life is.  For me, he has made my life.  His are the sweetest eyes and his voice makes me happy.  Thank you Sir Elton for making my life wonderful.  All I want for you is happiness in your retirement.
Jonathon Burden
49mins 30 onwards . . .. what a moment! Was lucky to be there on Sunday. . . WHAT A GIG!
Jorge Madureira
Amazing Elton John and his Players!  An exempl for the most great singers and performers! Sing like a young person! In a one word: Great! Thanks Elton John for gave me joie and happiness, for seeing and earing your work! Bravo!
Kathy Ellis
So happy that you were able to upload this Jeff!!
Ken Hamm
He still brings it. I saw him the night before in Lake Tahoe with my brother. I have seen him about 20 times over the years. I heard my first EJ album in 1969 and have been hooked ever since. He is a Legend pure and simple. He has been with me through my adult life and he is a hero for me. He is by far my favorite. Remember what you just watched is live, there are not many that can preform like him and his band. What he has done for people with HIV Worldwide is alone enough to be a hero and how he has contributed in the fight for LGBTQ rights cannot be forgotten. Let's not forget Bernie Taupin without whom their would be no lyrics. EJ and his music speak to me like no other. He is simply incredible.
Kent J. Depner
The Sound is Outstanding! Bluetooth it to speakers, power up the amp, sling my bass and smoke s few bowls. I'm busy for hours! Thanks!!!
Kert Blodgett
Thank you for posting. Elton is a Legend and he still puts on a show.
Kix Alba
Thank you very much for posting .
Kris Dougherty
Thank you so much for posting this Jeff as I missed the live web broadcast.  :-)  It is fantastic to see Elton engaged with the crowd and creative as always and I am sure that feeding off the energy of a crowd of 70,000 did not hurt!!  I have seen him in various formats with the band and solo over the years.  I was fortunate to see him in Vegas in March ( a bucket list item), and although it was a fantastic show and venue and I was only a few rows back from where he plays, he is not \
Latricia Thomas
I like that royal blue outfit,looking good. Still sound good
Liz Ianieri
Thank you for this!!
Lucas Perales
Magnifique concert \nBeautiful and incredible concert Sir Elton John
Mario Grewing
Mary F.
Tres beau spectacle..
Comme ça fait du bien... ça c'est bon pour le moral !! Youpi.... rien de tel pour s'éclater !!!
Meagan Sanders
Lovely video. I just went to see him Wednesday and he is amazing. Does the interlude at 50:00 have a name or is that just improv? He performed the same interlude when I saw him and it was just beautiful.
Michael David
is it me or these songs faster than usual? SNAFF and croc rock havent been played at that tempo for decades.
Mo Scott
So grateful for having had the opportunity to work many of His tours;and concerts- You, Sir; are truly a wonder to enlightenment! A Master of our age! So Mnay, many of us Thank You for Your contribution to a New Age!\nOh, an, i still have the dog...
He looks more like Billy Jean King every day.  Great performance though.
Nor Voom
@Eltonjohn your music amazes me. I watched you since you started. your talent is like no other. you state you were just a piano player. Hello. you are one of the greatest musicians of all time. thank you. I love you for you being you.. my favorite song is.. this train don't stop there anymore. see. I listen to you every day. and I am never bored. I am excited to hear ya sing. Peace be with you n your family. may one day I can see u live again. Seattle Washington...
Officer Gregory Stevens
*Some info on Elton's current bass player*\nMatt Bissonette attended the University of North Texas's jazz music program. In the early- to mid-1980s, he toured and recorded with jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. For part of his time in the Ferguson band, he played alongside his brother Gregg, which the brothers have done several times in their careers. \n\nIn late 1987, he replaced Billy Sheehan in the David Lee Roth band. Along with guitar innovator Steve Vai, Matt's brother Gregg (on drums,) and keyboardist Brett Tuggle, Matt toured the world behind the former Van Halen vocalist's Billboard #6 album Skyscraper. While on tour with Roth, Bissonette sang the difficult high harmonies made famous in VH classics, such as \
Seen him a few years back, when he was doing his Vegas stint. The thing that impresses me most about Sir Elton, is his longevity, while maintaining his voice all these years! Love so many of his songs. Thank you for post! And of course, thank you for a the great songs Sir Elton!!
Peter T
to the 107 people who downvoted: wtf
One word to describe Sir Elton Joohn? I would say LEGEND.
R Paz
Elton performed the night before in Lake Tahoe. Amazing that he sang so well this night.
Ray .Thomson
Sounds as fresh as when it was first recorded
RobRocks TV
nice concert Elton Rocks
Robert Phillips
thanks I like this the sound is not that bad at all ,what do they expect ! thanks again ! Saw him several times at Madison Square Garden and saw him Central Park in 1980
Captain Fantastic... still amazing
Robin Brown
I was dragged along by a girlfriend to see EJ at Fairfield Halls Croydon England in 1973 and expected to see a boring balladeer but I was very wrong. He was terrific - slow or fast the music was high energy. The band was excellent (as now) and finished with SNAFF with a then slimish EJ really rocking out at the piano. One of the many UK long term high quality music exports - bravo!
Ryan Thomas
This was the best show I have ever been to. The energy was absolutely amazing
Sam S
Just checked this out. Thanks for recording it. He definitely still can play. Even better, he has new music which comes close to his older works. Check out \
Shane Dial
Elton is awesome. Look at old Davey Johnstone getting it done! Hasn't lost anything, and is that Nigel on drums?
Starland Seay
Really nice! HE is truly a rock legend and a musical genius, and quite the showman as well!
Stephen Fynes-Clinton
Just saw Million Dollar Piano and loved it but knew he was constrained on impro by time limits. This was more open and I watched just to relive. Even with Vegas constraints, unless he is the world's greatest actor, his love for what he does and the audience\
The Naked Wombat
Love this man and his music for a long time. Ever since I first heard him before hair one. This here is a man who has done an incredible amount for the music industry.
TheosoTeric EsseneScene
most definitely one of the top five solo artist of all time
Sir Elton sounding and playing better than ever. True superstar.
Unforgettable Fire
Still got it in 2015. Legend. Elton belongs on the top shelf.
Vinny D
Wagner Cabrerisso
The One and only, Sir Elton John, he's always back and better than ever !
Zach Dzikansky
Zuma Dogg
AMAZING! Saw him as my first concert, ever, in '76. He's such an f'ing ham, he still seems to be enjoying giving the people what they want. Nice to be able to hear Davey's gee-tar. Interesting EJ is wearing Captain Fantastic jacket, but didn't play anything from the album. He's ALL hype. LOL!
I just saw him live in Hong Kong last night. I got sick of him at a very early age and really did not want to go. It's still not my cup of tea to be honest but 3 things are for sure: 1, what an amazing pianist he is 2. what stamina - 2 hours no breaks (Maroon 5 take note, he's 68...) 3. Still not over my \
one of greatest  love from London Ontario canada
carole peters
Love Elton and my greatest desire is to get to see him one day....\u003c3
caty defrain
He give me so good enrgy, and good remembrerings.Saw him in concert in Monaco and Nice it was realy fantastic, amazing, .He is good to remember that.
Still  Standing    Go  Elton
christian lacroix
commie Tam
He all time so much more energy Lol
fiden cabrera
next station barcelona palau sant jordi i lkie to see the best music of elton john is the best¡¡¡
Watching this shows he really hasn't lost it and is going to keep on going, cant wait to see him in the summer...
j ag
jeff wingard
this was an excellent concert. great setting, golden Gate park, San Francisco. can't ask for much more than that...
This man is AMAZING!!!! The extended piano solo during Levon left me mesmerized by his immense talent and stamina. Holy cow, Elton.. you still got it!
jolene daniel
Omg I looked in the description and I almost died because of all of the great songs
kimberly barr
Thank you so much for sharing this! What an amazing performance! I think this version of Levon is my favorite!! And the intro to Rocketman was nothing short of brilliant. Elton never ceases to amaze me. 💖 🎼
linden frank
How does he keep on doing it? wow...read Davey Johnson speel on Elton...NOONE is doing what he does right now so good live...NO ONE...
mandy dandy
70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 YEARS YOUNG
New Elton album Wonderful Crazy Night out 5th Feb. Mojo review (among other early positive ones): \
he looks and dresses like my grandmother
still doing his songs in the original key.
Always liked Davey Johnstone's playing.. very underrated player in my opinion.
sylvester sierra
Elton JOHN and eric Clapton saw them both at Dodger stadium classic show inn 1992
walter antonio dos santos
Magnifique concert \nBeautiful and incredible concert Sir Elton John
walter luczejko
Awww, so nice to listen to Elton, even at 4:50 am, awakened by a bad dream. Recently reunited with a young lady I've not seen in 30 years. Got together for lunch and what does she hand me?\nAn E.J. Commemorative t-shirt and a Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Box Set. She was 17 and I 28, we were co-workers and I introduced her to Elton. Over the 30 years apart, Holli has become an an E J FANATIC, keeping her mentor up on everything EJ.\nMUCHAS GRACIAS for the upload. Takes me way back.\nNot sure what or who I love more.
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